New wealth inequality book published today

New wealth inequality book published today

Dear all,
It's been some time since I last e-mailed – but I'm pleased to be able to announce the publication of my new book, Wealth and New Zealand.
Published today by Bridget Williams Books as part of its Texts series, the book contains brand-new data on wealth inequality in New Zealand, and wraps that into a larger story about why wealth matters and why we need to think about how it is distributed, alongside our traditional concerns about income inequality.
Copies of the Text are available in all good bookstores and online.
The book has already had good coverage on TV and in print. I've also been blogging recently on different aspects of wealth: pointing out a major mistake in a report that controversially claimed New Zealanders to be the world's wealthiest people (it turns out that currency adjustments can be quite important), and examining the figures on whether housing costs really are the big contributor to inequality that Bill English says they are.
All of this is sparking useful conversations, and I’m hoping that Wealth and New Zealand will add significantly to the debate about the different forces that shape this country.

Speaking of conversations, I'm appearing on a panel tomorrow night in Auckland, 5.30pm at the central library, talking about the state of our public debate and why I and others keep putting our heads 'above the parapet'. All welcome – please do come along if you're in town. 

Many thanks,
Max Rashbrooke



Inequality: Is Privilege the Problem?, November 24
A talk at the Treasury, on the need to focus on upper-end inequality, with VUW's Lisa Marriott. Public welcome. More details here



Inequality: A New Zealand Crisis examines the explosion in the rich-poor divide during the last 30 years, its effects on our society, and how it might be reversed. [More]

BWB has also published 'The Inequality Debate: An Introduction', drawn from the opening chapters of the above. [More]
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