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For the final alert in this series on the evacuation of the Ethiopian Jews to Israel we start with a podcast, Naftali Aklum, Advocate for Ethiopian Jewry.

Episode 36 of IsraelCast, featured guest Naftali Aklum. Naftali was born in Ethiopia in 1979 and, as a 6 month old baby, was among the first group of Jews to make Aliyah via Sudan. He now works as an advocate for Ethiopian-Israelis, striving to raise awareness about Jewish-Ethiopian history and to strengthen Ethiopian-Israeli identity. He strongly believes that through education and self-confidence the Ethiopian community throughout Israel will flourish. Naftali discusses Ethiopian Jewish history, culture, and the unique challenges faced by the Ethiopian Jewish community living in Israel.
Naftali also describes the upcoming Hollywood movie The Red Sea Diving Resort, which is based on the true story of his brother, Ferede, who championed Ethiopian migration to Jerusalem.
42 mins, English.
Behind the Scenes of Operation Moses
In this programme the Jewish National Fund Tri-State region go behind the scenes of Operation Moses.
Michelle Divon, an Israeli-American journalist, interviews Naftali Aklum and, her father, ambassador Haim Divon
Naftali, as mentioned above, is the much younger brother of Ferede Aklum, the man whose letter started the Mossad operation to repatriate the Ethiopian Jews.
Haim Divon was the ambassador of Israel to Ethiopia from 1991 - 1993, during the massive Operation Solomon airlift.
63 mins, English.
The Real Story of the Ethiopian Jews
The Real Story of the Ethiopian Jews was produced by Israel Social TV.
The story of the immigration of Ethiopian Jews is noted in Israeli consciousness through the heroic operation of the Mossad and the landing of the Hercules aircraft somewhere in the African desert, the saviours of the Ethiopian Jews. Through Yasu's story, we're exposed to the poor public awareness of the heroic story of Ethiopian Jews' immigration to Israel and its implications for the discriminatory policy of the government toward the Ethiopians.
11 mins, Hebrew with English subtitles.
The unbelievable Aliyah story of Ethiopian Jews
The unbelievable Aliyah story of Ethiopian Jews - an interview with Benny Goshen produced by the Jewish Agency for Israel.
Benny tells the story of how he was, at the age of 5, nearly buried by his relatives as they travelled through the Sudan on their way to Israel in 1989.
4 mins, Hebrew with English subtitles.
And finally, don't forget that our first online lecture, From Ethiopia to Israel - The Lost Biblical Tribe Saved by Spies, is being given by Raffi Berg tonight, Tuesday 23 June, at 19:00 BST.
Watch, and ask questions, from the comfort of your own home!
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