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In this months October Newsletter we bring news from the South Region. 

On the 23rd September this year the Independence March took place in Sofia, Bulgaria. The march was organised by CIL Sofia and the participants had a number of demands including a call for new legislation in relation disability to be implemented in Bulgaria. Mirko Tomassoni, Member of the San Marino Parliament also participated in the march as he was undertaking a study visit in Sofia.There he had meetings with a number of politicians and also visited an institution for young disabled people. Our Role Model this month also comes from Bulgaria. Lyudmila is a librarian with a masters degree and is one of the most active Independent Living advocates in her country. 

In this edition, we pay tribute to Ed Roberts by inducting him into the ENIL Hall of Fame. Ed Roberts was a pioneering Leader of the Disability Rights Movement and is often referred to as the Father of Independent Living. 

We also bring you a video of the Youth Meeting that members of the ENIL Youth Network held at the Strasbourg Freedom Drive. Please remember you can view many of the photographs of the Strasbourg Freedom Drive on our Facebook Page!

We hope you enjoy this month's Newsletter! 

Hall of Fame: Ed Roberts  

The Independent Living Movement grew out of the Disability Rights movement which began in the United States in the 1960’s. Over the last number of decades, the Independent Living movement has spread from North America across the world. Led by Ed Roberts who is often referred to as the father of Independent Living the first Center of Independent Living was founded in America. ENIL would like to pay tribute to Ed Roberts for all his achievements and for providing inspiration to so many people by inducting him into the ENIL Hall of Fame. 

A Piece of the Freedom Drive 

We are delighted to bring you this video of the first ever official Youth meeting which took place during the Strasbourg Freedom on the 12th September 2013 at the Council of Europe Youth Centre. Young disabled people from all across Europe, many of whom are members of the ENIL Youth Network participated in this meeting and this video highlights their views on the current situation for young disabled people in Europe.

Role Model: Lyudmila Borissova

Lyudmila is a 39-years-old person of short stature from Bulgaria. She lived with her family until she was three years old. Since then she’s been living in different institutions, including Mogilino – an institution that was featured on a documentary for the BCC due to the conditions there.  She’s gone through many difficult moments but she is an exceptional person. Currently she is a librarian with a Masters Degree and is among the most active Independent Living advocates in her country. 

 Study Visit: San Marino-Sofia

ENIL’s National Coordinator of San Marino – Mirko Tomassoni visited Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia, for a study visit from 20th – 24th September of this year. He was invited by CIL Sofia with the aim of exchanging valuable experience and inspiration in the field of Independent Living. Mirko is a former Captain-Regent of his country (the equivalent position to head of state) and is currently a member of San Marino’s Parliament.

 The 3rd Film Festival on Persons with Disabilities in Banja Luka 

The Humanitarian organisation “Partner” organised The Third Film Festival on Persons with Disabilities on 19th September 2013 at the Banja Luka Youth Centre.

The Film Festival focussing on disabled people is a unique event which year after year is becoming more and more recognizable as a cultural event both inside the country as well as throughout the East European Region.

 2013 Independence March, Sofia 

On the 23rd September this year an important event took place in Sofia (Bulgaria) – a March for Independence. This is its second consecutive year and the organisers, CIL-Sofia plan on keeping it as a regular event.

The 23rd September 2013 (Monday) was a chilly, extremely windy day in Sofia. It was the day after the Day of Independence of Bulgaria which marks a significant date in the history of Bulgaria.  

Inter-Parliamentary Union's Session, Geneva 

Mirko Tomassoni, a member of the Parliament in San Marino, was invited to be the lead speaker at the Inter-Parliamentary Union’s (IPU) session “Promoting international commitments and defending the rights of vulnerable groups: Focus on persons with disabilities” on 9th October 2013 in Geneva.

In his speech he urged disabled people to follow his example and be more active in political life and decision-making roles.

EEG: Call for Candidates 

The European Expert Group on Transition from Institutional to Community- Based care is seeking a part-time coordinator to support the implementation of its work with its members, EU institutions, EU member states and other neighbouring countries.
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