The Market will be closing MONDAY at 7:00 pm so place your orders now!
Hello again all, I apologize for the repeat emails but since we have to close the market MONDAY (today) at 7:00 pm to allow the other growers time to harvest, I just wanted to remind you to take a moment to look into the market and see what's available. 

Our phone has been ringing off the hook with folks looking for Soy-free, non GMO, pasture raised turkey. After losing a few hundred dollars on baby turkeys earlier this year, we decided to stick with chickens and so we are not raising turkey this year nor in the foreseeable future but, never say never, right? So instead of turkey, why not chicken? We have our Soy-free, non-GMO, organic fed, pasture raised chicken available in the Marietta Locally Grown Market. With a number of birds weighing in at 6 and 7 pounds, they could be mistaken for turkey! At $6/lb, they are much more affordable than turkey that is raised with the same model and the same feed.So treat your loved ones to pastured poultry this Thanksgiving and see what chicken is supposed to taste like. For you organ meat lovers there's hearts, livers and feet in the market as well. 

Egg production has dropped some with the temperature and the pastures start to go dormant. This does mean that the best way to ensure that you get your Soy-free, organic fed, truly free range eggs you should reserve them through the Market.

When you browse through the market, you will notice that we have added "Farm Shares" for $50, $100, and $200. When you purchase one of these, it gives you a balance that you can order East West Farm products with. To sweeten the deal, we will include your annual membership fee at the $200 share and we will include 50% of your annual dues at the $100 level. That's like free money y'all. If you are already a paid member, we will make it retroactive and credit your account the membership fee. You could also make this a Christmas gift for a friend or family member!

Speaking of Christmas, we have a large, family sized ham in the market. This is uncured so, it will have the taste and flavor of a pork roast. If you are interested in getting it cured and or smoked, just ask.

Finally, I would be remiss if I did not give a big shout out and thank you to our friends and volunteers who helped us get all the birds processed Saturday. Because of them we were able to get 190 birds on ice in just over 5 hours! We count ourselves blessed to have friends like Daniel and David Hammond from My Dad and Me Family Farm; and future farmers and sisters, Sandra Walker and Amanda McCormick. We are also so thankful for the group of friends Emily Hansford brought out and with their kitchen experience they set a record pace early on. This is one of the things I love about farming like this, coming together as a community to achieve a task and bless one another. 
If you are not a Farm/Market member yet, please be sure to go to and sign up. You do get two trial orders before you become a paid member however, you can go ahead and pay your discounted membership fee of $20 before Thanksgiving, after which it will be $25. In order to purchase from us, you will have to be a farm/market member. Membership will grant you access to everything we produce at East West Farm as well as any other products offered on the market website from other growers. 

Thank you for choosing us for your real food.
Daniel Seedorf

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