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Today's offering is a 1971 BBC documentary on the history of Ethiopia and the life of Haile Selassie I.

The Lion of Judah, was written and produced by David Holden for the Tuesday's Documentary series.

Here's a description of the programme taken from the Radio Times, Issue 2484, 17 June 1971:
The Lion of Judah: Tuesday's Documentary
BBC One London, 22 June 1971 21.20
A film by Anthony de Lotbiniere
The story of a living legend - His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia
Tracing his descent from King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba this tiny old man now nearing 80 looks back on a reign that has brought Ethiopia out of the Dark Ages, and on a life which more than any other man's symbolises Africa's emergence into the 20th century.
First African to be treated by white men as an equal and the first man to be sacrificed by them in the name of appeasement. He has learnt to trust nobody and yet has won the respect of the world. Father-figure of modern Africa and relic of a vanishing world, he is more of a symbol than a man - the incarnation of the history of our time.
Director: Anthony de Lotbiniere
Writer/Narrator: David Holden
Subject: Haile Selassie

A full copy of the documentary, 50 mins long, can be viewed on Vimeo.
This version has had the audio improved, but, in common with many other copies available online, is missing nearly a minute of video about 2 minutes in (the audio is complete, the video just stops advancing).
(For completists, a version containing the missing section can be viewed on YouTube, but it only shows the first half of the documentary.)

The writer and narrator, David Holden, was the Chief Foreign Correspondent for The Sunday Times at the time. He was mysteriously assassinated in Cairo in 1977.
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