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Dear <<First Name>>,

Wow, time flies as Josh my younger son graduated high school and is on his way to Emory University in one month's time. It's a joy to see him living his dream and making his way in the world. He's spending this summer interning at the Hospital for Special Surgery. Each morning, he leaves the house before six to sit in on the fellows meeting and morning rounds, followed by 8 hours in the operating room. Each night at dinner he regales us with the intricacies of the surgeries he observes. Josh is precisely the kind of empathetic person who will make a wonderful, healing doctor. (Spoken like a proud mama, and it's true).  
Summer is a wonderful time to reflect, relax and recharge. It's never too late to make some positive changes to help you move forward in your life, whether overcoming illness, stress or trauma or just interested in experiencing more FLOURISHING in your life. Now is the perfect time to take the first right step. We have so many positive psychology videos on Soaringwords.org, which can be a great catalyst for healing.
Wishing you summer ease and joy. 
Much love,

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Soaringwords News

Recent cool Soaringwords events.

IPPA Rocks the World

We had a sensational time at the first-ever pro-social event at the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA) World Congress in Orlando.

Hundreds of participants came together to celebrate and make puppets for children at Florida Hospital for Children. The highlight of the night was high-energy Zumba® Master Class led by world-renowned ZES™ Marcie Benavides and DJ Francis, and special guest ZJ™ Holly Rose and International Presenter Fabio Barros. People were sweating, bonding, laughing and having a wonderful time.
Special thanks to Lourdes Leon and her band of 30 loyal Zumba® volunteers who were joined in full force by an outstanding team of 15 employee volunteers from Presidio.
(Photo left: Tal Ben-Shahar and Barb Fredrickson Positive Psychology exemplars were the emcees of the celebration.)

Presidio Salutes Hospitalized Children

When something feels like a great fit, everyone can feel it. Presidio volunteers joined Soaringwords at Florida Hospital for Children in Orlando to deliver SoaringSuperhero puppets and share some Zumba® dance moves with the children. Presidio supplies technology solutions to leading hospitals around the world.

Deloitte IMPACT Day

Soaringwords was a runaway success at the 16th annual IMPACT Day. Deloitte employee volunteers lit up Chelsea Prep P.S. 33 in New York City. We decorated, danced, celebrated and made friends! Beautiful SoaringQuilts® and SoaringPillows® were donated to children at Jacobi Medical Center. Thank you to the talented Zumba® Instructor Roxanne Montalvo-Tsai! It's not everyday you get to inspire Deloitte employees to dance!  MORE PHOTOS


Thank you to our creative volunteers at New York Life for making the most beautiful and soothing wind chimes for children at Beth Israel Medical Group in New York. We love seeing the same loyal and loving volunteers come back every month!

Each wind chime that the volunteers created became a healing tool as hospital staff, family members and visitors could compliment the patient on his or her gorgeous IV Pole "bling."  And, in keeping with Soaringwords' "Pay-it-Forward" motto, each child was invited to create a SoaringWindChime for someone else.

In June, we also had a pleasure working with the Actuary Services team, and got engaged in a friendly competition for the best SoaringWindChime. Every wind chime was a masterpiece and choosing the winners was a very hard decision for the judges! 

SoaringStars - Lynn Bailey Sheehan and Victor Kong

Lynn and Victor, Soaringwords + Zumba team leaders extraordinaires, are rocking the house at Hasbro Children's Hospital in Rhode Island. We first met Lynn in January at the Steve Boedt and Kass Martin Zumba Master Class. When she started serving refreshments and moving furniture, we suspected that we just met a future Soaringwords community leader. When we discovered she was a nurse and her passion is helping children, it sealed the deal and she became a co-team lead for the RI volunteer delegation. Like most great leaders, she surrounds herself with strong people. Enter Victor Kong, one of the most well-loved, hard-working Zumba volunteers around. Victor is the co team-leader of the Soaringwords RI crew and he has leveraged his considerable IT talents to spend hundreds of hours to create a professional Soaringwords database. 
SoaringHealth & Wellness

Your body wants to heal. It wants to return to wholeness and health. The mind body connection is so strong that scientific studies measure how thinking of calming imagery such as a waterfall or walking along a beach creates changes in blood pressure, breathing and oxytocin levels (the happiness hormone).

When parts of our bodies are injured or depleted, guided imagery and visualizations are a powerful self-care tool that yields immediate and long-lasting results. Visualization sessions can also enable you to receive immediate clarity and guidance, and to remove blockages and stress. Take a look at short visualization video with young Gabby and Lisa. If you are interested in having a one-on-one healing visualization session in-person or on the phone please contact Lisa Buksbaum (lisa@soaringwords.org).

Touch Points

Contact Soaringwords to share a team-building event at your company, school or hospital. Contact greta@soaringwords.org or call us at 646-674-7105.
We are starting to recruit volunteers for fall internship and Gap Year internships. If you are a brilliant hardworking young person or grown-up who is looking to transition into a meaningful position, email heal@soaringwords and request an internship application. 
Soaringwords' mission is to lessen the negative impact of serious illness by embracing hospitalized children, families and staff, encouraging positive health and healing. Soaringwords provides fun, creative and educational activities both in person and online based on positive psychology concepts that enhance well-being in the midst of illness. Soaringwords is unique because it is the only organization that motivates ill children and their families to "pay it forward" which fosters altruism, reciprocity, empathy, well-being and resilience. 

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