Noticias de julio 2014.
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Spanish Lessons with Emily D is a unique company that teaches
conversational Spanish to people of all ages in private lessons and small groups through a creative, language-immersion methodology. We teach on-site lessons to employees in corporate settings, as well as virtual Spanish lessons via Webex to individual students all over the country.
SLWED Website

All of the following classes go for 12 weeks, are $15 per class and a maximum of six students.


Upcoming Part 1 Classes:

Keep checking back for the next Part 1 class and/or email to get put on our list to be notified of the next scheduled class! We just started two classes in August. ¡Gracias!


Upcoming Part 2 Classes:

Monday evenings from 5:45-6:45pm
Class begins August 18th and goes for 12 weeks meeting at the Panera Bread in 100 Oaks in Nashville. Class will not meet on Labor Day, September 1st (1 spot open). 

Upcoming Part 3 Class:

Monday evenings from 6:30-7:30pm
Class begins August 25th and goes for 12 weeks total meeting at Red Bicycle Coffee Shop in Germantown in Nashville. Class will not meet on Labor Day, September 1st or Columbus Day October 13th (1 spot open). 

Upcoming Part 5-6 ("Grupo Dinámico Style) Class:

Monday evenings from 5:20-6:20pm
Conversational “Grupo Dinámico Style” Class for upper level students: begins August 25th and goes for 12 weeks total meeting at Red Bicycle Coffee Shop in Germantown in Nashville. Class will not meet on Labor Day, September 1st or Columbus Day October 13th (2 spots open). 


6 Week “Grupos Dinámicos” con Pedro G.:

Tuesday evenings from 5:45-7pm
Next 6 week session starting on September 9th – email for info. or to sign up. Great for intermediate and advanced speakers wanting some extra speaking practice!
Emily W. - 1st 
Beth H. - 2nd
Annie K. - 5th
Sandra K. - 6th
Brandon M. - 8th
Claire R. - 8th
Scott C. - 8th
Abby D. - 15th
Ginger E. - 17th
Jackie N. - 18th
Kenny M. - 21st
Kristen L. - 30th (maestra)
Suzanne C. - 31st 

Spanish Tip of the Month

Watch this helpful video (en español) about how to know when to use bien o bueno. There is also a written explanation in English.
¿bien o bueno?



Noticias de agosto.

It's hard to believe but the summer is just about over! We hope that everyone is doing well and looking forward to a beautiful Fall.  Here is what you'll find in this month's newsletter:
  • 2014 Fall Group Classes
  • Our Amazing Students
  • Feliz Cumpleaños
  • Student Spotlight – James Threalkill

Our Amazing Students 



Some neat story and student successes (big and small) are often shared in our team meetings and we as teachers marvel at three things about our students:

We have the BEST students ever.
  • Each teacher thinks that they have the best students (just as some students think they have the best teacher). The truth is, we have some pretty great teachers and students all around! There is some intangible trait that our students collectively possess that we have been trying to figure out as it is difficult to describe. Some great things or feelings are best left unlabeled but the best word that comes close to describing our students as a whole is open. Open to being vulnerable in learning a new language, open to laughing, open to other cultures and open to meeting and accepting people of all types. We as teachers are blessed to work with you and to know you.
The variety of student personality types and each person’s respective reasons for learning Spanish is fascinating.
  • We have learned that there is definitely not a “typical personality type” that comes to us to learn Spanish. For any Myers-Briggs (personality typing) fans out there believe me when I say that we have students of all 16 types! Introverts and extroverts both want to learn to speak Spanish. Some people enjoy the details of verb conjugations and grammar rules and others don’t. Some learn best in an orderly and logical fashion while others prefer to ‘feel’ it and use their gut when speaking. Some come to class with an organized notebook and others have papers scattered all over. Some go above and beyond their homework in the recap emails while others barely looked at it and they enjoy improvising. We as teachers love connecting with people of all types and thrive on the variety of our students’ personalities.
  • The things our students are doing and how they are using their Spanish is incredible! Great or small, we get so excited to hear all of your success stories like how you helped someone with directions in Spanish or jumped in and translated for someone at the pharmacy who couldn’t speak English or chatted with a young mother at the park. Helping people, connecting with them and using your new skill of speaking Spanish is what it’s all about! Some of Our Students have or are moving abroad to help people and to use and improve their skills. We are very proud of James Threalkill (also the August Student Spotlight) and the work he is doing in Colombia! You can see an article about that here: Nashville Arts Magazine: James Threalkill ¡muy excelente!
The assortment of student professions is impressive and extensive.
  • Health care professionals make up the highest percentage of our students’ professions and the rest is incredibly vast and quite interesting. Here are just a few of them:
    • Engineers
    • Professional Baseball Scouts
    • Postal Worker
    • Retired Professionals
    • Lawyers
    • Musicians, tour managers and music business
    • Youth Minister
    • Caterer
    • Actress
    • Moms 
    • Marketing
    • Pilot
    • ESL Teachers
    • Geologists
    • Real Estate Agents
    • Artists
    • Speech Therapists
    • Police
    • MBA students
    • Dentists
Keep up the great work. You guys are an amazing bunch! 




James Threalkill
Nashville, TN



1) Name: James R. Threalkill
2) Where do you live? I am a native of Nashville, TN and currently reside there.
3) Where do you work? I work as a professional artist and a diversity manager for Skanska USA Inc., a construction management company that builds all types of facilities throughout the world.
4) How long have you been studying Spanish with SLWED and who is your teacher? I’ve been studying with SLWED for about 10 months.
5) Where would you like to use your Spanish? In the industry that I work (construction) that has a large Latino population and during my travels and work South America as an artist and lecturer. I have travelled and lectured in Bogotá, Medellín, Quibdo, Cartagena, Cali, and Barranquilla working with students to paint murals and discussing social justice and Colombian Universities.
6) What advice or words of encouragement would you give to someone who is just starting to learn Spanish? Be patient with the process and don’t get too frustrated by the conjugations of verbs!
7) What is your favorite Spanish band/singer or favorite Spanish song? Favorite Spanish singer is Shakira.
8) What countries have you traveled to or would you like to visit? I’ve traveled to Colombia, South America, South Africa, United Kingdom, Sweden & Mexico.
9) How have you used your Spanish? Any interesting stories how it came in handy? I’ve used my Spanish in my work as a Board member for the Tennessee Latin American Chamber of Commerce. It came in handy during our introductions during one meeting. I introduced myself and mentioned my place of employment and the type of work I do all in Spanish. They thought I was fluent based on pronunciations!
10) What is your favorite thing about learning Spanish with SLWED? My favorite thing about SLWED is the one on one attention from the instructor and the convenience of meeting at a remote and casual site.
11) Other Comments? Working with SLWED has really been an asset to my professional growth and development in fulfilling my aspirations to be fluent and an effective communicator during my travel to Spanish-speaking countries. I’m quite pleased with the results to date and look forward to improving over the coming months.
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