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Kunde Institute is a small holistic and integrative wellness and healing center, located in Daly City, proudly serving many in the bay area since 2010. Our center is a safe and reliable place of refuge for patients to come to when they have physical and/or mental health issues. We hope that when they leave, they are feeling cared for and healed through the alternative, complementary, and holistic healing of Tibetan Medicine, Buddhism, and Acupuncture.  

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, many of our patients are experiencing tremendous fear and anxiety. This is causing stress-related symptoms such as insomnia and even panic attacks as they worry about their family, children, their jobs, food supplies, and other shortages of daily life supplies and hygiene resources. They are asking what we can offer them at this critical time to ease their minds and offer some prevention of COVID 19. 

We have put together this information with the wish to alleviate fear and anxiety and to promote Self Care & Healing during this stressful time with integrative and holistic health & healing wisdom from Tibetan Medicine and Acupuncture.

Although we do not diagnose, test or treat COVID 19, as that is a western biomedical diagnosis, we offer an alternative, integrative, and holistic healing treatments for the conditions caused by the stress and anxiety surrounding COVID 19 based on Tibetan Medicine, Buddhism, and Acupuncture. 

Some recent questions from our patients regarding COVID 19:  

I am feeling very anxious & can’t sleep because of COVID 19, can you help me?   
What can Tibetan Medicine offer for the COVID 19 virus?              
How can Tibetan Medicine & Acupuncture help to boost my immune system?
What are the treatment protocols and approaches for patients with COVID 19?  

Unfortunately, currently, there is no specific treatment or medication available - treatment is supportive only - reduce the fever, hydrate, provide lung support with supplemental oxygen and if necessary, intubation and ventilation. 

However, Kunde Institute is offering the following recommendations and supportive treatments:

  • Tele-health Care through Online Consultations 

We will be offering more online consultations through video calls in order to practice “social distancing” which lowers the chance of spreading the infection by limiting contact with others and to protect those who are more at risk. Based on the evaluation and conclusions of the consultation and after discussing how patients’ are feeling, their emotional state, and viewing their complexion and tongue on screen, we will then give them recommendations about:

  • Diet and nutrition

  • Life-style recommendations including physical and mental exercises

  • Suggestions and links to online sites for emotional balancing methods such as mindful meditation, breathing exercises and guided simple yoga  

  • Mailing out Tibetan herbs or other treatments for cold and flu and any other conditions needing treatment

What can Tibetan Medicine offer for prevention and treatment?

There are various healing methods and treatments for cold and flu in Tibetan Medicine including:

  1. Protection pills

  2. Drinking herbal tea and breathing in herbal steams

  3. Taking various herbal formulae/remedies according to the different stages of the illness. These function to:

  • Lubricate / Moisten the Lungs

  • Change the stage of cough from dry to productive 

  • Minimizing chest congestion from dry lungs

  • Improving breathing 

  • Reducing heat in the Lungs and respiratory systems

  • Mantra Healings

  1. Taking precious pills

  2. Tibetan Incense

Although Tibetan Medicine and herbal remedies have not gone through traditional western research as biomedicine, they have been researched, tested, practiced and proved to be successful in the “open lab” of clinical experience in Tibet and the Himalayan regions for thousands of years.

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