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Here's an interesting video that was sent to me about communities of Ethiopian Jews in North Shewa and Addis Ababa. The video is produced by CultivAid, an Israeli not for profit organization, specializing in capacity building and knowledge and technology transfer initiatives with a focus on the agricultural and water sectors.

CultivAid were asked by Dr. Malka Shabtay of the Friends of the Beta Israel Community of N. Shewa Ethiopia to help to determine the needs of the Beta Israel community of Simien Shewa.
North Shewa Development Program
The existence of a Jewish community in North Shewa was known by Europeans in the early 19th century. They were believed to have migrated South from the Gondar area in the early eighteenth century to get land. Most lived in monastic communities, but some moved to the Kechene district of Addis Ababa in the early 20th century to work as craftsmen to help with the building work. Richard Pankhurst presented a paper on "The Balla Ejj Community of Shawa" at the First International Congress of the Society for the Study of Ethiopian Jewry in 1995.
The Bal Ej (craftsmen), also known as Beta Abraham (House of Abraham) have recently started to attract attention. For years they have practised their religion in secret but, around 2010, a group of them opened a synagogue in Kechene, the Bet Selam (House of Peace) synagogue.
Irene Orleansky, a filmmaker and music producer from Israel, produced a documentary, Bal Ej: the hidden Jews of Ethiopia, in 2016 which has been shown at a number of festivals throughout the world. There are a couple of links to trailers for the film below:
Bal Ej: The Hidden Jews Of Ethiopia - The Official Trailer
The chazan of Bet Selam synagogue
Promotional video for Bal Ej: The Hidden Jews Of Ethiopia
The communities were also, for a time, being supported by Kulanu, a US charity that supports isolated, emerging, and returning Jewish communities around the globe, and there is more information on the Kulanu website.

The Friends of the Beta Israel Community of N. Shewa Ethiopia now seem to be the main charity supporting the Beta Abraham. They are currently trying to get the Israeli government to recognise that they are, in fact, Jews. As part of this process they took a U.S. and Israeli Delegation to visit one of the isolated communities in November 2019. They made a 76 minute long video of the trip, it could easily have been edited down to 15 minutes, which has some interesting observations:
U.S. and Israeli Delegation 14 Nov 2019 visit to the Janbaria Gedam,
North Shewa, Ethiopia

And finally, don't forget that our first online lecture, From Ethiopia to Israel - The Lost Biblical Tribe Saved by Spies, is being given by Raffi Berg on Tuesday 23 June at 19:00 BST.
Watch, and ask questions, from the comfort of your own home!
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