Hello there.

You’re receiving this because you placed an order through the shop on my website.


Strap in for some not great news.

The various, well publicised supply chain kerfuffles along with the less well publicised global vinyl production backlog mean that the current ETA on the vinyl records is End of May 2022

And whilst the cassettes and CD’s could feasibly be made a good deal quicker, i feel uncomfortable with some people hearing the show in a couple of months and some people waiting till, what is essentially next summer. I (perhaps annoyingly) like the idea of everyone experiencing it at roughly the same time all over the world. So i’ve decided that cd’s and cassettes will go out at the same time as the vinyl - which is to say - by the end of May. Which i understand may be irritating because:

That’s absolutely fucking ages away.

Now, I think that some of you may have bought CD or Cassettes tactically, thinking if would get to you quicker than vinyl. And i think that some of you split orders to get things quicker. So - if you now want to cancel or change your order in the light of this rather deflating news - you absolutely can. Just email me the details and what you want to do and then bear with me a bit because I’m doing all the admin myself like a champion/turnip/champion turnip.

You’ll be able to change or cancel your orders up until November the 14th at which point it’ll all get locked in.

I know how annoying this is because I preordered a bike helmet from kick starter two and a half years ago and so far, all I’ve received are passive aggressive emails about patience. So I won’t let this become that and I really am sorry about the faff and the delay and i absolutely promise I’ll get it sorted.