Kendal Measroch riding New World Winston       Image: Emma Woolman  
EO Update

Staff structure
It’s been a busy few months since our last newsletter.  After the first six months in the role it was evident that we needed to review the staff structure to meet the demands of the business.  ESA recently reviewed and made changes to its staff structure.  The administration and reception positions were made redundant, the Finance Officer position was retained.  Staff were redeployed in the new vacant positions created during the review.  The new positions reflect each staff member’s role and responsibilities Member and Education Coordinator - Judy Clutterbuck; Communication and Events Coordinator - Andrea Gunson; and our newly appointed Finance Officer  - Kayla Dollard.  We welcome Kayla and Judy to a more permanent role in ESA
The staff and myself work part time (a total of FTE 2.2 equivalent) and assist each other where it is practical and availability permits.  Over the next few months we will be working to better understand each other’s role for the purpose of multi-tasking in an effort to continue provide a suite of services and support to members when the staff member responsible may not be available or is experiencing competing priorities.  We ask that you are mindful of the capacity of our staff and request services and support in advance where possible to ensure we can respond in a timely manner.   We have unfortunately experienced members being unreasonable in their demands and using inappropriate language (profanity) towards our staff.  We ask that people are respectful in their interactions with staff as we all navigate these challenging times and the current climate.  We are here to assist you.  We thank you in advance for respecting our staff.

Social Media
Social media provides a great opportunity to raise ESA’s profile and reach new and existing audiences, it also has the potential to harm the reputation of ESA and cause distress among the members and the community.  It is therefore critical that members are aware of the potential implications of using social media.  Inappropriate use of social media often results in individual remarks that cause great distress to other members, staff and volunteers or reputational damage to ESA which is difficult to erase when seeking government support or external funding from sponsors.  There appears to be a ‘myth’ that if a person writes a comment on a private page or in a group that it is ‘private’, it only needs one person to share the commentary and you have lost control of where it is shared in the public domain or via other digital platforms.
Are you aware that most employers, education institutions and professional equine businesses now search social media and online platforms to discover more about applicants, students, customers or suppliers to determine if they are suitable for their organisation or institution before engaging them.  This is information that cannot always be gleaned from an application, interview or from references.  It is another reason why people need to be mindful of the comments or content they post on these platforms.
We take this opportunity to remind you that people involved in our sport do their very best whether they are volunteering, competing or supporting the sport and should not be subject to inappropriate social media commentary or online discussions.
We ask you consider your content and comments before posting:
  • Would I communicate the information in this post to the person or people it may impact if they were present in front of me
  • Is the post appropriate, would it offend, discriminate, harass, bully or question a person or peoples integrity
  • Would it incite inappropriate commentary
  • Would the post harm the reputation or bring ESA into disrepute
  • Is the post about a personal conflict with another member coinciding with an ESA event or activity that may misrepresent the nature of the matter
Reflecting on your comments or content before posting is critical to using social media for the purpose it was intended: to inform, promote and communicate with a person or other people within groups or communities in a manner that is respectful.  Please ensure you review and comply with the ESA and EA Social Media Policies.
ESA Annual General Meeting
We are currently completing our end of year requirements including an audit on our financial performance for release in our Annual Report at our AGM.  We appear to have performed remarkably well given the current climate in which we operate.  Please save the date for our AGM – 27th October 2021, 7pm.  More details will be provided to members via direct email and on our mediums shortly.
Strategic Plan
ESA has engaged a Wallace Long from C2M to facilitate and assist us to develop and launch our new Strategic Plan.  This work is progressing and we hope to be in a position to seek input from the members prior to the AGM.  We are excited at the prospect of creating a positive and focused direction for Equestrian in SA in collaboration with our key stakeholders.
Discipline Committees/Working Parties (DC/WP)
We continue to meet with our DC/WPs monthly to engage in a collaborative and supportive forum for the purpose of working together to provide events, activities and create further opportunities for our sport to grow and evolve in these challenging times.  The DC/WP will move to bimonthly forums from the end of August with the next forum in October.  The Show Jumping DC was recently dissolved by the Board with a WP established until the AGM.
As reported in our last newsletter, we are in the process of finalising a more holistic rider development program to replace the elements of the previous Gillian Rolton Youth Development Scholarship Program and look forward to sharing this with you when it is complete.
ESA Board
The Board continues to meet monthly and recently held a joint meeting with the EA that was beneficial to both.  The Board continues to work through some challenges with the support of the DC/WPs and the ESA EO.  Nicole Kelly has resigned from the Board and Sara Beazley has been recently appointed.
Measuring Bay
ESA in consultation with the Show Horse WP are investing funds in finalising a certified Measuring Bay at Strathalbyn Polo and Recreation Grounds for our use.  The Bay will be completed prior to the Horse of The Year event this year.  Bookings are required for use and as per the regulations, ESA and the relevant DC will need to approve a Measuring Day prior to a booking and promotion to members.
Swabbing Strategy
The Board recently approved a Swabbing Strategy that will subsidise a proportion of the annual ESA Performance Card revenue for the Olympic Disciplines with other Disciplines provided with a nominal amount of revenue to assist with Swabbing.  Each DC will determine when swabbing will be randomly scheduled, with swabbing at major events being compulsory in accordance with EA policy.
In conclusion we would like to thank for renewing your membership and look forward to providing services and support in 2021/2022.
Julie Anderson (EO ESA)



