Evil Orbs are coming this Halloween!

For Halloween...  Evil Orbs Released!

Dear Fans of GoBit Games,
Our latest game, Evil Orbs, has released for the PC and Mac just in time for Halloween!  (What is more spooky than Orbs that are Evil?  We certainly don't know!)

Grab a copy of Evil Orbs for PC or Mac by clicking here!

We think they came from space.   We think they are evil.    But, we know they have invaded the cities of Earth and made all life a bummer, so they must be destroyed.  However, they are impervious to all forms of conventional weaponry.

Fortunately for humanity, Dr. Klaus von Hammersphere has discovered the rare element AntiOrbium which sends the Evil Orbs back to whence they came (wherever that is) and he has invented a device that he affectionately calls the “Elementary Evil Orb Disposal Device 2000” (EEODD 2000 for short) which can be used to shoot and deflect balls of AntiOrbium at the Orbs.

He is recruiting you to wield this device and save humanity.  What do you say?  Do you want to save humanity?

50% Off Evil Orbs PC or Mac!

To celebrate the launch of our latest game, we are offering readers of our newsletter a special 50% off coupon for Evil Orbs.

First, grab a copy of Evil Orbs for PC or Mac by clicking here!

Then use this coupon code to get 50% of your purchase:  CPN13452743799

This coupon expires on November 30th, 2016.


Burger Shop Updates

For fans of our Burger Shop games, we would like you to know that we are still working on Burger Shop 2 for Android/iOS and Burger Shop 3.  We do not have any release dates for these titles to announce at this time.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

-The GoBit Games Team

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