Pow! Pow! Pow!*

Ultra Quick Mega News Flash.

Myself and Gavin Osborn will now be doing an Extra Show at Regents Park Open Air Theatre on the 1st of August. It’ll be the same format as the others this year, in that Gav will play some songs in the first half and then i’ll do my tour show “Outside” in the second half.

1 - Tickets are onsale now.

2 - You can get them by clicking HERE and entering this code KITOAT22

3 - You guys will get priority until tomorrow when it goes on general sale.

That’s all for now.



*I’m sorry that i keep sending out emails for individual shows and that most of them are not where you live. I’d rather not be peppering your inboxes with this stuff. I’d much rather do a nice big dollop every now and then, but this is just how this tour has come together - bittily. Rest assured there will be more universally relevant announcements really quite soon. Thanks for your patience.