A reminder that all riders at affiliated shows must be financial members of ESA. Horses competing at 1.05m and above must have full registration and a validated Licence Card. Please check Membership Requirements in EA General Regulations, Chapter 1, Article 100, entitled EA Activity Classification. The EA Jumping Rules Article 283.6 explains your responsibilities regarding Licence Cards.

To date, Anthony Thomas and SL Donato lead the points for the Balharry Cup, and Lauren Bolzon and Madagascar are in the lead for the Fosters’ Cup. Susie Verco and Captivate have the most points in both the Dapple EQ Platinum and AEC Animal Care Silver Leagues.
Anthony Thomas & SL Donato                                         Susie Verco & Captivate   Image: Manning Photography

Lauren Bolzon & Madagascar

On the Officials’ Education front, a Judging Update was held with 11 participants in early July, and again 11 participants (not exactly the same 11!) attended a Stewards’ Introductory Course directed by Stuart Platt in August. 

Covid allowing, the SA Championships as decided at a meeting last March by the JumpingSA Committee will go ahead as planned in September at Talunga Park, Mt Pleasant from Friday 17th  to Sunday 19th September.

Entries are via Nominate and close on the 13th September at 5pm.
CLICK HERE to enter.
For up to date information, please like and follow the Jumping Facebook page.

Congratulations to all the riders who have competed and completed the many qualifying events through the season.

ESA Interschool, after many challenges presented by COVID restrictions, managed to run their final qualifying event which consisted of a Dressage and Combined training qualifier on Saturday 7th August and Showjumping on Sunday 8th. 

A provisional SA Interschool Nationals team has now been announced and we are eagerly awaiting to see if the postponed Interschool National Championships will be able to run later in the year.

The provisional team list is available to view here

ESA Interschool is also currently underway with the rescheduling of the 2021 ESA interschool State Championships, which had to be postponed from the original June date due to the grounds being too wet and unusable. Further information about the rescheduled date will be communicated to competitors as soon as it is confirmed.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the competitors, parents, coaches, officials, sponsors and their supporters who have put in countless hours getting combinations too, and assisting with the running of, the many events throughout the Interschool qualifying season.

