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The Wellbeing Foundation Africa At United Nations 61st CSW

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" We must build and construct a 50-50 world by 2020, 50-50 equal opportunities for women and girls at work, at school and at home. The more equal our society, the better we will all perform as a nation, a continent, and the world. "  Toyin Ojora Saraki, Founder-President of WBFA 
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The' Fearless Girl'  bronze statue facing Wall Street, New York. 
The Wellbeing Foundation Africa's sister organization, the Wellbeing For Women Africa, participated in the  UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) and the UN Youth Forum.  The team first attended the Youth Forum, which took place on Saturday, 11th and Sunday, 12th March. They followed on to the Council On The Status Of Women.

The 61st session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW 61)  focused on the theme of ‘Women’s economic empowerment in the changing world of work.’ The Session also addressed and reviewed the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).  

Mrs. Toyin Saraki, who was represented at the Sessions, noted that: " I celebrate the events which have been taking place at the Commission on the Status of Women.  Gender equality and parity are vital for a developed, peaceful and positive future. Women and the youth need to be part of the conversation, as well as part of creating policy, and their voices must be heard by decision makers. This is the crucial tool which the Commission and the Youth Forum have given the youth - a platform to be part of policy making and so we can transform the world to reflect the future’s needs and wants."

"At the Wellbeing Foundation Africa, we have continually championed economic or financial independence and education for women.  We welcome the Commission's focus, and we will endeavour to teach mothers and adolescent girls about their health, bodies and rights. We will continue to empower and encourage girls to stay in school and achieve, and for women to receive the same pay and opportunities as their male colleagues."

"Financial independence is life-saving and allows women to leave unhealthy and non-respectful relationships. The more we teach women and girls to be financially independent the more we empower women and girls to leave relationships that are mentally or physically detrimental. As many of you know, the power is in the purse," Toyin Saraki said.
Scarlett Hawkins and Rachel Firth at the 61st Commission on the Status of Women
#CSW Events That Captured Our Attention
Africa News
The Africa Health Agenda International Conference

To mark International Women's Day, the Founder-President of the Wellbeing Foundation Africa, Mrs. Toyin Saraki participated in the Africa Health Agenda International Conference (AHAIC) in Nairobi, Kenya. The Conference brought together researchers, policymakers,  the private sector, and practitioners and advocates from the health, civil society, and development sectors, to reflect on home-grown solutions to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) across the continent.
Mrs. Toyin Saraki alongside panelists at the AHAIC 2017 in Nairobi Kenya
As a panelist at AHAIC 2017, Mrs. Saraki was asked how Africa is accelerating the implementation of the SDGs. In her usual optimistic, yet realistic self, she asserted: 

"Africa has enjoyed a somewhat greater focus and interest, for quick and sustained progress on the SDGs, as progress on this continent means progress for the world. Also, Africa is riding on the robust presence of the private sector on the continent, and this has helped spur projects and improved outcomes in health, education, agriculture and social entrepreneurship. Specifically, regarding health, the continent has benefitted from country-supported interventions, especially around the supply side of healthcare and health systems."

"Through Agenda 2063, a fifty-year development action plan adopted by all members of the African Union, continent-wide priorities have already been defined. This should make the process of integrating and achieving SDGs into countries' development plans much easier. There is a high degree of convergence between the SDGs and Agenda 2063, in part due to the Common African Position (CAP), the coordinated Africa-wide negotiating position that preceded formulation of the Global Goals."

"Absolute poverty has declined on the continent, taking Africa one step closer to the fulfillment of the SDGs. However, the gap between rich and poor countries has grown. This is disheartening; yet, it provides a vast opportunity for developing countries, as it demonstrates that the medicine, technology, and knowledge needed for development already exist. If these things can be transferred to developing nations, we can accelerate the attainment of the SDGs. Through cooperation between domestic and international agencies, greater access to the basic commodities of the developed world can be made available to the benefit of Africa and the world. The knowledge is already there; we now need to take that knowledge and turn it into tangible results on the African continent.”

See the full International Women's Day newsletter here:
Nigeria News 
On International Women's Day, the  Pan Africa Campaign To End Forced / Child 'Marriage' (@End2ChildAbuse) and Africa Coalition On Maternal, Adolescent, Newborn & Child Health launched its Special Edition On Status Of Girl Children In Nigeria. Check out the latest national gender data and stats:
#MaternalMonday Advocating For Female Empowerment
Leading up to International Women's Day and #CSW61, we have been dedicating our #MaternalMonday's to women's health and investment. Check our social media campaigns and messaging @wellbeingafrica and on #MaternalMonday.

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Read our Founder Mrs. Toyin Saraki's article today in Reuters on: 'International Women's Day: a chance to reflect on achievements and barriers to gender equality in Africa'
"There is good news on gender equality – if you look to the developing world" - Toyin Saraki
We ended last year, with a review on how far gender equality has come, check out our Founder Toyin Saraki's comment piece in the Guardian, where she noted that:

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