Where are you on the income ladder?

Where are you on the income ladder? An exciting new tool 

Dear all,

Today I'm launching the Inequality Calculator, an exciting interactive tool that shows you how much you earn compared to everyone else in New Zealand - and how much better or worse off you'd be if income was more evenly shared.

Built in partnership with the New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services, it's a simple way for people to understand how growing income gaps affect them. So please give it a go - you may be surprised by the results. And forward it onto your colleagues and friends - especially those who may not yet have engaged with the arguments around inequality.

Meanwhile, Bridget Williams Books has re-issued its short guide to inequality in New Zealand, 'The Inequality Debate', incorporating the very latest figures published in July. It's in stores now.

Finally, some election dates for your diaries. I'm chairing a debate for the Auckland Central candidates, on Waiheke Island next Monday (September 8th) at 6pm. And there's a forum on inequality - with seven candidates, including current and future MPs - in Wellington on Tuesday September 16th, 6.30pm at Connolly Hall. Come along and find out what the parties have to say about the growing crisis of inequality.


Max Rashbrooke


Inequality and fairness, September 8th, 6pm, Waiheke
A debate with Auckland Central candidates about growing inequality and the fair society. More details here.



Inequality: A New Zealand Crisis examines the explosion in the rich-poor divide during the last 30 years, its effects on our society, and how it might be reversed. [More]

BWB has recently published 'The Inequality Debate: An Introduction', drawn from the opening chapters of the above. [More]
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