Sophie Gardiner - Arwn  Winner of the Elementary 3C     Photo Credit: Manning Photography

Elisa Piers and Elisha Rhesa had a great weekend winning Primary CT80 & Primary Novice dressage. 
Photo Credit: Manning Photography

Ella Manning taking out 1st and 2nd  place in the CT80 with ‘Oaks Be Sweet’ ( pictured ) and  ‘Valfreya’
Photo Credit: Manning Photography

Millie Quigley-Smith and EABS Moretti jumped well to win the Secondary 1.00m Showjumping qualifier. 
Photo Credit: Manning Photography

If you have any questions, please contact the committee via email:

For up to date information, please like and follow the Interschool Facebook page.
Show Horse

Typically Show Horse activities stop during the winter, however the Show Horse Working Party have been busier than ever.

In June we hosted a hugely successful Judges Seminar via Zoom. We were fortunate to secure the services of two of Australia’s most successful showing enthusiasts, Joanne Prestwidge and Dale Plumb. Over 120 participants joined us for the evening, from every state of Australia and even from New Zealand. Jo gave some great insights into appropriate judge behaviour and guidelines while Dale spoke about the attributes he looks for when choosing potential show horses. Our National Show Horse Chair Kerry Patchett also spoke and we discussed the pathways to becoming a Show Horse judge. We encourage all who attended to fill in the necessary paperwork available on the ESA Show Horse page so we can continue to add to our judges list here in South Australia. We must thank Bettina Stanton and her team for their time and expertise running such a large zoom group seamlessly and ensuring the evening was a success.

Image: ESA Members at our Winter Clinic with Ali Berwick and Ty Zoontjens 


In July we were pleased to deliver a Regional and Junior Clinic at Northern Equestrian Centre. Victorian showing professional Ali Berwick joined with local identity Ty Zoontjens to deliver 36 lessons over 2 days. The lesson package also included receiving a personalised ESA Show Horse ‘Hoodie’ - these proved very popular with our participants. Using a grant we were able to provide $300 compensation to support regional members to attend and it was lovely to see our junior members who traveled from as far as Portland Victoria and the Eyre Peninsula.

Our first indoor Gala Show on July 18 was extremely well supported and provided an ‘early tune up’ opportunity to begin the new show season. Our judge Elizabeth Fricker was busy all day determining who would take home the Winter Gala Championships. As with all our Gala Shows we were very pleased to give out over $1000 cash to winners on the day.

We also stewarded two very busy joint measuring days with SHC - SA. We were particularly excited to see so many of our Show Horse members preparing for the season ahead, and plan to continue to provide joint measuring days whenever possible. 

Our State ‘Horse of the Year’ Championships are fast approaching and we are thrilled to welcome the ‘City Motor Group Adelaide’ on board as our major naming rights sponsor for 2021. They will be joined by Horseland Mt Barker who are our ring naming rights sponsor this year. We are also very grateful to the many businesses and families who are contributing to class sponsorships, with all 41 classes fully supported - enabling us to provide the wonderful prizes and show atmosphere expected from a Horse of the Year event. New in 2021 is the State Championships Polo Top which was well received and widely ordered by our members - we can’t wait to see everyone wearing them. Another new initiative is our All Stars Final for ‘off the track’ thoroughbreds. With support from a number of generous racing industry members we are offering over $4000 in cash prizes in these classes.

We are looking forward to a busy, successful 2021/22 show season ahead - and it is already off to a great start.  

If you are interested in the future of Show Horse in South Australia and feel you have the skills to join a positive, progressive working party team please email

For up to date information about Show Horse, please follow and like the Equestrian SA Show Horse Facebook page.



June began with huge disappointment for our SA star class riders as well as many around the country. The return of covid outbreaks to Victoria saw the late notice cancellation of Melbourne International Three-Day Event for the second year in a row.  The organisers were amid final preparations; shopping village erected, arenas dressed, cross country jumps in place, horses, and riders just days away from travelling, when the state was plunged unceremoniously back into lock down and borders slammed shut. Unfortunately, dismay continues to grow along with covid numbers around the country, now particularly in NSW. The outlook for our upper star class riders having opportunity to run their horses and gain qualifications is becoming increasingly bleak. 

