Please find attached additional and duplicate information from our first Three Flags E-blast.  You will receive these periodically, as we gather more information.  While we’ve included the route sheets again, there is nothing new on them, but they are included for new registrants who did not receive the E-Blast One. 



9/2/15, Wed:  Touch the Fence Ride – To be determined – but if it is scheduled, it will take place on Wednesday morning between 7 AM and 8 AM. (Need ride organizer)

9/2/15, Wed:  Sign-in at the host hotel (Wyndham) Noon – 4 PM

9/2/15, Wed:  Dinner 4 -7 PM (includes social time, route updates, first timer meeting)

9/3/15, Thurs:  Depart - Start 3 AM – 6 AM

9/4/15, Fri:  Ride

9/5/15, Sat:  Ride

9/6/15, Sun:  Ride

9/7/15, Mon:  Finish before 9 PM at Empress Hotel

9/8/15, Tues:  Banquet (approximately 5 PM – 8 PM)



In my last communication I said“There will be a sit-down meal in San Diego on September 3, tentatively scheduled for 4 PM.  This is INCORRECT.  The sit-down dinner will be on Wednesday September 2 at 4 PM followed by some information, a first-time riders meeting, and time to socialize.  Riders will depart between 3 and 6 AM on Thursday, September 3. 


The attached checkpoint sheet has one correction.  Previously, the cumulative kilometers read 3841 total miles.  It was incorrect and should be 3885. 


Some riders attempted to make reservations at the Wyndham and obtain a Bay View room for $129.  They were told there would be an upcharge to $149.  Some booked the upgraded room.  For those who have booked any room through February 10, I’m told you will receive a Bay View room at the $129 rate, plus tax.  You do not need to call the hotel to correct this.  We have a total of 105 Bay View rooms set aside for the $129 rate.  Once these are gone Bay Views will not be available at the negotiated rate, but city view rooms at the $129 rate will still be available. 

Here is the link to the Wyndham.  Bay Views are now included in the on-line process. 

Phone number for San Diego Wyndham Hotel:  1-619-358-6015



The Empress Hotel has been advising riders that there is a parking fee at their hotel for every night you stay there.  This is incorrect and was communicated to their staff incorrectly.  

Originally we were going to have the banquet the day we arrived, on the 8th.  We negotiated free parking on that day for hotel guests.  That has not changed.  Normally the parking fee is $30 per night.  We have since negotiated a $16 a day rate for any other day you stay, but we must try to park two bikes to a spot in order for this to occur.  The SCMA is picking up parking costs for the first 200 rooms on the 8th.  Based on past history we do not believe we’ll have that many rooms booked at the host hotel, so everyone should get free motorcycle parking on the 8th.

We are still working with the hotel to reduce the parking fee for the 7th but that will be dependent on the number of rooms booked for the 8th.  The hotel does not own the parking lot so negotiations are a bit cumbersome.  

Here is the link to the Empress Reservations in Victoria.

 Phone numbers for reservations should be:  1-800-663-1144 FREE or 1-800-441-1414 FREE



Please use the following number for reservations.  1-800-916-4339 FREE



Reservations at this 4th checkpoint hotel can be made at 1-800-716-6199 FREE

An alternate hotel across the street is the Hampton Inn,  1-250-571-7897

Both hotel rates are $119 for the Three Flags Classic.



There is a mandatory gas receipt requirement in Nakusp, B.C. Canada.  This was originally suggested by a route planner in order to have riders navigate the majority of B.C. rather than cut the Lewiston, ID to Kamloops corner.  We could just have easily made Nakusp a checkpoint, but decided to make it Kamloops for more lodging opportunities.  We still decided to keep the gas receipt requirement.  You should be in and out in 5 minutes if you so choose.  You’ll need to bring the computer generated LOCATION, DATE & TIME receipt to the Kamloops checkpoint at the Coast Hotel.  Don’t forget!!! You will be reminded again on the Start package route sheets, at the message center and at the dinner in San Diego.


You can use any gas station in Nakusp (small town), but it appears the ESSO GAS STATION at 101 British Columbia 23, Nakusp is the largest station in town with snacks as well.

Just as a reminder the below links contain information for the Hotels, Checkpoints, and Route. 


Thank you. 

Steve Shulman

Chairman, 2015 - 40th Annual, Three Flags Classic


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