So. Two Quite Nice Things, I reckon.

First Q.N.T.

The tour of Outside is nearly done and I just wanted to let you know about the last few bits and pieces.

There are still tickets available this week for Scarborough Spa (Thursday July 28th) and they are available Here. There are also a couple of hundred tickets still available for the Extra Show at Regents Park Open Air Theatre (Monday August 1st) which are available Here.

In addition to that, during the heatwave we re-arranged the second show at MAC in Birmingham to the 10th of August and because some people couldn’t make that date there are now some tickets available Here.

Finally – I’ve put three final shows in at Stillington Mill in North Yorkshire from August 29th to 31st– you may remember this was where I started the tour (after 2 years of not performing) and i’m going back for three reasons –

1 – Its lovely.

2 – I promised them I’d come back when I had an actual finished show so these will be the very last performances of the show.

3 – I’m going to film it over the three nights and edit something together out of it and as well as the aesthetic delight of the place, I find the thought of finishing where i started quite satisfying.

Tickets will be on sale by the time you get this. Now, interestingly, there’s two ticket prices - £10 standard price and £6 cheaper ticket if you’ve already watched an earlier version of the show but fancy another look at the “finished” “show”. We’ll run an honesty box system on that - so you can just pick whichever applies to you when booking. And you can book Here

Second Q.N.T.


Some Good News.

The Vinyl has arrived.

I now have something close to 3000 Vinyl Records in my house– CD’s and Cassettes are well on the way, I have picked my mailers*, spoken to my post man and I will start dispatching your orders from the beginning of August – I asked a person with an online shop how many orders she could post in a day and she said that on a good day, when she was in the zone she could do 100. So, I think allowing for the days when I’ve got gigs away and a couple of inevitable but unforeseen hiccups, I should have them all posted out by the End of September.

If this further delay is your final straw and you would rather cancel your order for a full refund - you can still do so and i wouldn’t think it unreasonable.

Due to the fact that it will just be me, in my house, posting them out, I’ve had to devise the most time effective system for one person which means that orders wont necessarily be dispatched in the same order in which they were purchased, I will be sorting by type and amount of items in each order - rather than going by order number which I appreciate may be irritating but you will all definitely get the stuff you ordered and (relatively) soon (ish).


Please, if you have moved house in the last year or will be moving before October – email me your new/preferred/updated delivery address. Also - It would be hugely helpful if you could put your order number in the subject line and then I can update everything as I go.

Thanks again for your patience I really do, very much appreciate it.

Okey doke.

That’s everything for now.



*- Postal Industry Lingo for Envelopes.