Prepaid Maintenance Plans Increase Retention!
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Prepaid Maintenance Plans Increase Retention!

Did you know that 56% of consumers with a prepaid or ‘complimentary’ service plan are likely to continue servicing at that dealership after their plan expires?* And the news is even better from the younger generation!

31% of consumers under 35 want a Prepaid Maintenance plan (PPM), and 72% of them plan to do all of their servicing under the plan at your dealership.* And with this younger generation as the future of your business, PPMs could be your ticket for getting them through your doors!

Prepaid Maintenance (PPM) plans are crucial to the growth of both your dealership’s customer loyalty and retention. It’s important to develop a different marketing strategy for these key customers! Don’t offer a discounted oil change to a customer who has already paid for that service through their PPM. Remind PPM customers to use their plans, offering coupons and services not already covered under their plan.

It’s simple, how often your customers come in for service directly impacts your bottom line. More frequent visits mean more service dollars, which in turn means higher service to sales loyalty and bigger store profits. Prepaid Maintenance plans are going to be your key to continuously increase retention and loyalty!
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*According to a 2012 DMEautomotive consumer survey
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