So - i wanted to let you know that in spite of the big talk, early on, about recording the show three times, once for each format - the record developed in a fiddlier direction and so the recording is the same across all three formats. Therefore, if you have ordered more than one format in order to try and locate the differences and so on there wont be any.

If you would now like to remove any of the formats from you order in exchange for a refund, then let me know and i’ll get it done.

The posting is going pretty well, so far, i think. I’ve been doing single and double vinyl orders first, in part because im still waiting for the CDs and Cassettes to arrive here (shipping date to me is august 25th) then it’ll be the CD, Tapes and Multiformat orders.

Also - finally, out of just over 400 orders that i’ve now posted out, i have sent 3 people copies of Shenanigan that they didn’t order. Like a Champion/Plonker. Thats not a bad ratio - although it has worried me that i’ve done it more than 3 times and people arent telling me. The stock of Shenanigan Vinyls is very tight. Without, wanting to bore you, there were 967 pre-orders, i ordered 1000, but the factory (due to the vagaries of the pressing process) only pressed 962. Now, i think, taking into account a few cancellations of orders, here and there, we might be just about okay, but i do need every copy to go to someone who ordered it - so please, - if i send you a vinyl copy of Shenanigan you didnt order, let me know and i’ll sort out getting it back off you.

Okey doke.

Again - thanks for bearing with me, it’s definitely happening.