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Prospect Heights Music Festival
July 9th-13th



The Way Station and Branded Saloon will co-host the first ever Prospect Heights Music Festival featuring 31 Brooklyn based bands and performers July 9-13, 2014. Musical genres will range from Urban Americana to Carnatic Jazz and from a modern day Hank Williams to a Dance Punk Power Trio. Join us each night to discover how Brooklyn inspires local musicians to write and perform at the two premiere venues in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. In the past three years, The Way Station has established itself as the destination to discover up-and-coming local, national and international acts. “My mission is to introduce new music to new listeners and help bands increase their fan base,” says owner, Andy Heidel. “To that effect, we never charge a cover and instead suggest tipping the bands. This way listeners can check out new music risk free.”


Branded Saloon on Vanderbilt Avenue is a quick 10-minute walk from The Way Station on Washington Avenue. They host music in an intimate venue in the back room, perfect for artists ranging from local crooners to riot grrrls to Kentucky-bound DIY tour vans ripping through our fair city. For this event, they have taken up the reins to present neighborhood singer songwriters. “We’re really hoping to get people out to not only explore new music, but the Prospect Heights neighborhood,” says Gerard Kouwenhoven, owner of Branded Saloon. “We have a dozen great restaurants, shops, as well as the Brooklyn Museum and Botanic Gardens.”


The line-up for both venues is listed below along with more information about The Way Station and local businesses. For detailed information about each act, visit our website at


Wednesday, July 9


Fawn brings you back in time with her sultry voice and classic old Hollywood look. Come experience it at the Branded Saloon on July 9.

Fawn Segerson is a singer/songwriter from Roxbury. CT. She is a classically trained pianist who received a Bachelors in Music and Accounting/Economics from the College of the Holy Cross. She furthered her education at the Juilliard School. Fawn is very excited to be performing every Tuesday and Wednesday for the wonderful customers of Machiavelli. In addition, Fawn plays regularly at the New York City's iconic music club, The Bitter End, the city's oldest rock club, essential for launching the careers of many legends including Bob Dylan, Neil Diamond, Carol King and most recently Lady Gaga - not a bad place for a budding singer-songwriter to hang their hat. Fawn has appeared multiple times on the country wide talk shows, The Vinny Vella Show and The Diana Montforte Show, and has been the featured artist in magazine's such as Dejonde Magazine's Valentines edition andPopimpressiveKA. Fawn has performed live on radio shows such as The Debra Manso Show. She has also performed at the popular casino's of Bally's Casino in Atlantic City and Foxwood's Casino in Connecticut. Fawn is working on her 3rd LP, with award winning producers, such as Andrew Morse, Charley Drayton and Richard Corsello. Fawn is also writing musical scores for TV and Film with the well known songwriter, bassist and guitarist, Askold Buk. Additionally, Fawn continues to put out singles with Karen Thornton, The Mtp Music Group and Stefan Moessle, Secret Sounds Inc. Fawn is excited to put her new material to work.




The Rockabilly Noir Stylings of Ruby Rae

Ruby Rae's sound could easily be mistaken for a night at the local drive-in when rock'n'roll still flirted with its honky-tonk roots. Her songs showcase country inflected instrumentation paired with heartfelt and sinister stories of guns, love, and loneliness. Ruby Rae has released several EPs "Double Feature" (2010) and The Outskirts (2012) as well as a full length album "Night of the Psychopomp" (2012). She is currently at work on her latest piece recorded in Woodstock New York, entitled "Voodoo Queen," to be released in August 2014. Ruby Rae is an independent recording artist. "The throwback honkytonk tunes of Ruby Rae [are] darker than your usual singer-songwriter fare, with noir-ish and Southern gothic influenced lyrics" - Washington Post, "Wonderfully creepy" - Berkeley Place Blog



Jordan Levinson and Honeyrunt will heat up your night, honky-tonk style!

