Honk Honk Honk.

So - there are likely going to be a couple more dates added to the Outside tour before i pop it in a box and i should be able to tell you about those in the next fortnight or so - probably one more in london and a couple of little ones here and there.


In the meantime.

I’m compering some big bonafide honkfests*. Three really good mixed bills at these relatively large, outdoor thingamajigs. So if you’re less interested in me talking about my feelings for two hours and more interested in me absolutely rinsing the front row** and whipping people into a frenzy*** for a succession of top draw bang bang stage babies**** - then these are the ones for you.

I have to say, agreeing to compere things is a bit of a minefield because there’s no gaurantee you wont end up having to introduce some absolute hogwash to an unsuspecting audience and then mop up after the inevitable disaster - but i’ve very much lucked out here - these bills are objectively***** top notch and contain a few of my absolute very favourites.

Here are the dates and ticket links.

Brighton - Wednesday July 6th. - (John Kearns, Fern Brady, Phil Wang)

Tickets Here

St Albans - Sunday July 31st - (Desiree Birch, John Kearns, Simon Amstell)

Manchester - Wednesday September 21st - (Josh Jones, Lou Sanders, Rose Matafeo, David O’Doherty)

There we go - that’ll do for now.

Hope you’re good.



*- For the avoidance of doubt, this is a good thing. A Festival of Honk. Very Positive.

**- Stumbling through some none threatening and quite rusty crowd word.

***- Trying to remember how to introduce people. I do something with my arms. I remember that much.

****- Comedians.

*****- Subjectively.