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Welcome to the June edition of ENIL, Independent Living News!

In this edition of the ENIL Newsletter, we would like to update you with the newest changes around Brussels Freedom Drive. Registration deadline has been prolonged until 31 July, registration form is now available in French and Dutch, a list of less expensive places within and around Brussels are among the other updates.
Also, in this edition, we present you the story of Viviane Sorée, Chair of Onafhankelijk Leven, an ENIL member organisation in Belgium, who was discriminated by an airline company. This brings up the topic of freedom of movement in Europe – important for all and often underestimated. You will read details in the ‘watchdog’ article below.

We encourage you to join Zero Project’s initiative of nominating good policy and practice on education and ICT. In the article below you will find the nomination form, which you can use for somebody you wish to nominate or for nominating yourself too!

You will find information about the international conference on deinstitutionalization in Ljubljana (Slovenia), which took place on 19th June. In this article there is also information about YHD’s study visit, being part of the Deinstitutionalisation Network project.

In this month’s edition of our newsletter we present you with a role model – ENIL’s Youth Network coordinator Dilyana Deneva, who recently graduated from The Open University. She tells us her story about her academic and life path.

Jamie Bolling, ENIL Executive Director, shares about her participation in the deinstitutionalization conference in Bucharest (Romania) on 4th June.

You can also read about one exciting event that took place in Oslo (Norway) – 300 persons walking through the city, in one of Europe’s biggest disability pride parades, shouting “Proud! Strong! Visible!”  

Last in this newsletter – information about the European Film Festival “Integration You and Me” as part of the Brussels Freedom Drive Programme.

Finally, ENIL would like to say big thank you to our contacts in Slovenia, Georgia, Netherlands and Cyprus who were extremely quick and efficient in helping us to update the currently existing information we have about the available personal assistance services in Europe. If you are willing to cooperate with us in this important work and provide us with information about the situation in your country, please contact us at secretariat@enil.eu. Deadline for collecting information is 1st August.

We hope you enjoy this edition of our newsletter!

Freedom of Movement for All?

Viviane Sorée, Chair of Onafhankelijk Leven, an ENIL member organisation in Belgium, experienced horrible discrimination by an airline company. Sadly enough, this is not a single case. This has to stop! ENIL calls on the European institutions to act and to make freedom of movement and consumer rights a reality for all.

Zero Project Collecting Nominations of Good Policy and Practice Again

The Zero Project is once again collecting good policy and practice to be shared in its worldwide network. ENIL finds it important to spread good policy and practice from an Independent Living perspective and hope that many of you will respond with examples.

International Conference on Deinstitutionalization, Ljubljana, 19 June

On 19th June 2015 the Slovenian Deinstitututionalization Network will hold an International Conference on Deinstitutionalization in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The event will aim to review the Network’s work in the past year and to audit implementation of measures that will enable the development of harmonious and permanent community-based services.

Dare Dreaming, Thinking and Living ‘BIG’!

ENIL congratulates Dilyana Deneva, ENIL Youth Coordinator, for her recent graduation from The Open University in the UK. Dilyana obtained her bachelor’s degree in psychology. Open University is the largest British university offering distance learning and is renowned for its large number of disabled students. Dilyana’s personal experience of studying distantly is given below.

Jamie Bolling in Romania for a Conference on Deinstitutionalization

Judith Klein from the Open Society Foundation called it a new day! The Romanian Minister Plumb has committed to the transition from institutional to community-based care for disabled people in Romania with the closure of institutions by 2020.

Proud, Strong and Visible in Oslo

300 persons walked through Oslo last weekend in one of Europe’s biggest disability pride parades, shouting “Proud! Strong! Visible!”

European Film Festival ‘Integration You and Me’ During Freedom Drive in Brussels

The European Film Festival ‘Integration You and Me’ celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2013. For this decade it managed to pave the way for the subject of disability in the media and among the general public
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2015’s Country-Specific Recommendations Demonstrate That De-Institutionalisation Is Not a Priority for the European Commission

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