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This month we have launched our "Think Different, Think Equal" Campaign which highlights diversity among young disabled people. This campaign is a result of a week long study session on multiple discrimination developed by young disabled people for young disabled people. The study session was organised by ENIL and the Youth Department of the Council of Europe and brought together thirty-nine participants from fifteen countries. 

Through shared experiences and by using the new knowledge and skills they had aquired, participants worked together to produce engaging and thought provoking videos.The resulting recordings focus on the impact of multiple discrimination and hate crime, but also on how young people can work together to counter these problems. 

In this edition of our newsletter we are delighted to introduce you to some of the participants of the Study Session. Firstly, our newest Role Model, Elena Ratoi from Moldova speaks to us about overcoming barriers to employment. Konstantin Antonov from Bulgaria tells us why we should think different- think equal and Alexandra Surla from Slovenia shares her experience of the study session with us!

If you are interested in this campaign or you would like to become a member of the ENIL Youth Network please contact the dilyana.deneva@enil.eu  

We hope this edition of our newsletter inspires you to 'Think Different, Think Equal!

Role Model: Elena Ratoi 

ENIL are delighted to introduce you to our newest Role Model, Elena Ratoi who is from Moldova and was one of the participants of ENIL’s 2014 Study Session.

What is your personal experience of disability?
Throughout my whole life I have had a mobility impairment. I have not known any other situation and so I cannot not compare life before and after. 

Strasbourg Study Session 2014: Alexsandra Surla tells us about her experience!

It had started sometime in the winter. At first, it was a small message from one of the ENIL regional coordinators, where I was asked if I know any organization which is engaged in multiple discrimination issues as ENIL were holding a study session on this topic. As I am curious by nature, many questions followed naturally. Once I recieved all of the answers, I filled the ENIL application form, passed the selection process and on June 29th, I sat on the train bound for Strasbourg!

Konstantin Antonov tells us why we should 'Think Different, Think Equal'  

While I am writing this, there are many thoughts circling in my head. When you read it, you may join my circle of thoughts. If you do it, we could think together… we might be thinking different in the beginning, but in the end, we will think equal!

Onafhankelijk Leven "Freedom School"

Onafhankelijk Leven vzw (which stands for “Independent Living”) held a week long “Freedom School”, 10th-14th June 2014, with seventeen enthusiastic disabled people all of whom want to make positive changes in the community! They want meaningful change and to bring a sense of positivity to the lives of other disabled people, but they often miss some knowledge and/or experience in how to turn their ideas into practice.

This is what inspired Onafhankelijk Leven to establish the “Freedom School”.  The aim of Onafhankelijk Leven was to organize an interactive five-day summer course aimed at disabled people. During the five-day event the unique talents and skills of each of the participants were identified and the agenda of the workshops ensured that each participant was able to follow the Freedom School training sessions at his/her own level of capacities and interest.

Design (Dis)ability Results

An international creative challenge aiming at the design of fashion accessory equipment for physically disabled people who use a wheelchair to get around was launched by RogLab, in collaboration with YHD – Association for Theory and Culture of Handicap, in their call for “DESIGN (DIS)ABILITY”.

ENIL welcomes the appointment of Cecilia Wikstrom as Chair of the EU Petitions Committee

ENIL welcomes Cecilia Wikström from the Swedish liberal party to her newly elected post as chair of the EU Petitions Committee. Cecilia was a Vice-President of the EU Intergroup on disability issues during the last mandate period and has advocated for the rights of disabled people for many years.
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ENIL's "Think Different, Think Equal" video campaign highlights diversity among young disabled people

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