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Editorial Update

Hello ENIL members and supporters! Here follows the ENIL February newsletter. You will find among other articles an overview of ENIL publications from last year, news of changes in ENIL governance, as well as an introduction of Esti, the newest ENIL intern.
I want to also take this opportunity to remind everyone of two great events that happen this year. On May 5th, ENIL will be celebrating the 2nd European Day for Independent Living. We hope that, as last year, many of you will join in with us and mark this day! Together we can celebrate Independent Living but also use the day to raise awareness on what is Independent Living and who are the members and supporters of ENIL! (Please contact the ENIL intern Estitxu Arraztio with your plans or questions: estitxu.arraztio@enil.eu)
Then on September 29th ENIL will open the first Freedom Drive to be held in Brussels. The ENIL General Assembly will take place on the 29th of September, so make sure you are a member so that you can cast your votes! You can become a member by signing up on the ENIL web page – look to the right and find the box – Join ENIL now. As the new ENIL Board will be elected, we are also opening the process of nominations to the Board. You can nominate yourself or anyone whom you find would make a good Board member and leader of ENIL. Send your nominations to: jamie.bolling@enil.eu
On March 5th, ENIL will be joining the Permanent Mission of Austria and the International Disability Alliance in a side event at the UN in Geneva on Independent Living. Nadia Hadad will be representing ENIL and giving a personal account of the importance of Independent Living. Jamie Bolling will be a speaker at the We Chose to Climb event, to be held in Glasgow from March 16 – 18 (http://socialcareideasfactory.com/we-chose-to-climb/).
ENIL is working on the response to the European Ombudsman’s own-initiative inquiry concerning the respect for fundamental rights in the implementation of the EU Cohesion policy. Our response will be published early next week, so do check our website.
Finally, ENIL is planning on holding webinars on Independent Living. The first is planned for March 2nd and will be on the History of IL, and the second will be on March 9th – What is ENIL? If you have not as of yet registered – do so. It is not too late! Please contact: dilyana.deneva@enil.eu

New Resources on Independent Living

February is coming to an end and the last year already seems far away. ENIL would like to use this opportunity to take stock of 2014 and the work we have been able to do thanks to the European Commission’s Progress Action Grant and ULOBA – the financial support for which we are thankful. ENIL has carried out this work together with three partner organisations – the Centre for Independent Living Sofia (Bulgaria), Disability Rights UK (UK) and Onafhankelijk Leven (Belgium).

UN OHCHR Publishes Thematic Study on Independent Living

At the 28th Session of the Human Rights Council in New York, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights presented its Thematic Study on the right of persons with disabilities to live independently and be included in the community. The recently appointed Special Rapporteur on the rights of persons with disabilities Catalina Devandas-Aguilar also presented the main elements of her mandate and her priorities.

ENIL Contributes to Development of Future Youth Policy

The European Commission and the Council of Europe have signed a new youth partnership for the period 2014 – 16 to foster synergies between the two organizations. Specific themes for 2014 – 16 are: participation/citizenship; social inclusion; recognition and quality of youth work. For reaching the specific objective of better knowledge and evidence-based youth policy and practice, there is wide range of activities carried out for providing information through publications, on-line databases, meetings and training sessions.

Accessibility and Independent Living Come to Armenia

Independent Living activists celebrate a significant success in the capital city of Armenia. February 20, 2015, was the day when the first 10 accessible city buses started running in Yerevan.

 Changes in ENIL Governance, Staff and Office

ENIL is a dynamic organisation and with dynamics comes change. This short notice announces the recent changes concerning our governance, staff and office in 2015.

Meet ENIL's New Intern: Esti Arraztio

My name is Estitxu Arraztio and I am a new intern coming from San Sebastian in Spain to work with ENIL for 8 months. I will be based at the office of the Executive Director in Härnösand, Sweden.
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