Jordan Levinson is a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter who developed a taste for old-school blues and country while growing up in the rich Hudson Valley music scene. She spent some years kicking around the antifolk scene in NYC and put together Honeyrunt, a new collaboration with some of the city's finest Nashville-style country boys, including members of the Lonesome Cupcakes. Their particular brand of urban country pairs well with whiskey and heartbreak.



Thursday, July 10


Paint Nite painting party

Paint Nite® is a new concept of blending two timeless pastimes, artistic painting and drinking cocktails, as a way to draw patrons into local pubs with a unique opportunity to socialize and be creative. The 2-hour Paint Nite painting parties are held daily with 25+ people in attendance who follow the step-by-step instructions of one master local artist from blank canvas to masterpiece. Paint Nite® is about making art accessible to people who don’t consider themselves artists or creative in any way. Paint Nite is about fostering a fun, low stress, non-judgmental environment that inspires everyone to enjoy the process of creating something from nothing. We want the anxiety that people may feel about doing something “wrong”, to be displaced by a fun night of socializing with friends and having a relaxing, creative time. For many customers, Paint Nite will be a novel and memorable experience, as many have not touched a paint brush since elementary school. Find us at Any questions about events contact




Thirsty Thursday Trivia

Are You Smarter Than Mona Mour? Prizes ! Booze ! Food !

Find out every Thursday at 8pm when the Brooklyn and PTown drag starlet Mona Mour hosts a free team trivia game at Branded Saloon in Prospect Heights.  Will your team walk away the winner or will Mona stump you with her vast knowledge?   Prizes for first, second, and last place!  Grab some grub and guzzle some booze as you put your brains to the test.  Weekly at 8pm.  Free.



10:00pm-till late

Mr.Wonderful hosts Karaoke Thursdays

The charming and debonair Mr. Wonderful hosts this evening of Karaoke featuring everything from country favorites to pop-classics, every Thursday at Branded Saloon




Friday, July 11


J.A.ME.(S) BROOK plays Brooklyn grunge at the Prospect Heights Music Festival

J.A.M.E.(S) BROOK is a rock band that formed in the jam sessions and barrooms of Brooklyn, New York. The members of the band--Justin Goldman, Adriano Vasquez, Marcel Negret, and Ernesto Benitez--come from a wide range of places, from Colombia to Connecticut, and bring an even wider range of musical influences to our sound. In any J.A.M.E.(S) BROOK song, you might hear traces of Pearl Jam, Social Distortion, Pavement, Led Zeppelin, Gram Parsons, the Allman Brothers, Soundgarden, the Doors, or the Smashing Pumpkins. We strive to bring these influences together to create a recognizable yet new guitar-driven sound that reflects the diversity and energy of Brooklyn, the place we call home.




Dance Music for Mice plays songs of geed, lust and self-pity--a combination of country and down home blues.

Dance Music for Mice is the brainchild of Framus guitar player David Saphire, a Brooklyn native who has lived in Prospect Heights since the mid-80s. After playing gigs by his lonesome in watering holes around the neighborhood David joined forces with Ramblin' Rica, a blues-belting diva, and Stan S., a lap-steel aficionado and the former bassist for the Incredible String Band. Dance Music for Mice combines original interpretations of country and down home blues classics.




Poker night


Poker Night every Friday

WPT Amateur Championship! 8pm More than $160,000 in cash and prizes - How much will you win?



LICE, the lost children of Liberace, deliver a brand of musical entertainment guaranteed to lead you on a path of self destruction!

LICE plays heavy Rock with music and lyrics meant to send listeners and audience members spiraling into madness and erotic abandon, with a touch of sparkle. We met when the Mormon genealogy researchers in Utah called us to meeting in Salt Lake City to inform us that we were all sired by Liberace. Apparently the gay thing was just a gimmick. Realizing the truth of our heritage, we came together to carry on our father's work of bringing musical greatness to the world.




Fake Accent is a FREE weekly event that will take you on a transcendent musical journey across boroughs and time! Dj TYGAPAW will be spinning a diverse mix of sounds that differs from the average nyc club scene. If you are looking for something different, something fresh, something good, this is where you need to be! Come join the peace, love and unity dance; come and be whoever you want to be.




