April Beach Talk

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April Beach Talk

Happy Spring Tabula Rasa Friends! Have you started your spring cleaning yet?  Now is the time to give your skin and home a quick and easy overhaul.
You might want to start thinking about a scrub to remove the dead skin, a lighter moisturizer with SPF for the warmer months, or maybe a new body wash or fragrant moisturizer. We have multiple lines of skin-care products to choose from to give your skin an amazing spring clean.
How about spring cleaning your home?  Need help organizing your tasks or your kids? We've got some really cool "to-do" lists and journals that are a "must-see" for keeping you and your family organized.
How about bringing in some new decor or color into your home? We have some beautiful spring colors in our beach glass, throw pillows, table settings, and various decor items. Our new spring scents are quite beautiful too! Stop in the shop to check out all the amazing candles and diffusers to give your room an awesome spring smell. 

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Upcoming Events

Downtown Manhattan Beach Sidewalk Sale - April 11, 12 and 13

Kids Play International - Shade Hotel - April 10
Tabula Rasa Essentials is donating a California Bear Barnwood Sign. Come out and bid on our sign in the spirit of charity.

Coming in May.....Best Guest Event, Mom's Day, Tabula Rasa Essentials 15th Birthday! 

Tabula Rasa Essential's Feature Artist
Simply Grateful

We had the chance to catch up with Simply Grateful's Founder, Missy Patterson, and when asked about what inspires her as an artist, she answered:  "Trees have been a source of inspiration and warmth for me my entire life: I have climbed them, jumped out of them, built forts in them, leaned on them, saved some, planted many, and hugged tons of them. (And yes, I literally hug them.) I am incredibly grateful for what they have brought me and for their amazing power to help keep our plant alive.
 I find that the
magnitude of beauty that surrounds me is so magnificent I can’t help but want to capture it. When I see the images again, I can remember exactly what I was thinking, feeling, smelling, who I was with or whom I was thinking of... and those are the moments I want to share: the stories, the life, the connection.
Living in the Golden State with
Manhattan Beach as my backyard, I am in awe of being able to watch the sunset over the ocean everyday; and the sweet joy that it has instilled in me, inspiring my very first collection “Forever Sunshine”.
SIMPLY GRATEFUL was founded on the principles of awareness, conscious connection, quality, sustainabilty and gratitude. 
SIMPLY GRATEFUL uses only 100% Recycled FSC Certified Wood Sources and sustainable inks in printing the artwork, donates a percentage of all profits to the American Forest Fund and Operation Support Our Troops - America, and is committed to using re-usable products as well as creating them. We are a family-run business that is dedicated to being caretakers of the earth and all that inhabit it; and, create every collection with pure joy!
It is with the warmest of hearts that we invite you into Simply Grateful!!!

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Maureen's Corner 

Maureen's Favorite New Products:
Spring is definitely in the air and it's a season I love so much.  I'm inspired by beautiful fields of wildflowers overlooking the shores of Carlsbad California and our own private gardens here at home.  The whales migrating north always take my breath away with their magnificent spouts of water shooting above our cool pacific ocean.  The slightly rustic feel of the harbor lights up with the brilliant sails and gliding motion of our south bay boaters.  New beginnings, bright days, and gorgeous sunsets.  
This month, we have
beautiful kiln-fired glass vases with bouquets of flowers depicted in the art.   A fresh collection of hand soaps and lotions that are deliciously sweet and earthy too have just arrived from Barr & Co.  Brightly colored stripes and florals in light weight scarfs add a punch of spring to any wardrobe.  Compliment your tableware with our latest collection of custom bamboo cutting boards, napkin holders, salad tongs and cheese knives.  So fun.
And for
Easter….we have Bunnies galore!
Happy Spring!


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