Noticias de octubre 2014.
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Spanish Lessons with Emily D is a unique company that teaches
conversational Spanish to people of all ages in private lessons and small groups through a creative, language-immersion methodology. We teach on-site lessons to employees in corporate settings, as well as virtual Spanish lessons via Webex to individual students all over the country.
SLWED Website

Upcoming Part 1 Classes:

Keep checking our website for new classes or email us to get put on the notification list!

We are also planning a Part 1 class that will go at a slower pace (good for students that have a harder time retaining material quickly AND/OR don't have as much time to study during the week). If you are interested in this type of class, email to be put on the list to be notified when it is scheduled (Probably January 2015). ¡Gracias!


Upcoming Part 2 Classes:

Monday evenings from 5:45-6:45pm

Class begins August 18th and goes for 12 weeks meeting at the Panera Bread in 100 Oaks in Nashville. Class will not meet on Labor Day, September 1st (1 spot open for late starter). 

Thursday evenings from 5:30-6:30pm or 6:45-7:45pm 

Class begins November 6th and goes for 15 weeks meeting at the Panera Bread in 100 Oaks in Nashville ending on March 5th. Class will not meet on Nov. 27, Dec. 25, or Jan. 1st. (Space very limited in both classes, email for info.)


Upcoming Part 3 Class:

Classes in progress. Check website for the next class and/or email to get put on our list to be notified of the next scheduled class. ¡Gracias!

One spot open for drop in student - email for more info. Mondays from 6:30-7:30pm with Pedro. Keep checking back for the next Part 3 class and/or email to get put on our list to be notified of the next scheduled class. ¡Gracias!

Intermediate Level Grupo Dinámico Style Class:

Monday evenings from 5:20-6:20pm
Conversational “Grupo Dinámico Style” Class for upper level students: begins August 25th and goes for 12 weeks total meeting at Red Bicycle Coffee Shop in Germantown in Nashville. Would be a great fit for students who have completed level 4 or up. (2 spots open for late starters). 

6 Week “Grupos Dinámicos” con Pedro G.:

Tuesday evenings from 5:45-7pm
Next 6 week session starting on October 21st. The 6 class dates: 10/21, 11/4, 11/18, 11/25, 12/2.

Great fit for intermediate and advanced speakers wanting some extra speaking practice!
Marie M. - 3rd
Michael A. - 5th
Katherine H. - 8th
Tim S. - 10th
Candy B. - 10th
Charmaine B. - 11th
Will F. - 13th
Daniel I. -14th
Michael D. - 15th
Ashleigh S. - 17th
Dominique W. - 20th
Shay J. - 22nd
Kathy C. - 25th
Brian M. - 25th
Begum E. - 27th

Spanish Tip of the Month

You do not want to miss trying out this free incredible resource this month! Destinos is a video series with 52 episodes to help you learn and supplement your Spanish lessons. There are interactive activities that go along with the episodes to practice. Many students say that the episodes are entertaining and fun to watch. What do you think?

Free Destinos Episodes and Activities


Noticias de octubre

We hope you all had a chance to enjoy this amazing fall weather we had this weekend. ¡Nos encanta el otoño! Here is what you'll find in this month's newsletter:
  • 2014 Fall Group Classes
  • Important SLWED News & Updates
  • ¡FIESTA con Conexion Americas!
  • Feliz Cumpleaños
  • Student Spotlight – Stephanie Martin

Important SLWED News & Updates

  • NEW LOGO: As you can see by the top of the newsletter, SLWED has a new logo! We hope you like the change and please bear with us as we work to transition over to the new branding from our old stuff.
  • 14 WEEK GROUP CLASSES: Starting in January 2015 all group classes will now be 14 weeks instead of 12 weeks. We have been getting feedback that the group classes move just a little bit too rapidly and we want to add a couple of weeks to give students more opportunities for speaking practice and to let things settle in a bit more. With the additional weeks, all 14-week group classes will cost $240.
  • PRIVATE LESSONS: To stay competitive within the marketplace, our private lesson rates have increased. This change will only affect new students and for our current private lesson students we will honor the current rate that you are paying. We appreciate you!
  • CHILDREN LESSONS: Everyone knows that SLWED LOVES kids! It was kids that were some of our very first students! They are great learners, fun, energetic & so special to our hearts. We do not make the following announcement lightly and it has been a topic of discussion for many months.
  • Our conversational program for adults is where our ‘specialty’ resides and we have decided that we need to focus all of our efforts on the adult programs. For an indefinite period of time we are going to focus on our adult programs and will not be taking on new students that are under the age of 12 (students that are 12 years old and up are old enough and capable to work in our adult conversational program). Hopefully the following Q & A will help answer some questions.
For any other questions, concerns or comments please feel free to reach out to Emily D. at

