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Welcome to the latest edition of Independent Living News! In this edition we bring you news from ENILs South Region.

You can read about the Deinstitutionalization Event, organised by CIL Sofia which took place in Bulgaria and we introduce you to Role Model, Spaska Davranova who works for Bulgarian National Radio. 

Also in this edition, you can also read about the recent protest in Ireland, where the Irish Government proposed to cut €10 million from the €1.4 billion Personal Assistants budget. On the 4th September people with disabilities along with their personal assistants and supporters staged a demonstration outside Irish Government buildings. The result being that the Irish Government agreed not to cut the personal assistants budget in Ireland.

We hope that you find the latest updates from the South Region both interesting and motivating!

Deinstitutionalization action in Bulgaria

On the 21th of September in Stara Zagora Bulgaria there was round table named “Deinstitutionalization = residential policy + community services”.

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Victory: Irish Protest Success 

On the 30th August 2012 the Health Service Executive (HSE) announced that cuts affecting the elderly and people with disabilities would feature strongly in the €130 million cut to the health budget.  Among the cuts to be made was a 5.5 per cent reduction in the 11 million Home Help hours which cost about €195 million annually, along with cutting €10 million from the €1.4 billion Personal Assistants budget. 

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Bulgarian People Vote for Independence
On the 15th of September CIL Sofia together with partner organizations started a national-wide initiative in Bulgaria. The event is sort of a referendum in which all of the citizens are invited to give their votes for independent living


Monitoring the UN CRPD

The UN Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities has the juridical tool of having a monitoring body in the different member-states that have ratified the Convention. This mechanism is to ensure maximum transparency 

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DPAC: 'The Closing Atos Ceremony'
On the 31st August 2012, Disabled People Against the Cuts (DPAC) organised ‘The Closing Atos Ceremony’ 

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Protest in Greece 
On the 13th September 2012, people with disabilities and their supporters gathered in front of Greece’s Finance Ministry as the government finalised its new major austerity program. Greece’s Finance Ministry as the government finalised


Role Model : Spaska Davranova 
Spaska Yordanova Davranova is from Sofia, Bulgaria. She works as a technical associate at Bulgarian National Radio with a young and ambitious team.

What's the difference between Europe and Pakistan?
At the end of August, Rimsha Masih, a regular girl from Pakistan, was arrested for “desecrating the Koran” the sentence for which may be a death penalty. Rimsha is from a Christian family and has mental disability. Maybe it sounds unbelievable. Or maybe you will say 

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Report: Spanish Television "Actualidad RT" on the Greek crisis

The situation of disabled people in Greece has become so extreme that international media throughout Europe is focusing on the situation there.  

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South Region: Online meeting of the members 
The first online meeting of the members of ENIL from the South Region took part at the end of July. There were representatives from Portugal, Italy, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria. The idea of the meeting was to stre the relations within the region. 



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