Fortunately circumstances here in South Australia have been vastly more favourable! Barring our brief lockdown riders have enjoyed getting out and about with their horses, Canoe Tree Horse Trials the first to bring eventing back to the state. The committee were undeterred by the torrential rain the week before which although made the Strathalbyn grounds somewhat soggy for dressage and show jumping, provided ideal going for the crosscountry phase. We look forward to returning for Canoe Tree’s second event later in August as well as other spring fixtures provided by our local Organising Committees, including Monarto Super Cross, Hills and Barossa Dressage and Show jumping, and of course Reynella Horse Trials.

In other exciting news the Eventing Discipline Committee have revamped the format of the State Eventing Squads so as to include, encourage, and provide opportunities to more SA eventers. With a number of upcoming clinics and activities planned we hope to keep riders from a wider range of levels inspired, motivated and excelling in eventing. We look forward to welcoming new squad members at the end of each competition season (January and July) and to growing the passion and enjoyment of our wonderful sport. 

Congratulations to the squad riders:

High Performance A
Sarah Clark (National Squad) -  LV Balou Jeanz
Steph Hann (National Squad) -  True Celebre
Megan Jones - Kirby Park Impress
High Performance B
Wendy Schaeffer-Macdonald - Sun Quest 
Megan Jones - Guhr   
Megan Jones - Tourlando
Megan Jones - RLE Barina
Sarah Clark - Cassage S
Trudi Day  - Riverside My Mugatea           
Connie Miller  - Delicato              
Danni Hampton  - Wynara Bronze Medal 
Courtney Munro  - Belrieve Squeak
Young rider
Sophia Gerstlauer - Kalinga Nora              
Claire Nitschke - West Side Vision     
Chelsea Clarke - Highfield Chiquitas Chico 
Bella Masters - Samsonite
Chloe Jong - Copper Boy
Sarah Clark - Casallia S
Chloe Jong - Don’t Hater the Nater
Rachelle Verma - Sandhills Cristella             
Heather Ford - Isle of Tuscany                     
Courtney Munro  - Danson Der Von Winter                  
Jessica Hill - ESB Irish Illusion     
Charlotte Treloar  - Mappinga Pop Shot        
Julia Goodall - Airplay 
Tanya Johnston  - Veneficus
Kristy Green - Cambiaso           
Shylie Summerton - Chantilly Spice             
Zoe Schoell - Manhattan BHI                
Ella Manning - Wychwood                          
Annabelle Manifold - On Face Value          
Jo Davis - Sleepy Jackson
Stacey Inge - Va Va Voom

Squad Member: Steph Hahn -  Photo Credit: Atkins Photography

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We hope that everyone is staying dry or hopefully not getting too wet!! It’s the slower time of the year for dressage competitions.  The states have been and gone and now it’s time for training and preparing for the next round of big competition with the AOR Nationals, Country Champs, Spring Festival, Nationals, the final HOTY comps and VIC champs all before Christmas.   

It’s also, the new membership year for ESA so don’t forget to renew your membership and performance cards before you enter your next competition.  If you are on a club committee don’t forget to renew the club membership as well.

It also means we have called for nominations for the 21/22 High Performance Squad.  Congratulations to the riders who have worked hard over the last 12 months and achieved qualifying scores.  We look forward to providing you with some interesting training opportunities in the next 12 months.

The full list of requirements to be eligible for consideration for the squad can be found on the ESA website.  For the High-Performance Squad from Advanced – Grand Prix Combinations (Open, AOR, Youth or Pony) need a minimum percentage at Advanced of 67%, for FEI Small Tour 63% and FEI Medium & Big Tour 60%.  For the for youth High Performance Squad Novice – Medium Combinations need a minimum at Novice of 70%, at Elementary 65% and for Medium 63% .
See you around the arena,
DSA Committee




DressageSA Performance medals

Recognizing and rewarding high achievements in South Australian Dressage’

Since Dressage SA started with the Performance Medal scheme in 2015, there have been nearly 200 medals awarded from Preliminary to Big Tour level!  There are three types of medals awards; Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Performance medals are awarded to the rider. The horse and rider combination must gain three aggregate scores at one level in official competitive competitions. To find what the minimum % is for each grade and the application form go to the DSA webpage. 