Dolly Trolly


Saturday, July 12


The Brady Oh Brunch Show - Featuring The Vacant Stalls

It's rare to hear an artist that doesn't sound like anything you've ever heard, and rarer still to hear one that also puts a smile on your face. How many great bands turn their backs on putting out the same old shit only to release records so calculatingly 'out there' they feel like math homework? They forget that music is supposed to be fun. With a touch of 50s Rock & Roll, 60s Psych, 70s Punk, 80s New Wave and 90s Nostalgia, Brady Oh channels the past but sounds like little else right now; an artist searching for rediscovery unfortunately situated in the constantly-shifting present.



Mappa Mundi brings their unique brand of indie chamber pop to the Prospect Heights Music Festival at Branded Saloon July 12th only!

Mappa Mundi combines elements of noisy rock, jangly folk/Americana, and chamber pop to create a sound both old world and new. Based in Brooklyn, under the leadership of singer/composer/multi-instrumentalist, Adam Levine, they employ trumpet, violin, cello, ukulele, harmonium, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, and drums to create something greater than the sum of its parts.




Zamba 2 Samba brings the joyous sounds of Brazil to Branded Saloon!

Conceived as a tribute to "Samba de Raiz" or roots samba, Zamba 2 Samba delves deep into Brazil's musical past offering reinterpretations of Brazil's most joyous music from the '40's, '50's & '60's. Led by Susan Justice's beautiful, clear voice and backed by both Brazilian and a revolving group of international musicians, Zamba 2 Samba will take you to a small samba club in Lapa, least for the night.




Enter The Dreamlike Experimental World Of Melt Like Clouds at Branded Saloon!Melt Like Clouds is the mind child of Ryan Cantz. Experimenting with noise, sounds, percussion, guitars, bass, pianos and synths, Melt Like Clouds creates a dreamlike world that embraces you to drift away from existence. What you hear is what you feel so close your eyes, float in the sky and ride the atmosphere given off from this delusional audio experience. The debut album "Liquid Dreaming" is a 10-track album full of un-expecting trances and cacophony. The goal of this album is to differentiate dreams and reality. Majority of this album was made at obscure times of the night and early morning due to irregular sleep patterns. Fully produced, written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Ryan Cantz in the summer of 2012. Officially released September 03, 2012. Following up with the release of "Liquid Dreaming," came the release of the second coming of the Melt Like Clouds chronicles. "Mile High Island" is the sophomore album of this project. Focusing on isolation, reclusion and living inside yourself; this adventure of sounds portrays the mindset and endeavors of a loner who is misunderstood. Written, recorded, produced, mixed by Ryan Cantz and mastered by Channel Fuse Media in the fall/winter of 2012-2013. Officially released April 09, 2013.




Kasata Sound w/ CoDivideBrooklyn Based Kasata Sound creates live electronic music with few or no pre-rendered elements. Live sets are always unique and occupy a middle ground between live sound design and dance music. Heavily influenced by house and dancehall genres yet ever intrigued by abstraction, Kasata Sound weaves atmospheric beats that flow together often incorporating his 16 year study of the 21 string harp, Kora. Oregon native Gabriela d'Amato known as CoDivide entered the music scene as a sound artist, working with covert sampling and field recordings. Her creative style has always been guided by patterns, repetition, and un-requested surprise, its no coincidence that these elements communicate in her music as well. CoDivide hopes to put her signature on everything she creates, paying special attention to sound design, atmospheric textures and pleasantly unpredictable percussion.