What about the current children students?
If your child is currently enrolled in private or group classes with us, do not worry they are safe! Teachers that currently are working with children will continue as usual.
What about Glendale Immersion School students and groups?
We plan to continue to continue accepting Glendale students (based on teacher availability). Please feel free to contact us about forming Glendale groups!
Will SLWED ever teach kids again?
Based on teacher availability we will continue to work with middle and high school students in tutoring for their Spanish classes at school as well as students from Glendale Immersion School.
For ages 3-11, we do have a long-term plan of creating a children’s conversational program that will mirror our adult program! We will keep you all updated.
What does this mean for the adult program?
Most adults will find themselves completely unaffected by this change to our business. You may notice some things improving and additional resources being added to your experience as we have more energy to devote to the adult program.
Well what about the kids ages 3-11? As a parent what can I do for my child?

We would like to introduce you to the Nashville company Ready for Spanish. They have a great set up over on Craighead St. off of 8th Avenue and are accepting new students ages 3-12 years old! SLWED’S specialty is adults and the specialty of Ready for Spanish is their children’s after school, evening and weekend classes! They offer camps during Fall, Spring & Summer Breaks.  They are offering a Fall Camp during the week of October 6 - 10.  They also have a Spanish together class (Mommy & Me) for babies and toddlers. Like us, they use an immersion style of teaching Spanish and do lots of singing and fun activities!   
Please check out their website for more information: or Call 615-249-8792 for a tour.
Ready for Spanish is having their 5-year anniversary celebration at the Berry Hill Community Center on November 1st at 3pm. There will be hot dogs, bounce house, games, etc. and they will be running a ONE DAY special for new families.
Lindsay and Pedro will be at the party if any of you guys want to come and see us there with your kids, get a feel for Ready for Spanish and maybe even take advantage of the 1 day special. Come on out!


¡FIESTA con Conexion Americas!


Don't Miss The Latin Party of the Year - All of the SLWED teachers will be there!

October 18th from 7pm-11pm at the Historic Cannery Ballroom
We hope you will join all of the SLWED teachers at this very fun party to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. It will be a fun night of music, dancing and great food!

The Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration features live Latin beats from Lalo Davila and Friends with the San Rafael Band, the mouthwatering cuisine of Chef Karla Ruiz and much more. Proceeds will benefit the programs at Conexion Americas to help Latino families integrate into all aspects of life in Middle Tennessee.

Come hang out with us, dance and eat some great food. Hope to see you there!

October Student



Stephanie Martin


1) ¿Nombre? Stephanie Martin 
2) ¿Dónde vives? Vivo en el Gulch in Nashville.
3) Where do you work? I work all around the Nashville area as a pharmaceutical sales specialist.
4) How long have you been studying Spanish with SLWED and who is your teacher? I started studying Spanish with SLWED about 6 months ago and I absolutely love it! Caroline is my teacher and I cannot say enough good things about her. She does a great job at personalizing our lessons, always making them relevant to my interests/hobbies, and keeps in mind my goals for learning Spanish. She is extremely encouraging, patient and motivating. Caroline is truly meant to be a teacher and her passion for Spanish is very evident. She starts every class with a positive attitude, and she always makes it fun. I look forward to our Tuesdays together, and always can't believe that the hour flew by so quickly! 
5) Where would you like to use your Spanish? In Spain! Trying to plan a trip there in the spring, and it has kept me very motivated. 
6) What advice or words of encouragement would you give to someone who is just starting to learn Spanish? Take your time and don't expect to be perfect. Learning Spanish is all about accomplishing small steps. Be consistent - try to space out your practice throughout the week instead of cramming the day before a lesson. If you have a friend who speaks a little Spanish, practice speaking with them. If you don't, talk out loud to yourself... It may seem silly, but it's really the best way to learn! 
7) What countries have you traveled to or would you like to visit? I studied abroad in England during college, and recently traveled throughout Italy, but now I am ready to add some Spanish-speaking countries to my list.
8) How have you used your Spanish? Any interesting stories how it came in handy? It is incredible how fun and useful knowing some Spanish can be. We recently traveled to Puerto Rico, and we had such a great time just conversing with new people we met.  I love learning Spanish because it is an adventure - it connects you with others and opens up the doors to other cultures. 
9) What is your favorite thing about learning Spanish with SLWED? It is amazing how much progress you can make with SLWED! Sometimes I will think I'm getting stuck, but when I start conversing with Caroline, I realize how far I've come. I love the challenge of learning a new language, and SLWED makes it enjoyable and real-world. 
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