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In a few months I will achieve a life-long goal of becoming a published book author. I am putting the finishing touches on the last two chapters of my first book, Soaringwords the Power to Heal: True Stories to Overcome Life's Pain and Obstacles. Yitta Halberstam, author of the successful Small Miracles series of books agreed to write the forward. Her first book sold 1 million copies so it's a big honor to have her be part of my first book. One of the chapters features Joanne Fluke, a Zumba instructor who has never walked a day in her life and loves to inspire people of all abilities to dance through life. Profiling the champions in each chapter has been a wonderful experience as I get to meet courageous moms and dads and children who are resilient, grateful and inspiring. 
This winter has been exceptionally cold. Being the perpetual optimist, naturally I thought the arctic chill was over as the calendar turned to March. I've been writing this newsletter in the midst of a gentle blizzard and Central Park is, once again, blanketed in snow. 

Sending you strength and Soaringwords,

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Soaringwords News

Recent cool Soaringwords events.

National Day of Service

Soaringwords took a road trip to Washington D.C. on Martin Luther King Jr. National Day of Service where 120 energized Accenture employee volunteers mentored 30 enthusiastic and creative students from Montgomery Community College. Together the volunteers decorated SoaringQuilts® and SoaringPillows® with inspirational messages and artwork to donate to 100 patients at Children’s National Health Service. MORE PHOTOS


Led by NetCraftsmen's CEO, Paul Mauritz, twenty-four dazzling and compassionate employee volunteers mentored dozens of hospitalized children and their families in the Main Atrium at The Children’s National Health Service. The patients and families were surprised and delighted to receive the quilts and pillows. Moreover, they were thrilled to decorate quilts and pillows for other patients in the hospital. MORE PHOTOS

Valentine's Day Celebration 

Viacom invited Soaringwords to take over the Lodge, the employee cafeteria overlooking Times Square, to get some creative juices going in celebration of Valentine’s Day. Sixty-five super hip and creative employee volunteers came together to decorate 50 Soaringwords Heart pillows with inspirational messages and artwork. That same day an employee delegation delivered the pillows and hugs to pediatric patients at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx, just in time for Valentine's Day. MORE PHOTOS

Heating Up the Dance Floor

There were so many thrills at the Zumba Mega Master Class with Kass Martin and Steve Boedt. This dynamic duo has an international following which is why 300 sweaty happy people came from hundreds of miles away to dance and celebrate for a great cause! 100% of the proceeds will support the Soaringwords + Zumba Fitness = Love for Hospitalized Children collaboration in hospitals worldwide. Each month, Zumba instructors are leading free monthly classes for patients, families, and hospital professionals. Sandy Molon was the happiest in the bunch because she WON THE GRAND PRIZE RAFFLE: two JetBlue Airways vouchers. Thanks to our friends at JetBlue Airways, the official airline of Soaringwords and the best way to fly! MORE PHOTOS

SoaringStars - Jennifer Lucas and Tabatha Kramer

This month we wanted to salute Jenninfer Lucas and Tabatha Kramer, our inspiring Zumba® Fitness volunteers at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, OH. We wanted to share a story that Jennifer recently wrote to us, "There was a young lady who was a patient at NCH for an extended period of time. On the day of our first visit with her, her nurses explained to us that she was a very quiet girl. She didn't like participating in group activities and they had never seen her smile. I asked her if she would like to dance with me. She did not respond. I decided to put on the music anyway. The moment I put on the music, this little girl lit up! She stood up and started clapping and shrieking. She was so excited that she gave me a big bear hug. I started dancing and she started following my movements. I signaled for the others on my team to join in and we all started dancing together. This lovely young lady was beyond happy and even started making up her own moves. At one point, her shrieking became so loud, the nurses came running. They thought that she was upset. When they saw her dancing and smiling, they began to cry. By the end of the second song, we had six nurses and three doctors standing outside the room watching. A few nurses even joined in on the fun."
SoaringHealth & Wellness

How much of our happiness is genetic, how much is due to circumstance and how much is in our control? 
Dr. Sonya Lyubomirsky a prominent positive psychologist at the University of California, studied The How of Happiness in her best-selling book of the same name. Her research shows that an astonishing 40% of happiness is within our control. We can actually CHOOSE to be happy by controlling our attitude. Of the remaining happiness, 50% is determined by “set points” (genetics). Think about genetics as it impacts happiness: we all know some people who have a grumpy genetic base line. We also are know other people who super-cheerful and positive all the way on the other end of the genetic spectrum with an upbeat positive can-do disposition as their baseline or set-point. The last element that determines our happiness is circumstances, the variable that accounts for ONLY 10% of our happiness. Here’s the SURPRISING DATA POINT: most people think that circumstances have a larger impact on happiness than they actually do. In reality, only 10% of the variance in our happiness is explained by life circumstances or situations -- whether we are rich or poor, healthy or unhealthy, beautiful or plain, married or divorced, and even able-bodied or paralyzed. These divergent circumstances – such as winning the lottery or losing a limb in an accident only account for 10% of our happiness. One of the greatest ironies of our quest to become happier is that so many of us focus on changing the circumstances of our lives in the misguided hope that those changes will deliver happiness.

Touch Points

Contact Soaringwords to share a team-building event at your company, school or hospital. Take Your Child to Work Day  (Thursday, April 23) will be here before you know it. Call us if you want to rock your company's day with our proven one or three hour service programs that have been enjoyed by thousands of young people at Johnson & Johnson, Cisco, Chubb, New York Life, Horizon Media and many others. Contact greta@soaringwords.org or call us at 646-674-7105.

We are accepting applications for our Spring/Summer internship program. Email heal@soaringwords and request an internship application. College students and adults in transition are all welcome to apply.
Soaringwords' mission is to lessen the negative impact of serious illness by embracing hospitalized children, families and staff, encouraging positive health and healing. Soaringwords provides fun, creative and educational activities both in person and online based on positive psychology concepts that enhance well-being in the midst of illness. Soaringwords is unique because it is the only organization that motivates ill children and their families to "pay it forward" which fosters altruism, reciprocity, empathy, well-being and resilience. 

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