Right then,

Hope you’re good.

Here we go – some live shows.

Before we start - If you could please read everything rather than scrolling past all the boring and useful information, frantically clicking on a link and then sending me a passive aggressive email in which you ask a question I’ve already answered that would be so sweet for me.

Okay – So Firstly - I’m doing some Regents Park Open Air Theatre shows (with Gavin Osborn*) and they’ve agreed (again) to give you lot** early booking access along with their lot. In order to get that you’ll need to click on the link by the listing below and enter this code: KITOAT22 Please note, that code is case sensitive.

Secondly - Most of the shows are on sale now. As in, now. As in, the moment at which you’re reading these words. Classic now. We’ve*** done it this way to try and stagger the flow of people to venue websites rather than a big frantic glut of everyone sitting in wait at the minute of the launch causing the website to crash and making everyone think things have sold out when they haven’t. I think this is currently the least imperfect way of doing it – so we’re trying that. I’ve tried to keep the ticket prices as low as I can, especially because they will all, inevitably, to some extent, be work in progress type things but there is some variation because the costs of doing stuff outdoors vary a fair bit from venue to venue. Also, the theatres need money and I want to buy a hedge. So.

Thirdly – the rest of the shows will go on sale on May 3rd at 11am but I’ll send another email about that on the day with ticket links and so on. As previously mentioned there will be some other dates going in – (Compering big bills in Manchester and St Albans and a couple of solo things here and there) but these should be in place by May 3rd as well.

Fourthly – Here’s the blurb for the solo shows.

Daniel Kitson – Outside.

Daniel hasn’t been on stage for over two years.

And, to be entirely honest, he’s not really missed it.

It is, however, his actual job and everyone’s gone back to work now. So, he’s picked out a comfy pen, bought a new notebook and booked himself a summers worth of outdoor shows to find out whether he can still do his job and what, if anything, he has to say to large groups of people he doesn’t know.

Please note: What with the two year gap and the lack of practice this entire tour will be, to a greater or lesser extent, work in progress and the shows are likely to be relatively rickety affairs. But on the up side, they will sometimes feature support and/or collaboration from Gavin Osborn (when his schedule allows) and Daniel’s already written the question “Do worms feel fear?” in his new notebook, so we should be okay.

Also, if it gets boring – you can just use the time to look at the sky and feel small.

Fifthly - All dates are Solo Shows except for Brighton Comedy Gardens and all Dates are On Sale Now unless otherwise stated.

Right, well done, you’ve been very patient - Have at it:

May 23rd, 24th, 25th – The Old Mill – Stillington, North Yorkshire

Click Here For Tickets

May 29th –- Thorington Theatre – Thorington, Suffolk.

On sale later today at some point - Click Here For Tickets

June 7th, 8th, 9th - The Old Mill – Stillington, North Yorkshire.

Click Here For Tickets

June 17th – Midlands Arts Centre Outdoor Theatre– Birmingham

Click Here For Tickets

June 18th(Afternoon) - Melbourne Hall, Walled Garden – Derby

Click Here For Tickets

June 19th – - Regents Park Open Air Theatre - London

Click Here For Tickets and use code -KITOAT22

June 22nd, 23rd –Lawrence Batley Theatre Courtyard – Huddersfield

On Sale May 3rd.

July 6th – Compering Mixed Bill – Brighton Comedy Gardens

Click Here for Tickets

July 17th –Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre – Chester

On Sale May 3rd

July 18th –Midland Arts Centre Outdoor Theatre – Birmingham

Click here for Tickets

July 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd – Windmill Hill City Farm - Bristol

On Sale May 3rd.

July 24th – Regents Park Open Air Theatre – London

Click Here for Tickets and use code KITOAT22

August 21st –Regents Park Open Air Theatre – London -

Click Here for Tickets and use code KITOAT22

And that’s that, for now. I’ll be back in touch of the 3rd of May with the rest.*****

Until then,



*- He judges how well he’s played at football by how few times he lost the ball – FYI.

** - Valued members of the Daniel Kitson Marketplace

*** - By “We” I mean me and the venues. It’s not me pluralising the first person to lend my own decisions more validity****

**** - We don’t like that.

***** - Or in a matter of minutes if I’ve made a mistake I need to correct – can you believe people frequently unsubscribe from this list? Unfathomable.