You can also find here a list of all the medal recipients since the programs inception. 

Congratulation to all recipients, keep up the good work and keep sending those applications in!


Attention Adult Amateur Owner Riders
Please be aware there have been rule changes and clarifications for AOR’s, effective July 1, 2021, as you will see below.
As per the National Rule Book
Amateur Owner Rider (AOR) is a division of Official Competitive riders. The intent of the division is to highlight and reward non-professional riders. For the purposes of this rule, a professional is someone who derives an income from activities in equestrian sport including breaking, training, coaching or riding horses.
It does not however exclude riders who may also earn a living running an agistment property, work in the racing industry or saddlery for example. It is more about recognising riders with their own horses only to ride
and train who are obliged to earn an income to support their sport outside of riding and training.
All amateur owner riders must meet the following criteria:
a) the rider must be a Competitive member of their state branch of Equestrian Australia
b) the horse must have a life registration with Equestrian Australia
c) the horse/pony registration lodged with Equestrian Australia must reflect the name of the amateur owner rider as owner or part-owner of the horse. Leased horses are eligible if the amateur owner rider competitor is reflected as the lessee on the EA horse registration of that horse
d) the rider may not receive payment for coaching
e) the rider’s income may only include sponsorship
f) the horse/pony must be primarily ridden and trained by the rider/owner with only periodic ridden assistance by person(s) other than the owner, specifically during the period 4 weeks prior to the event
 Please also note  c) (this has not changed but is not a commonly known rule)
The horse/pony registration lodged with Equestrian Australia must reflect the name of the amateur owner rider as owner or part-owner of the horse. Leased horses are eligible if the amateur owner rider competitor is reflected as the lessee on the EA horse registration of that horse.  While there have been no changes here, DSA is often contacted by riders questioning ownership of horses as the name on the EA website does not match that of the rider competing.
Please check your registration information if you are leasing or part owner of a horse to ensure you are complying
Remaining HOTY Dates for 2021

AOR National Championships (11-12/9 Boneo)
Mid South East Dressage Club - Country Champs  25-26/9
Adelaide Hills Dressage Club - Spring Festival  9-10/10
Mt Crawford Dressage Club 27/11
Southern Vales Dressage Club 28/11

Free educational opportunities for rainy days!
Take a look at the “Excellence in Coaching” Coach Development Days held by Coaching NSW Committee and Equestrian NSW at the magnificent Willinga Park earlier this year.

For all the latest in Dressage, please like and follow the Dressage Facebook page.



Vaulting SA has had a busy and exciting past few months getting back to a semblance of normal. In June we held a Youth Development Clinic for vaulters aged 21 years and under. This was held at Kenview Indoor Arena in Springton and was coached by Nina Fritzell. We also had guest coach, Emily Leadbeater, who worked individually with all participants to improve the music interpretation of their freestyle. All the participants had a lot of fun working with vaulters from other clubs and learning new skills. They were also able to try vaulting on horses from different clubs which is a great experience.

Youth Development Group Photo

YDC Barrel Training                                                            YDC Warm Up

YDC Vaulting Training - Vaulter Savannah Stawiarski & Guy at Work

In July we had a winter clinic planned with an interstate clinician, however, due to the border closures we were unable to go ahead. We are hoping to reschedule this clinic later this year or early next year.
In sadder news the Vaulting SA committee made the tough decision to cancel the 2021 Australian Vaulting Championships which were supposed to be held in SA in September. The continuing border closures meant many people would not be able to attend and we did not believe it would be a true representation of the National Championships.
Coming up we have a local competition being held at Danson Dressage in Birdwood on Sunday 29th August and our State Championships, also at Danson Dressage, on Sunday 26th September. We encourage everyone to come and watch and find out a bit more about vaulting. We are excited to hold competitions again after a very cold and wet winter and wish the best of luck to all of our competitors. 
We would also like to say a big congratulations to Emily Leadbeater who passed her Level 1 Vaulting Judge accreditation in July. This is a great achievement and we thank her for her commitment to the sport.
If you are interested in trying vaulting then please get in touch with us either through or through our Facebook page Equestrian South Australia - Vaulting

