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A year to the next Freedom Drive and its ten-year celebration, time flies!
This Special Newsletter Issue on the ENIL Freedom Drive contains important information on the event. There is a draft program to give an idea of what is being planned and highlights on some of the key speakers! The guide to accessible hotels and the funding guide with ideas on how to raise funds in order to attend the Drive are an effort to make your planning easier. The Irish follow-up from the last Freedom Drive allows us all to see how we also can follow-up on our meetings with our national MEPs.
The registration form is to allow you to register early and us to start the process now to avoid stress by doing things at the last minute!
Note that the Freedom Drive conference is free for ENIL members so join ENIL now! I end this short introduction with hopes to meet with many old friends and to make new friends at the Freedom Drive next year!
All the best.
Jamie Bolling
ENIL Director

Here you can find all the documents you will need to help you begin planning your trip to the Strasbourg Freedom Drive 2013. If you need any further information please write to Vanessa Scanlon at the secretariat@enil.eu or visit our website for the latest updates on the Freedom Drive 2013  www.enil.eu

FD 2013 Draft Agenda 14September 2012
FD 2013 Registration Form
FD 2013 Funding Guide
Accesible Hotels in Strasbourg

Universe of happiness in the future – Freedom Drive Mosaic of my memories from Strasbourg: Mira Čas Story Life is like a book with many chapters. And that of 2011 was a special start for me. …

ENIL are honoured that there will be many distinguished speakers and experts on Independent Living and disability related topics at the Strasbourg Freedom Drive 2013 and over the next couple of months we will be telling you more about them.

The European Network on Independent Living (ENIL) held its fifth Freedom Drive in Strasbourg between 12th and 15th September 2011. The majority of the Freedom Drive participants were Independent Living activists, many of whom are a part of the national or local centres for Independent Living (CILs) in their countries. The central theme for the 2011 Freedom Drive was Free our People Now!

The Strasbourg Freedom Drive has been held every two years since 2003 and provides an opportunity for members of the Independent Living Movement and MEPs to meet for inspiration and the promotion of Independent Living issues...

Thank you to everyone who submitted videos for Strasbourg Freedom Drive Video contest 2011. The videos excellently documented the events of the week and all of the adventures of the participants on the Freedom Drive...

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