ENIL Newsletter, August 2016

Editorial Update

Dear readers,

Deeply saddened by the loss of our great colleague and friend – Peter Lambreghts, ENIL is presenting you this month’s newsletter. You can read some words from his farewell that took place yesterday, 25th August, together with a video slideshow made with love for Peter.

The next article is a commemoration of the victims in Sagamihara, Japan. ENIL sends condolences to the families of the 19 disabled people, who were killed in the horrible attack.

Below, you can find the report from the ENIL Youth Network study session on sexuality and relationships in April this year. Included in this newsletter is also a ‘watchdog’ article from one of ENIL members in the UK – Roland Benjamin.

Last but not least, we announce the dates, main topics and planned activities for the ENIL 2017 Freedom Drive! Mark the dates in your calendars and join us in one year time!

We hope you will find this newsletter interesting and encourage you to share your feedback at secretariat@enil.eu

Thank you!

Dilyana Deneva, Newsletter editor

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In Honour of Peter Lambreghts

Yesterday, 25th August, people from across Europe arrived in the Sint-Jozef church in Heide for the funeral of ENIL’s Senior Officer Peter Lambreghts.

ENIL Griefs with Sagamihara's Community

Today, 26th August, Peter Lambreghts (ENIL Senior Officer to whom we said last goodbye yesterday) was going to pay his respect to the victims in Japan, one month after the attack of a man who killed 19 disabled people living in a care centre in Sagamihara - a small town near Tokyo.

ENIL 2017 Freedom Drive - Save the Dates!

ENIL announces that the ENIL 2017 Freedom Drive will take place in a little more than one year from now with the theme – “Investment in the future! A voice for All! Children’s voices are to be heard!”

ENIL Youth Reports How Barriers Were Broken

The ENIL Youth Network shares with you the report from the third ENIL study session, jointly organised with the Youth Department of the Council of Europe. It took place in the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg between 17th and 24th April 2016.

Roland Benjamin on Portability of Personal Assistance

ENIL presents the story of Roland Benjamin, a 33-year-old disabled man from the UK, who responsed to ENIL’s call for EVS applications. He highlights the importance of portability of support services.

ENIL's Monthly Website Update

A monthly roundup of all the articles published by ENIL in August.
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