Complete your User List for maximum protection and accurate billing.

Protection & Accuracy:

Complete Your User List

As of January 1, 2015, MailRoute billing will be based on the count of users who receive email through our system.

Managing a complete userlist is preferable for your admins. It keeps unwanted traffic off of your servers (and ours), and it allows you to specify email address aliases, so that they are not counted for billing purposes.

If your userlist is currently marked complete, you're all set. We are accepting mail only for those users and billing accordingly.

To complete your user list:

            1.  Login to your account

            2.  Select the Email Accounts tab

            3.  Create users with one of our easy-to-use methods

                        a.  Manually enter users' addresses

                        b.  Upload a CSV file

                        c.  LDAP or ActiveDirectory Sync

                        d.  Use our API

            4.  Check the box to indicate "Email account list is complete."

Please contact with any questions regarding LDAP/AD sync, CSV upload or other user-import issues.

Thank you. We appreciate your business.


Thomas A. Johnson
Founder & CEO, MailRoute Inc

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