The Friday Letter

October 4, 2019

Dear friends of USDB,

We hope you enjoy this snapshot of the great work underway and success stories from across the State of Utah.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Joel Coleman 

USDB Superintendent

Watch this helpful clip and learn best ways to approach and assist the blind or visually impaired! #sightedrockstar #WeAreUSDB


World Blindness Awareness Month was established for every October to help people understand the realities of living without sight. The World Health Organization estimates that almost 285 million people suffer from blindness or visual impairment worldwide. In the United States about 4 million Americans are blind and 47,000 (1 person every minute) become blind each year.

October a Month-long Celebration of Blindness Awareness News Resources

At least 40 of the 50 United States and countries worldwide organize events through the month of October as part of World Blindness Awareness Month to bring awareness to blindness and related blindness issues.

USDB is excited to kick off Blindness Awareness Month with our White Cane Day festivities!

Please join us for our open house on Monday at the Ogden campus followed by daily activities at all of our campuses.

Everything leads up to Friday, October 11 for White Cane Day: Utah Loves Mobility! We are excited to be at the state capital in the Hall of Governors. We will bring all of Utah's history to life with hands on, accessible activities for students of all abilities. Family, community members and all USDB staff are invited! 6:30-9:00 p.m. 

Special Thanks ...

We appreciate our USDB Advisory Council and Utah Board of Education members! Today, we enjoyed an annual combined meeting today, reviewing our strategic plans which serve as a guide for the great work underway for our unique students on our campuses and across the State of Utah.

Exciting Deaf News
from St. George!

Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind are excited to offer a new early childhood class and kindergarten class for students who are deaf or hard of hearing.  Kindergarten meets daily in alignment with the regular school day and preschool meets four days a week.  Classes are being provided in St. George, Utah for all Washington County area students that are deaf or hard of hearing.  For questions or more information, please fell free to contact Adam Billings at

Kenneth Burdett School of the Deaf News

College Career Day!
Our middle school and high school students attended College and Career Day last week at the Openshaw Education Center! Students enjoyed learning about different colleges and jobs we could experience after graduation.
Ancient History

Sixth grade students at KBS have been learning about Ancient Mesopotamia and one of their prominent buildings, a Ziggurat.  The people built these structures so they could place their temples on top. Students build their own Ziggurat structure.

Travel to Scandinavia!!

We are excited to announce our theme for study abroad: Scandinavia! We are excited to see education practices in countries such as Finland and Sweden. 

Study Abroad is based on the Expanded Core for students with vision impairments. It is a three month program. It is free for high school students. 

There is a two part application process. The first part is the Google forms registration: The second part is the application. Those details are on the form. 

For more information, please contact Robbin Clark

Upcoming Events

Mark your calendars! USDB is planning a Wheeler Farm field trip on October 23rd. All blind classes from the Openshaw Education Center will be participating.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

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