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A new year - Happy 2013 to all! The earth survived the Maya Culture proclaimed end on December 21st 2012. Some of my friends had a ceremony and burned all their sorrows while I kept my fingers crossed and trusted modern scientists! And now we have started another phase and the journey into another new year. This is always exciting wondering what the year will hold for each one of us and for ENIL as an organization!

News – The ENIL northern regional team changes structure - it will be incorporated within the ENIL Executive Director’s Office in Härnösand, Sweden. ENIL extends thanks to JAG, the coordinator for the past three years for the work they have done. ENIL understands the decision of JAG to refocus and to concentrate all effort on their target group being people with intellectual impairment. This group struggles being the one most often directed to institutions and is left out when it comes to legislation especially within personal assistance legislation.

In this months’ Newsletter we take a look at the highlights from 2012 before we tell you about all the events that we have coming up in 2013. We also have some news in relation to the Strasbourg Freedom Drive, we introduce you to Gatis Caunitis, the new Freedom Drive Coordinator for Latvia. We also launch the ENIL Hall of Fame, which celebrates the achievements of disability activists in the Independent Living Movement and introduce you to the first person to be inducted into it, Martin Naughton from Ireland. We are also inviting you to become a member of ENIL in 2013 and become part of a Europe wide network on Independent Living of people with disabilities.

We hope you enjoy the first edition of the ENIL, Independent Living News! Newsletter this year!

Executive Director of ENIL, Jamie Bolling

Strasbourg Freedom Drive 2013

This year marks a very momentous year for the European Network on Independent Living (ENIL) as it is the tenth anniversary of the Strasbourg Freedom Drive. The Strasbourg Freedom Drive is no longer just the March to the Parliament but has been developed into a four-day event with a conference and the ENIL General Assembly. The conferences with interactive workshops provide the possibility for capacity building and also strengthen our movement. The choice is not easy but you are welcome to attend from only one event to the whole program.Please click to view the Agenda. If you would like to attend, please sign up as soon as possible by completing a Registration Form now. Registering before April 15th will guarantee a place at the Parliament meeting. 

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Update on Personal Assistance in Sweden

One month down the line with January on its way out, I have experienced what can confront us here in Sweden, how authorities can turn life upside down!

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2012 Highlights and Events in 2013

 As January comes to a close, we at ENIL are taking a look back at some of the highlights from 2012 before we move on to some of the events that will be taking place throughout 2013.

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Join ENIL Now!

ENIL are welcoming applications to be a member of ENIL for 2013 now! If you would like to sign up for ENIL membership please fill in the application form which is available online 

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Hall of Fame: Martin Naughton

ENIL are honoured that there will be many distinguished speakers and experts on Independent Living and disability related topics at the Strasbourg Freedom Drive 2013 and over the next couple of months we will be telling

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Interview with CUAS Rearcher on Ageing and Intellectual Disability

Barbara Hardt-Stremayr is a research assistant at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences and here in this interview she tells us about her research  

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Irish Protest: Follow up on the Leaders Alliance

The 4th September 2012 was a historical day for people with disabilities in Ireland. This was the day that people with disabilities in Ireland and their supporters succeeded in getting the Government of Ireland
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Introducing the National Coordinator for Latvia for the Strasbourg Freedom Drive

ENIL are delighted to announce the National Coordinator for Latvia for the Strasbourg Freedom Drive 2013, Gatis CaunÄ«tis . 

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EDF Survey on access, inclusion and participation

Access to education is a fundamental right embedded in the European Charter of Fundamental Right.

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