Carriage Driving

Mylor Harness Show
Perfect conditions saw the return of harness horses and ponies to the Mylor Oval, reminiscent of country shows from a bygone era.  Sunday 28th March the Angas Harness Driving Club hosted a long awaited show driving day.

The sun shone on over 20 turnouts  from Shetland ponies to Clydesdales, and classes covering correct turnout to junior and open drivers. Five different championship classes were hotly contested  throughout the day, Judge Kris Meyers did a fabulous job putting the drivers and ponies through their paces.

Plenty of blue ribbons were awarded, and classes were sponsored by Coopers Rural Supplies of Mylor, Water Watch and the Angas Harness Driving Club.
A concours D'élégance prize donated  by Flying Free Photography was awarded  to Glengarry Clydesdales and Russell and Kerry March.
Amongst the many other winners were Anne Lindh and Hudson Wildcard, Kim Branch and the lovely big Rubistien.

One of our up and coming junior drivers Reece Megson did a great job taking the delightful Rivington Little Drummer Boy  to several victories.
Image: Anne Lindh & Hudson Wildcard

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Para Equestrian/Dressage
PE SA had a heap of new movements at the start of the year. It started off with having the first in state classification in 6-7 years and from the April Classification we have two you classified riders.
AHDC AUGUST – Thanks to the committee for offering Para classes, due to horse and rider complications we have two unofficial riders compete in the Grade 3 and Grade 4. Wonderful to have committees offering classes.
SA STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS – Thank you to the Committee for putting on para classes and the inclusion and adaptions made for these riders. Para understands that there are small numbers of Para riders in SA but appreciate the effort they went to include them. Para classes ran on the Saturday and we had lovely weather. Lauren Placing 1st in the PARA Grade III Team & Individual Tests with two scores at the 66%, both being personal bests and Noella Placing 1st in PARA Grade V with a 66% in the Team Test and 64% in the Individual Test. Placing Lauren French as the 2021 Para State Champion, huge congratulations to Laruen and her horse Mitch for defending their title. We would like to thank Virbac for sponsoring the para classes and for their continuing support within SA.
PARA NATIONALS – Noella Angel competed at Boneo Park in April to a weekend of all types of weather. For those who have been at Boneo, you understand what we mean. For those who haven’t It was a lovely 28 degrees at the start and an even better 8 degrees by the Sunday. Noella rode her ASH x QH Mallee Jack in the Grade V competition against a large field of top riders. Placing 4th in Fridays Team Test, 4th in the Individual Test and scraping into the Freestyle by 0.1 of a percentage, Noella went on to ride the Freestyle in 56kms winds and down pour of rain. This freestyle has eluded Noella for many years, so the weather was not going to stop her and old faithful Jack. The rode for a 60% and 2nd place. Taking home Reserve Champion Grade V Para. Noella’s young horse Jackabite also had his first interstate outing in the open preliminary championship with two kind scores considering the weather.
  • Nothing Currently. Once the borders open to Vic, we will be running a para equestrian weekend with Equine Pathways Australia.
Equine Pathways Australia, is a new program to SA for riders with Physical Disabilities. Run by Julia Battams and her team of experts. The clinic brought a lot new riders out of the woodwork and attend the first clinic at Strathalbyn in April. This first clinic had 9 riders attend with two of these riders becoming classified for future para pathways. The energy around this clinic was electric and shows us there is a place for Para sports in SA. We look forward to the next one.
These clinics run over two days, four times a year (pending covid) and work with qualified dressage coaches and allied health providing a variety of services such as occupational therapy, sports psychology, physiotherapy and much more to riders looking for support and direction down the Para Equestrian Pathways. This can be in competition, recreational or vocational.  
If you are a rider with a disability who is needing support to get riding, stay riding or to achieve your goals then we would love to hear from you.
Expression of Interest - Click Here  
If you would like to talk and see if this program is for you, call or email Noella., 0466156919
Coaching Committee

