Right then,

Here we are.



There’s three things to tell you about, really.

Firstly: If you pre-ordered anything from the record shop last year*, you can find an update on everything – here. Although do brace yourself for some (entirely justified) irritation.

Secondly: My longtime friend and sometime collaborator Gavin Osborn is doing a little tour and has recorded a new album. He’s decided to do his album the traditional way of actually finishing the thing before releasing it so that people don’t have to wait three calendar seasons (minimum) before receiving it.

Fair play.

You can apparently find the tour dates through his twitter – here. And you can get a copy of the new album – here.

Thirdly: I’ve booked myself some outdoor shows throughout the summer months. Most of them will be me on my own (or with support), banging on and working out what I think about things but I’ll also be doing bits of incompetent compering on some big mixed bill things here and there.

Now, I’ll write to you again after easter with the full blurb for the solo things and comprehensive venue and booking details but one of the compering things is getting announced today and not only do i crave control of my own narrative but i want you** to be aware of everything I’ve got planned, so you could see what sort of thing I’m doing where and then make informed decisions about your which, if any, you want to book for.

A couple of important things to bear in mind: All of of these are yet to be announced by the venues*** so please don’t contact any of the venues and keep this information to yourselves until you get the full venue and booking details in a week or so. Also: not listed here (because they’ve not yet been firmed up) is a solo show in Durham and some chunky compering gigs in St Albans at the end of July and Manchester in late September – so you might want to factor that into any plans you make.

Again, all booking information will follow in a separate email after Easter, please keep a lid on this stuff and do not contact any venues until you receive that email.

May 23rd, 24th, 25th – Solo Show -The Old Mill – Stillington, North Yorkshire.

May 29th – Solo Show - Thorington Theatre – Thorington, Suffolk.

June 6th, 7th, 8th, - Solo Show - The Old Mill – Stillington, North Yorkshire.

June 17th – Solo Show - Midlands Arts Centre Outdoor Theatre– Birmingham

June 18th – Solo Show (Afternoon) - Melbourne Hall, Walled Garden – Derby

June 19th – Solo Show (With Gavin Osborn) - London

June 22nd, 23rd – Solo Show - Lawrence Batley Theatre Courtyard – Huddersfield

July 6th – Compering Mixed Bill – Brighton Comedy Gardens

July 14th – Solo Show - Melbourne Hall, Walled Garden – Derby

July 17th – Solo Show - Chester

July 18th – Solo Show - Midland Arts Centre Outdoor Theatre – Birmingham

July 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd – Solo Show – Windmill Hill City Farm (With Tobacco Factory Theatres – Bristol

July 24th – Solo Show (With Gavin Osborn) - London

August 21st – Solo Show (With Gavin Osborn)- London

So thats that, for now. If you either know of or operate a nice outdoor venue that I’ve missed out, do me a sweet solid and let me know.


Thank you.

I’ll be in touch next week with all the stuff, hope you’re well.



*- Not an actual record shop. Just a page on my website.

** - A valued member of the Daniel Kitson Marketplace.

*** - I’ve also redacted the London and Chester venues to co-ordinate the announcements with those venues next week - but rest assured they are lovely and you can probably work out where they are - considering they’re outdoor theatres.