you ready for this? (cue music) first off – yay you(!) for joining the fitlosophy team as we say bye-bye to short-lived resolutions and say HELLO to setting (and achieving) 12 week goals. get frustrated? this time is different. over the next 12 weeks we’ll give you the tools, team, and tips – as well as the workout + nutrition plan.  most importantly – we’ll do it together.  you'll see that everyone struggles, everyone slips up…and everyone (even you) can also succeed!

read below to get ready, get set and get prepped so we can show 20twelve who’s boss. after prepping, take a peek at the 20twelve page to be inspired by our fab 5 fitbookers, get downloads galore, and get insight from the fitlosophy team on our goals – yep, we’re so in this with you.  watch your inbox on sunday (yes, post superbowl) with your weekly plan.  so go enjoy your football food + celebrations galore: then, grab your fitbook and we'll be here to get you on track the very next day!

live life fit!

p.s. rally the troops - forward to a friend and get them on board!  let them know they must join before sunday! 

get ready, get set + get prepped 
[print it + post to your fridge...then check 'em off as you go!]

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