Postgraduate Programme in Curating CAS/ MAS ZHdK

 Curatorial Practice: Tenzing Barshee 

 Digital Media: On New Ways of Seeing 

 Fr. 17th of March- 6 pm Corner College 


On March 17, my talk at the Postgraduate Programme will discuss and compare the following projects: On March 23, the exhibition Der Verdienst. 2014-2017 will open at the project space Oracle in Berlin. It’s a follow-up project to an exhibition titled Le Mérite. 2014-2016, which happened last October in Paris. see here. The two exhibitions will resemble and question each other. Le Mérite reflected on the adolescence of power—how authority is claimed and in which formats it is established—while the individual experiences trauma collectively. There was a focus on a couple of polemic motifs such as construction, fabrication and abstraction by example of written, published and authored works. Der Verdienst will mimick Le Mérite. Le Mérite was afraid that Der Verdienst might happen. The first project was all about testing limits. The second one tries to draw the line.

Image: Student Art Collective, The Lesson of the Master, 2015

Der Verdienst. 2014-2017 features the work of Carla Accardi, Andrea Büttner, Angeletti/Rossetti, Alexia Cayre, Paul Collins, Timothy Davies, Buck Ellison, Marina Faust, Rochelle Feinstein, Philipp Friedrich, Heike-Karin Föll, Deanna Havas, Samuel Jeffery, Matthew Lutz Kinoy, R. B. Kitaj, Jean Leclercq, Justin Lieberman, August Macke, Luigi Ontani, Kirsten Pieroth, Nicolas Roggy, Aura Rosenberg, Emanuel Rossetti, Salvo, Ben Schumacher, Lucie Stahl, Studio for Propositional Cinema, Student Art Collective, Mitchell Syrop, Lilli Thießen, Astrid Wagner, Genichiro Yagyu, Min Yoon, HP Zimmer a.o.
Oracle, Joachimsthaler Straße 14, 10719 Berlin,, open by appointment

Last year,
Tenzing Barshee curated a two-person exhibition with Anne Speier and Judy Fiskin at wellwellwell, Applied Arts University Vienna, and the exhibition Le Mérite. 2014-2016 at Treize in Paris. He co-curated Rochelle Feinstein's exhibition In Anticipation of Women's History Month with Fabrice Stroun for Centre d'Art Genève, the group show Passo Dopo Passo with Molly Everett and Dorota Michalska for Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo in Torino, and Margaret Honda's exhibition An Answer to 'Sculptures' with Fanny Gonella for Künstlerhaus Bremen. He's a regular contributor to Spike and Mousse magazine and a columnist for Starship magazine. He graduated the Postgraduate Programme in Curating in 2014.
CAS/ MAS Postgraduate Programme in Curating
Centre Further Education
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