Sunday, July 13





Justin Young



LIEBS brings whimsically weird songs to Branded Saloon for the PH Music Fest!LIEBS is the solo project of Brooklyn-based guitarist/singer/composer Ben Lieberman. As one head of the five-headed acid-exotica beast known as El Topo (helmed by Dave Harrington of DARKSIDE) and co-founding member of ten-piece astro-soul ensemble King Holiday, Ben has performed regularly throughout NYC, as well as internationally. A jazz and classically trained guitarist, Ben draws on a diverse range of influences - from Leo Brouwer to Miles Davis, Neil Young to James Blake - to forge a sound which has been been described as "far out, lyrical, jazz-inflected folk." With songs that touch on the pains of failed love, the fleeting nature of dream, the magic of darkness and light, LIEBS strives to create intricate guitar and vocal melodies to tease your brain and speak to your soul.





Monday, July 14


Rooftop Ganstas

Rooftop Gangstas is now holding an open mic for comedians, musicians, poets and spoken word artists! All artists get 6-7 minutes of stage time, and will wow you with various talents, observations, and energies. Come to the back room of the Branded Saloon and get your laugh on!!


Tuesday, July 15



Karaoke Tuesdays at 10 PM with the Jared Michael Gniewek Karaoke Warzone

The irreverent and raucous Jared Michael Gniewek Karaoke Warzone has been destroying popular music since 2010 when ex-metal singer and comic book
writer, Jared Michael Gniewek, began substituting for Bay Area karaoke 
icon, KJ Paul. Upon leaving San Francisco, a fundraiser was held by 
both enthusiasts and professionals alike to start the Warzone, sending him off to New York City saying “show
 them how we do it.” His events consist of a positive and 
jovial environment where people celebrate what karaoke is all about, 
transforming pop music into folk music and making extroverts go too far.


Tammy Wynette's White Trash Bingo

Ever since her humble beginnings in SW Florida picking Mushrooms from Cow Patties to drinkin' Southern Comfort out the back of a 8 Foot Tall Monster Truck in Six Mile Cypress Swamp, Tammy Wynette has embraced her Southern Roots. So much she brings a little White Trash Culture to Brooklyn every week with Tammy Wynette's White Trash BINGO Show..Join tons of young Gays as they gaze upon an "Actual Living Gay Icon" in the flesh!!!! "I have only seen one( Gay Icon) on TV or Magazines." Jarred Sharrar,from Brooklyn says "Or bad Drag Queens trying to be them". "Tammy Wynette is the REAL DEAL!!! Shes everything a Drag Queen wants to be: Beautiful, Out Spoken, Talented, Ballsy but she has a Vagina!!!" Exclaims Cory Smith. Join Tammy Wynette as she calls the BALLS every Tuesday at Branded Saloon




July 9 - July 13




683 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, NY




8pm- Sara Bouchard & The Salt Parade

9pm- Jon LaDeau

10pm- Ben Clark and the Long Shadows

11pm- Jake La Botz





7:30pm- Jenni Alpert

8pm- Lara Ewen

9pm- Cornell Bros

10pm- The Jacks of Kings County

11pm- Cuervo Jones






7pm- Eli August

8pm- Arun Ramamurthy Trio

9pm- Rashmi and the Band

10pm- Marek and the Boss Chops




7:30pm- Mike O’Malley

8pm- Xavier Cardriche

9pm- Wandering Downhome

10pm- Even Twice

11pm- The Bloodshots



There’s always somethin goin' on Branded Saloon

10:30pm-2:30am FREE



• Open to all experience levels
• Beginners & pros welcome
• It’s free to play & it’s legal
• Win a trip to vegas

reW & WhO Show

Pool League

Be part of NYC's biggest 

pool league! You can 

win $$$ & trips to Vegas! 

Email us to signup and join!





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Local Restaurants and Shops on Vanderbilt Avenue 


The Vanderbilt
570 Vanderbilt Avenue 

Seasonal American Cuisine


601 Vanderbilt Avenue

Authentic Mexican


Ample Hills Creamery
623 Vanderbilt Avenue

Artisanal Ice Cream


Joyce Bakeshop
646 Vanderbilt Avenue

Hand-crafted pastries


552 Vanderbilt Avenue


Ramen Shop


R&D Foods
602 Vanderbilt Avenue

Café-prepared foods


606  R&D
606 Vanderbilt Avenue

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