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MasterLube float wins prize in St. Patrick's Day Parade

The MasterLube family had a great time participating in the Downtown Billings’ 40th St. Patrick’s Day parade! It was incredible to see how many people showed up to watch with family and friends! Proud of the time and effort that our team put into the float to be recognized for Best Themed Entry!

Two new faces join Alumni Wall

Craig and Shelbi Godfrey are newest additions

Shelbi Godfrey is full of ambition and managers her own business, Lunar Esthetics, in Billings. Before she jumped into entrepreneurship, Shelbi started out by planting marigolds in the spring and eventually becoming the manager of MasterLube Glass.

Her goals have shifted to raising her daughter, building her business, and helping her significant other, Mike, with his business goals. “Between running two businesses and a wild child we do have our hands full.” She enjoys making her own schedule and escaping to Nevada or Colorado for an occasional break.

Shelbi advises folks to move at their own pace and stop comparing their journey to others. “Everyone is on their own path, and everyone has their own wins, and their own setbacks.”

See everything as an opportunity to learn something new.”

Craig Godfrey started at MasterLUBE on April 13, 1994 and worked his way up from pitman to CEO before retiring. Craig enjoyed “managing by wandering around” and continues to work toward his goals for family and retirement. Craig has always enjoyed all outdoor activities and shares that “Success at every level is worth doing!” Craig emphasizes the importance of family, and especially enjoys his time with his grandchildren.
Craig is now the President Emeritus of MasterLube.

“Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.”
― Franz Kafka


Justin Satchell - 6 Years
Matt Stiffarm - 5 Years
Suzette Fletcher - 1 Year
Colbey Skinner - 1 Year
Joseph Albert-Courchaine - 2 Years
Grad Day 2023 - May 13
Graduating seniors and their parents are busy preparing and fundraising for the all-night, alcohol-free graduation celebrations.  The graduation night parties provide a safe and fun way for teenagers to celebrate.

Each year, a students from each Billings and Laurel high school adopt a MasterLube location. One student is chosen to paint a mural on that MasterLube store and the favorite is decided by public vote. Follow MasterLube's Facebook page for information on how to vote. The winner will be awarded a traveling trophy and bragging rights for the year.

This year's fundraiser will be on Saturday, May 13 from 7am-6pm. Each school will work their adopted MasterLube site for the day to conduct their fundraising - providing car washes, oil changes, and BBQs.
War of the Walls Fun Facts

MasterLube Grad Day started in 1991. 2023 is the 32st year (no 2020 competition due to Covid - 19)

Murals were painted started in 1991.

The “voting” contest for best mural began in 2008. Winners:

2008 – Central
2009- Skyview
2010 – Senior
2011 – West
2012- Skyview
2013 – Laurel
2014 – Skyview
2015 – Laurel
2016 – Central
2017 – West
2018- Central
2019 – Central
2021 - Senior
2022 Senior

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