A new introduction to inequality in New Zealand

Inequality still #1, child poverty, and Piketty

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The graph above (if it's not displaying, open the email in your browser) shows just how important inequality has become to New Zealanders - from barely registering three years ago to being the key issue in people's minds.

One of the most concerning parts of this income inequality is child poverty - the very real issue that up to 285,000 children in New Zealand live below the poverty line. This creates a huge threat to their wellbeing and an enormous cost to society.

Bridget Williams Books (BWB) will next week launch Child Poverty in New Zealand already being hailed as the "definitive" book on the subject. There are lectures and launches in both Auckland (June 17) and Wellington (June 20) - more details here.

BWB also has plans for a work that will collect New Zealand responses to the economics book everyone is talking about, Thomas Piketty's Capital in the Twenty-First Century. The book sets out a sweeping history of capitalism and its recurring flaw - the tendency for the returns on capital to help the rich pull further and further away from the rest.

For a taster of this upcoming volume, here's my review of Piketty's book - and what it means for New Zealand.


Max Rashbrooke


Inequality: causes and consequences
A major conference with leading New Zealand economists. June 19, Victoria University of Wellington. More details here.



Inequality: A New Zealand Crisis examines the explosion in the rich-poor divide during the last 30 years, its effects on our society, and how it might be reversed. [More]

BWB has recently published 'The Inequality Debate: An Introduction', drawn from the opening chapters of the above. [More]
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