Attention All Coaches as of July 2021 Equestrian Australia have a new and comprehensive waiver.  It is designed to be specific for each state and as such is a complex document.  Every rider that you coach is required to fill out the waiver and sign.  The Waivers are available on the EA national Website under Coaching Forms and Resources. If you have any difficulties accessing the waivers, please contact the ESACC via email ( or EA National directly.

ESACC June 2021 Coaching Update Wrap Up
It was encouraging to see so many coaches come together and attend the Coach Update on 6th June.  In spite of covid and its restrictions, we were able to run a face-to-face live Coach update at Tilling Hill Sunday 6th June 2021, which was well supported by our SA Coaches.  As a coaching committee we really wanted to bring everyone together for a face-to-face update to facilitate open chat, discussion, networking and education. 
Thank you to our ESACC Chair, Mandy Maiden, for presenting a condensed version of the compulsory EA presentation including quiz.  We organised special presentation by SASMA member, Mr Bhargav Gaglani, who is a Sports Physiotherapist specialising in concussion and vestibular rehabilitation, who provided a comprehensive presentation covering essential best practice components in concussion training in sport.  This session was very well received by all the coaches with lots of questions asked and great involvement. 
Thank you to ESA Coach Educator Tamsin Adcock who provided a ‘lunging the rider’ refresher demonstration with Steph Bell riding.  A big thank you to Wendy Schaeffer-Macdonald and her demonstration riders who did two sessions on poles, gymnastic exercises and jumping group lessons. The feedback for all of the sessions was very positive and the ESACC will be endeavouring to provide more educational opportunities in 2022. 
The next mandatory update for Coaches will be in 2023.  Thank you to all coaches who attended, the ESACC hope that you found the content of the day educational and a good opportunity to network with you coaching peers.

Wendy Schaeffer-Macdonald with her demonstration riders

Instructor Tamsin Adcock with demonstration rider Steph Bell

The ESACC are still very keen to encourage any interested coaches in upskilling or fast tracking their coaching education.  So, if you or someone you know is interested in either becoming a coach or continuing with their coaching education, please contact the ESACC on or contact a Coach Educator via the ESA Website.

EA National Coaching Facebook private group
The EA National Coaching Committee has set up a private Facebook group called “Equestrian Australia Accredited Coaches” to keep all accredited EA coaches informed of educational opportunities, networking and general coaching information.  The EA National Coaching Committee really wants to encourage all EA accredited coaches to join the group that will provide timely information about all coaching opportunities and information.

Concussion training
 EA National has recently developed a Concussion Training program which is going to become compulsory for all EA Coaches to complete on a yearly basis in 2022.  They have provided two dates in 2021 for interested coaches to complete this training on 27th September 2021 and 17th November and although it is not compulsory until 2022 EA National has highly recommended that everyone completes the online concussion training this year.  Registration for the online training is required and can be done through EA Website or EA National.  Concussion training is very topical at present and with it becoming a mandatory competency in 2022 for all coaches, this year’s training is a good opportunity to improve coaches’ knowledge of concussion in equestrian sports.
Hunt Club News

During July the Fleurieu Hunt Club ran its inaugural Hunter Trials training and competition day. The organisers from the FHC where Clinton Alcock, Shauna Anderson and Yvonne Michelmore. The event was held at the Mountain Pony club and was supported by a large percentage of the clubs membership. 
Cross country jumping lessons where provide to members by Lucy Williams a well respected horse riding instructor in the morning. The Hunter Trials competition was held after training and included a 50 cm and 80 cm cross country course undertaken by teams of four riders, followed by an individual rider competition over the same course and heights. 
Following are photos of some of the days action. 
Clinton Alcock

The winning team from left to right, Heather Ford, Kara Levin, Clinton Alcock and Shauna Anderson the clubs Vice President.

