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Welcome to a new edition of the Independent Living News! This time we bring you news with a Nordic perspective.

The JAG Association turns 20 this year and JAG will be celebrating this by organising four conferences around Sweden, two of which have already taken place. The theme of the conferences so far have been opportunities and prospects for those of us with major disabilities. Meanwhile, there are intense debates about crime in relation to assistance benefit in Sweden. The question is: How can we secure the future of personal assistance in Sweden and our unique rights in legislation? 

Political winds and technological progress naturally affects the lives of people with disabilities. The Nordic welfare center has identified some key trends in the Nordic countries and challenges in relation to the UN CRPD. The initative for the Nordic trend analysis comes from the Nordic Handicap Board. Since 1997 the Nordic Ministeral Board has worked as a policy making and advisory body to the Nordic Ministerial Board, but this will now change. In this edition of the Newsletter you can also read about Role Model Finn Hellman who is a journalist and activist from Sweden. 

We also bring you news from ENIL's trips to Estonia for Peer Counseling, to Bulgaria to promote deinstitutionalization and to Cyprus to promote Independent Living. We hope you enjoy reading about the latest updates from the North Region of ENIL!

ENIL Visit Bulgaria: Sofia, Stara Zagora and Skopje

Jamie Bolling – the ENIL Executive Director visted Sofia, Stara Zagora and Skopje in September on the invitation of CIL Sofia and Kapka Panayotova.

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Nordic Minister Board goes against UN CRPD

Fifteen years ago the Nordic Handicap Board was established. The purpose was to give advice and help with policy-making decisions by the Nordic Minister Board  in relation to disability issues. The Nordic Handicap Board consists of politicians as well as representatives from Nordic disability organizations.

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Trends in the North

The Nordic countries have all either ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities or are working towards ratification of the Convention.

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Role Model: Finn Hellman

Finn Hellman is a journalist and activist, with a focus on disability issues. Currently, he works part time as ombudsman for the left party in Dalarna in Sweden.


ENIL Peer Counseling Training

ENIL held training for Peer Counseling in cooperation with Händikäpp from Tartu, Estonia from September 27 – 30, 2012. The training, attended by 30 participants, took place at the Waide Motel 


Sweden: Visions for the future

This fall, the JAG Association is arranging four conferences around Sweden focusing on the future. Two conferences have already taken place. 

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The GIL Doll

GIL, the Gothenburg Cooperative for Independent Living, tired of exaggerated consideration, discriminatory kindness and condescending lovey-doviness, has created a “CP doll”.

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Role Model: Chrysis Michaelides

Chrysis Michaelides received a B.A. in Business Administration and Interpersonal Management, from Athens School of Economics in 1979.

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ENIL visit Cyprus to promote Independent Living

ENIL’s visit to Cyprus, from September 4 – 9, was to promote Independent Living with the European Social Forum Cyprus. Chrysis Michaelides, 


DPAC: Legal challenge to government plan to close the Independent Living Fund

A judicial review has been launched to challenge the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) consultation on closing the Independent Living Fund (ILF).


Round Table on Deinstitutionalisation

ENIL and Mental Health Europe ( MHE) are hosting a round table on  'Mapping Exclusion , Facilitating Inclusion-How to end institutionalisation and make the right to live independently a reality for all persons with disabilities' in the European Parliament in Brussels on the 14th November 2012.

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