Right Then,

A few more shows are going on sale today and should be up and running by the time you get this. Some of the first batch are now sold out but I’ve asked Regents Park to release all available seats, so there’s a smattering of those around (at the time of writing) and there’s new shows added at Wharton Park Durham and The Spa in Scarborough*. Also – Thorington Theatre is now onsale with a working ticket link below.

Please Note: A couple of venues have had slight delays in going onsale. Bristol are having a nightmare with their website so tickets are available now, over the phone (0117 902 0344) and hopefully later today on the website (link below - please use code OUTSIDE22) and Chester will have the tickets on the website today by about 4.30pm, you’ll need to click on the link below and have a look round.

I know there’s still swathes of the country/ies without one of these Outside shows and I’m sorry about that. This was never meant to be a comprehensive proper “tour” just a sprinkling of low key outdoor things to get me back into the swing of things but obviously, the more dates that go in the more it resembles a tour and the more people feel geographically snubbed. I have tried to scatter it about as best I can and I’ve contacted various venues in areas as yet unvisited but due to a combination of annual leave, unworkable logistics and/or a total lack of interest on the part of said venue there’s still some gaps.

There’s a final few dates to go in hopefully over the next week or two and once they are, I’ll send one more email with some ticketing links and then I’ll stop pestering you and leave you to it.**

Right – here’s todays links. I’ve marked the ones that are sold out and quite a few of the others only have a handful left but there’s a fair whack available at Thorington Theatre,*** quite a lot left for the Melbourne Hall one and Huddersfield, Bristol, Chester, Durham and Scarborough are all going on sale today, so there should be plenty there.

May 23rd,– The Old Mill – Stillington, North Yorkshire

Click Here For Tickets

May 29th –- Thorington Theatre – Thorington, Suffolk.

Click Here For Tickets

June 7th, 8th, 9th - The Old Mill – Stillington, North Yorkshire. – SOLD OUT

June 17th – Midlands Arts Centre Outdoor Theatre– Birmingham – SOLD OUT

June 18th(Afternoon) - Melbourne Hall, Walled Garden – Derby

Click Here For Tickets

June 19th – - Regents Park Open Air Theatre – London

Click Here for Tickets

June 22nd, 23rd –Lawrence Batley Theatre Courtyard – Huddersfield

Click Here for Tickets

July 6th – Compering Mixed Bill – Brighton Comedy Gardens

Click Here for Tickets

July 17th –Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre – Chester

Tickets onsale today at 5pm -

July 18th –Midland Arts Centre Outdoor Theatre – Birmingham – SOLD OUT

July 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd – Windmill Hill City Farm - Bristol

Click Here For Tickets Use code OUTSIDE22

July 24th – Regents Park Open Air Theatre – London

Click Here for Tickets

July 27th – Wharton Park – Durham

Click Here for Tickets

July 28th – Sun Court Enclosure, Spa Complex – Scarborough

Click Here for Tickets

August 21st –Regents Park Open Air Theatre – London -

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So there you go.

Hope you’re well.



*- Scene of my first ever gig at the age of 16 as part of the National Student Drama Festival end of festival cabaret, incidentally.

**- Crochet. Gardening. Panic attacks. Orgies. Washing Up. etc.

***- This place, incidentally, looks very lovely indeed. So lovely, that even you have no interest in seeing the show, it would still be a pretty wonderful place to sit for an hour or two. Do a google image search, I reckon – and I won’t tell you off if you turn up in headphones and spend the whole time looking at the trees.