Individual winners. Left to right. Sarah Dawson (Second), Shauna Anderson (First), Roman Faith (Third). 

Kara Levin jumping well on Edialta Gryffindor 

Clinton Alcock past Vice President of the Fluerieu Hunt club and his horse Edialta Red 

All smiles Shauna Anderson on Archie 

Yvonne Michelmore on Bandit. 

Hazel Shannon and Willinga Park Clifford at Aus3DE 2019

Aus3DE Cancelled Due to Impacts of Covid Lockdowns

The Board of the Australian International 3-Day Event (AU3DE) are today advising supporters and partners that the 2021 Event will be cancelled.

The difficult decision was made by the Board after considering all options and follows the impact COVID-19 lockdowns have had on other equestrian events across Australia.

Board Chair Greg Rolton said Covid lockdowns in other Australian states have led to equestrian events being cancelled and riders unable to qualify for the Adelaide event in November.

"Our primary focus is to deliver a safe and successful event at the world-class benchmark we have created. Unfortunately, with continued lockdowns across the country in 2021, this has impacted the ability for riders to compete and qualify for the Aus3DE," he said.

"We are disappointed this has led to the decision to cancel the 2021 Aus3DE, particularly after the success of our Olympic Silver Medal winning Equestrian Eventing Team at the Tokyo Olympics, but we have our sights set on the delivery of a fantastic event in 2022 post this pandemic."

"We thank the Marshall Government for being a strong supporter of this great event and we have ambitions for it to extend its reach and formalise itself as a premier business networking event on the national calendar - where trade, export and South Australian opportunities can be discussed against the most idyllic and exciting backdrop," he said.

We look forward to working with all parties to ensure that this internationally acclaimed event can become bigger and better in the beautiful Adelaide parklands from 2022.

The Australian International 3 Day Event is Australia’s premier equestrian event and is one of only seven ‘FEI 5*’ Three Day Events in the world.

Boasting the highest-level three-day event in the southern hemisphere, as well as an FEI World Cup Jumping Qualifier, the Aus3DE attracts riders and horses from not only Australia but New Zealand as well.

With more than 56% of spectators heading to Adelaide for the Aus3DE coming from across Australia, and generating more than $5.2m in economic expenditure for South Australia, the Aus3DE is a significant event for the State.

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Riders, if you are planning to enter an upcoming FEI class?
Remember, you will need a current FEI Registration and your horse's National/FEI Passport must be current to compete!
Allow two weeks for your passport processing to be completed, be organised and don't leave it too late!

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Whiskers to Stay Put

The EA Board has voted to implement the recent FEI rule to ban the trimming of horse sensory hairs across all EA National Disciplines in the interests of horse welfare. 

At the 2020 FEI General Assembly, a new rule that prohibits the clipping/shaving of sensory hairs was passed as part of the veterinary regulations, which came into effect on 1st July 2021. 

Vibrissae, or sensory hairs/whiskers, are the long stiff hairs growing on the chin, mouth and around the eyes and are used as organs of touch by the horse.

Image by Kelly Forrister

The FEI Veterinary Committee believes that the horse’s sensory hairs must not be trimmed or removed as it reduces the horse’s sensory ability.

The FEI rule, which states that horses are not permitted to compete in FEI events “if the horse’s sensory hairs have been clipped and/or shaven or in any other way removed unless individual sensory hairs have been removed by a veterinarian to prevent pain or discomfort for the horse," will now also apply to all EA National Disciplines.

There will be a transition period from now until 1st January 2022, when the rule will come into full effect. No elimination or penalty will be incurred during the transition period.

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