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Welcome to the April edition of ENIL,Independent Living News!

In this edition, you will find updated information from the East region of ENIL. There have been a number of recent developments in the East including the setting up of the Balkans Independent Disability Framework and developments in relation to the law on personal assistance in Slovenia. We introduce you to our newest Role Model, Danijela Jovanovic from Belgrade, Serbia. Danijela is a great sportsperson and is involved in many sporting activities including para-cycling, mountain climbing, swimming and athletics. 

ENIL has joined forces with the INNOSERV Project Consortium and we are delighted to bring you the latest edition of their newsletter, in which you can read about the most recent progress and achievements of the project so far. 

We are excited to bring you an interview with Bente Skansgard and induct her into the ENIL Hall of Fame. Bente is one of the most renowned disability activists in Europe and her work has resulted in the advancement of the Independent Living movement and the improvement of the lives of people with disabilities all across Europe. In this interview, you can read about how she became involved in the Independent Living Movement and what her vision for the future of Independent Living is.  

This month, we also bring you an interview with MEP Jean Lambert, a Green Party Member of the European Parliament for London. In this interview, we speak with her about the effects of the austerity measures on people in Europe and her work to combat this. We also speak with her about ENIL's work on a Proposal for a Resolution of the European Parliament on the effect of cuts in public spending on persons with disabilities in the European Union and she gives us values advice and suggestions on how we can influence disability policy at a European Level. 

We would also like to remind you that registration for the Strasbourg Freedom Drive this September is still open, please visit our website for more information and to Register Now!

We hope you enjoy this edition of our newsletter and find it motivating and inspiring!


Hall of Fame: Bente Skansgard

Each of us knows of or owes something to Bente Skangard. Whether it be advice at difficult times, keeping the dream alive or reminding people who are influential in the disability sector and the political world about empowerment and independent living, Bente has been a key person in all of this. Bente's gentle nature combined with keen determination and perseverance results in the advancement of the independent living movement and the improvement of the lives of many people with disabilities. 

ENIL interview Jean Lambert, MEP

Jean Lambert is a Green Party member of the European Parliament for London. She is an active member of the Disability Intergroup and is also a regular defender of the right of Independent Living at the European Level. She is a member of the European Parliament Committee of Employment and Social Affairs where the impact of the crisis on the living conditions and the rights of people with disabilities was recently discussed. Jean Lambert is currently working on an own initiative report, “Impact of the crisis on access to care for vulnerable groups”.In this interview with ENIL she speaks about this initiative and about the effects of European austerity measures on vulnerable groups in all European countries.

Process of adoption of the Law on Personal Assistance in Slovenia

A public debate on the third draft of the Law on Personal Assistance for people with disabilities in Slovenia finished at the end of February 2013. With adoption of the Law the Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs is trying to meet the requirements as set out in the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The first draft of the Law on Personal Assistance was produced and put into the public sphere for discussion in 2010. However, this draft never got to the decision makers. Last year, a new proposal was submitted to the legislative procedure by YHD - Association for Theory and Culture of Handicap.

INNOSERV Release Second Newsletter

INNOSERV is now in the second half of the project. This month the second INNOSERV Newsletter has been released and in this latest edition of the INNOSERV Newsletter the most recent progress of the project is outlined.
So far the INNOSERV project has:

Diagnosed current trends and directions from literature research on social services in target sectors.

Disability Watchdog: Rights of People with Disabilities in Croatia are violated

ENIL has received an email from a parent of a child with disabilities who has raised concerns about violations of the rights of people with disabilities in Croatia. He along with other parents is calling on people to stop tolerating violations of human rights, for example the right to a decent and dignified life.

ENIL participated at the European Social Network ( ESN) Spring Seminar

The European Social Network’s spring conference was held on April 18th in Helsinki this year in cooperation with the Local and Regional Government of Finland, The National Institute for Health and Welfare and The Association of Social Directors,Finland. ENIL was invited to speak and Jamie Bolling – ENIL’s Executive Director participated in the panel discussion on how personal budgets should be designed to promote cost-effectiveness for local authorities and economic autonomy for the service user in times of financial crisis.

Balkans Independent Disability Framework

The Agency for Cooperation, Education and Development from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Center for Independent Living Serbia and Paraplegic Association of Montenegro are implementing a regional project entitled, Establishing the Balkans Independent Disability Framework.

The overall objective of this project is to contribute to the democratic stabilization and the EU accession of Balkan countries by strengthening civil society participation in decision and policy making processes at all government levels.

Introducing The Association for Promoting Inclusion Serbia-Serbian API

The Association for Promoting Inclusion of Serbia is a non-governmental civil society organization which works in education and in the promotion and provision of services in the field of social protection. Their vision is a society with equal opportunities for all.

Their mission is to promote the inclusion of persons with disabilities in society and to advocate for fundamental human rights to be upheld.
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