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Please Read This Very Important Email to the end!

Hey everyone,

We're still here, alive and kicking. A little down, but not out. After the theft of feed (still can't believe I am saying that) we had some very generous people make it possible that we no longer need to sell our steer and none too soon as it didn't take long for some serious buyers to come knocking. We are still in a very precarious position though due to the timing of it all. We were not expecting to have to place our next feed order for a couple of months yet, after deposits and payments came in. So, we're just going soy-free organic sooner than anticipated. All that aside, thank you to those who either paid a ridiculous amount of money for a dozen eggs, or made a spontaneous donation to help keep our heads above water. We are truly blessed to have folks like you in our corner.

Speaking of the price of eggs, even though we are now paying double what we were to feed our chickens, the price of eggs ARE NOT going to double! They are only going up to $7.00 as of February 1. That is the absolute lowest I can keep them and make any money at all. Hopefully I can keep it there. 

OK, CSAs. We're doing two different programs. One for veggies and one for chicken. I've changed up the shedule on the Veggie CSA so please visit the CSA page on our blog for details. I've made it a 24 week CSA with a few different options, including a pay as you go plan. We will be offering a 5% discount on all other available farm products (chicken, eggs, rabbit) to those who join the full 24 week membership  Sorry, discount cannot be applied to the chicken CSA, only individual chicken purchases. Regarding the Chicken CSA, there is still room to join. We need to have all interested to place orders ASAP so we can guage how many chicks to raise and how much feed to purchase. Anyone who get their deposits in by March 1 will then get a free dozen eggs at each chicken pickup. We are not going to cut off the number of shares for the chicken CSA like we will for the Veggie CSA. It's easier to raise more chicks that to make more produce, but it is going to mean that there is a deadline before the price goes up. Those who join or send their deposit for the chicken CSA after April 1, will be charged $5.05/lb, those who wait until May to join will be charged $5.15/lb and so forth, until September when the price will hold at $5.50/lb. If you do not wish to commit to purchasing our chickens for six months you can fill out this FORM and send it in or just bring it in person.

Don't forget about our upcoming EVENTS
March 9 we're hosting a Biodynamic Compost Workshop so you can make the very best compost possible. This is FREE but donations are greatly appreciated. 
March 23 is our Farm Tour and Easter Egg Hunt, $25/adult, $10 kids 6-12 $60 max per family. Each paid adult admission will have a choice of a voucher for 1 week CSA, 1 chicken, 3 dozen eggs, or 1 rabbit. There's only one rabbit left so get signed up and find out what all the fuss is about.
April 6 we giving a chicken processing class. We'll teach you how to cleanly and humanely kill then dress out a chicken, suitable for Sunday dinner. $45 pp and each participant takes home a chicken.

Please sign up on our EVENTS page and come join us for some fun and learning. Thank you again for your support, and thank you for being a part the real change we need in our food system.

Daniel and Katie Seedorf

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