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Issue 3, January 3, 2013

Beginning of the new year is a good time to start something new, or restart it. In the last couple of weeks I have spent plenty of time evaluating the year that just ended and thinking about what I want to do in the year that just started. Last year was a great year in many ways, as I described in my last newsletter, and it was also a year to do many new things. I don’t see 2014 any different in that. 

The genre of photography that fascinates me the most right now is that of shooting people. I have four kids under the age of seven in my own house, so I try to capture their childhood the best I can. On top of that, I love going out with my camera and have it serve as my eyes as I explore the world and fascinating subject of “humans”. To stretch myself and get better at all these opportunities, here are some of the things I am going to do:
  • I am going to carry my camera with me wherever I go and shoot more things, whether it be people of San Francisco, my own kids, or happenings around the office where I work. I love the work of Elliott Erwitt, who throughout his life produced an amazing work by doing just that. More specifically, I hope to shoot something every day
  • I am going to travel more during the year. I’m about to go on a work trip to Europe, which will end in few days of shooting over there, just for myself. There will be few more during the year, as I hope to visit Africa and Asia. I am also going to spend more time shooting near where I live. I don’t have much time when I’m home, but I hope to take an occasional early morning train to San Francisco few times a month, and shoot there before getting breakfast and heading to work. I'll sleep less, but shoot more this way
  • I will continue shooting in projects. This is the mode I’ve been in for a while, wanting to produce a set of images on any given topic, such as my set of Disney Concert Hall, or metro stations in Moscow, rather than one off images that may stand on its own, but don’t quite tell visual narratives in the same way that photo essays or separate portfolios can. I like to compare photography to writing. I’m not a poetry or one beautiful sentence kind of a guy. I prefer longer stories, novels, and books. The same is true of photography. I much rather look through a photo story than look at a "single hit"
  • When it comes to what kind of photography I would like to do for fun in 2014, it’s street. I don’t have a specific project in mind just yet for that, except to shoot specific cities (I hope to cover at least ten of them this year). But as I keep shooting, I know more specific themes and ideas will emerge. For me it’s easier to find these ideas as I am working and shooting rather than before.
  • I want to share my work more consistently - daily, if I can. Where? I miss that time where everyone would only share on Flickr, and it was the only place we would all hangout online. But these times are long gone now as internet is full of various social networks that focus on photos. All these networks have different audiences, so I will cross share the work in at least four places - my blog, Google+, Flickr and Facebook. Some of you follow me on all of these places. But I find that majority of the followers do not overlap, so I’ll continue to post there.
  • As for the final destination for all my photos, and my home online - that’s what my SmugMug site is for. It’s a portfolio site where I post my best work (public galleries), and it’s also a place I used for professional photography - such as weddings, and portrait sessions (private galleries). 
  • Lastly, my goal is to send out this monthly newsletter every month, and give you a preview of the new work that I'm producing, provide you with a wallpaper for your computer and give away prints. 

Print Giveaway

For this month, I'm giving away the print "Sunday Morning in San Francisco". To enter the print, simply reply to this email and say "January print giveaway" either in the email body or the subject. I will announce the winner in the next issue of the newsletter and ship the print to the winner. 


Free Wallpaper

Need a new wallpaper for your computer that also has a January calendar? There you go - you can use the 'download' button at the bottom of the page there - link

New Work

Back in November, I visited New York City. While there for four days, I spent 12 hours a day doing photography. I even tracked my walking - and I average 12 miles of walking a day, up and down Manhattan. Here are some of my favorite images from the trip. 

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