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Hi Guys

So it's finally here, your chance to get your hands on the amazing customs of our wonderful mascot T-Con who's been given the once over by a host of amazing artists from around the world.

We know demand is going to be high so here's the rules, we want this to be as fair as possible for everyone.

If you would like to purchase one of the customs please reply to this email ( with the name of the custom(s) you would like to purchase. This will confirm your intent to buy. The first email received about any given piece will be given first option. 

You will then be sent a PayPal invoice from which will include shipping unless you specify that you would like to pick up the piece in person at the event on Friday 1st November. Pieces can only be collected at the end of the show at 10pm

You have 24 hours to pay the invoice otherwise it will be offered to the next person in line.

Invoices will be sent to the address you reply to tis email from but can be paid with any Paypal account.

Shipping and handling will be via royal mail signed for and will be £8.00 per item in the UK and £15.00 for the rest of the world (unless otherwise stated). If you require alternative shipping options then please let us know and we will provide a quote.

Items will be shipped in the week following the event.

Now that's out of the way here's the customs

A Little Stranger - The Bunny Suit - £200.00

Hugh Rose - £200.00

Jon Paul Kaiser - The Things I've Done - £150.00

Mark Nagarta (Max Toy Co) - £95.00

D-Lux - £95.00

Topheroy - Kewpie Guts - £125.00

Stu Witter (Lowlife) - Kongzilla - £100

Squink - A Gentle Stroll - £150.00

RunDMB - Tcon off Kanagawa- £120.00

Robotic Industries - Ryan and Elle - £100.00

Pete Fowler - Shoreline Beast - £300.00

Mr Lister - Deep Blue Beast - £100.00

Mike Strick - Invader - £180.00 (Shipping is £20 UK and £30 ROW due to size and weight)

Haus of Boz - Hakai-O-Wata - £195.00

MAp-MAp - Krossa - £240.00

Lunabee - Acceptable in the 80s - £100.00

Dril One - Vintage T-Con - £85.00

Cris Rose - T-Mecha - £100.00

Carson Catlin - Harmony - £120.00

ALTO - A Ghost is Born - £60.00 

Kerry Dyer - Playtime - £100.00

Lisa Rae Hanson (I Break Toys) - Sidzilla - £110.00

Charles Rodriguez - £210.00

UME Toys - Stompopoly - £160.00

As you will notice this is not the complete list, a number of our artists have elected to have their pieces available first at the event itself. Any of these that are not sold at the event will be added to the ToyCon UK shop in the week following the event.

Happy shopping and good luck, we really hope you can join us at the event

T-Con Custom Show - Friday 1st November 19.00-22.00

Fleet river Bakery
71 Lincolns Inn Fields
London WC2A 3JF

3 minutes from Holborn Underground station.

See you there

The ToyCon UK Team

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