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As we race towards the end of another U3APP year, there is much busyness and bustling behind the scenes in preparation for 2022. Tutors have submitted their Course plans, the Course Co-ordination Team is ensuring we have space in rooms, both virtual and real, to hold these Courses, while the IT Team is bringing them into being on the Website ready for our Members to peruse and book.  

All the 2022 Courses and Events will be revealed and detailed in a future e-Bulletin, but for today we want to let you know just how Enrolment Week will operate - that's right . . . 


 Monday 13 December - Friday 17 December 

Each year we do everything we can to minimise response time problems for people enrolling on-line for U3APP Courses.

This year, to spread the load on our systems, we will have ENROLMENT WEEK, rather than all enrolments happening on a single day.  ENROLMENT WEEK goes from Monday 13 December to Friday 17 December.

If the course you want to enrol in is held on a Monday, then you enrol on Monday.  If it’s a Tuesday Course, you enrol on Tuesday, and so on through the week.  If you aren’t sure what day the course runs, the first character of the course code tells you (1=Monday, 2=Tuesday, etc).

Within each day, we are also spreading the load by type of Course:
  • 9:00 am - Exercise Courses (second character of the Course code is "E") will open for booking
  • 10:00 am - Language Courses (second character of the Course code is "L") will open for booking
  • 11:00 am - All other courses on that day will be available to book.
Some examples of how the booking system will work this year:
  • 1E02 Gentle Yoga – bookings will open at 9:00 am Monday 13 December
  • 2L05 Basic French for Beginners – bookings will open at 10:00 am on Tuesday 14 December
  • 4M14 New Ukes – bookings will open at 11:00 am on Thursday 16 December

 Collecting for Gifts for Tutors? 

We know that this is a tricky task when so many Courses are still running on Zoom, and we know that many of you want to show your appreciation for our wonderful Tutors, but the IT Team has been inundated with requests to email Class Members and they simply can't help as they are flat out preparing Course information for next year - so PLEASE don't contact them with your requests.

We should also make our Members aware that gift giving is not an expectation - it is entirely voluntary.  That said, we have certainly received enough pleas to come up with suggestions about how to go ahead, and after speaking with the Office Managers, they have kindly offered to assist in the following way:


If you are collecting for a Tutor:

Please provide details to The Office at of the Course(s) for which you are collecting and the Tutor(s), together with your preferred contact details (email or phone or both).

If you want to contribute to a collection for a Tutor:

Please drop by the Mary Kehoe Centre some time in the next couple of weeks with an envelope containing your contribution (in cash) - use a separate envelope for each Course/Tutor - clearly marked with:
  • The name of the Course
  • The name of the Tutor
  • Your name if you wish - feel free to remain anonymous
If you aren't sure whether anyone is collecting, and would like to be involved, please contact the Office to find out on  

Some Members have already contributed via direct deposit but failed to provide details of the Tutor or the name of the Course.  Please check if you have and if necessary contact the person collecting to provide the relevant information; the Office will be able to assist with putting you in touch with the correct person.

If you can't drop off your contribution, why not ask a friend in your Course to contribute for you and reimburse them next time you see them?

For those wanting to discuss gift giving with their Zoom Class, perhaps ask your Tutor to leave the Class five minutes earlier (without "Ending" it) so you can have a chat and organise things.  BUT, very importantly, if you do this, please make sure whoever ends up being allocated the "host" role does "end the meeting for all" before you all go.

Again, we do want to stress that this is entirely voluntary, but we felt the need to offer some assistance as we have simply had too many requests to follow up each one individually.


Have You Read Our Story?

A few weeks ago we told you about a labour of love and dedication by Members of the U3A Port Phillip community; namely the writing of The Story of U3APP and its People 2003-2021, currently available to read Online.  It is a story of the growth and development of a vibrant organisation with a focus on learning and friendship. 

This is your story and we hope that you enjoy it.  If you haven't had chance to check it out, click the 'Our Story' button below.  You'll also find it on our website just under the 
Hot Topics
 heading, so you can access it any time you feel like a good read and a catch-up on The Story of U3APP and its People.


Reminders of Important Upcoming Events

Have you renewed yours?

All U3APP Memberships lapsed at the end of October; but don't worry, you can still attend all your current Classes until the end of the year.  However we do recommend you renew your Membership as early as possible so you can take advantage of all U3APP offers. 

For instance, if you want to vote at the AGM on 4 December, you'll need to renew your Membership by 3 December.  

In order to enrol in 2022 Courses, you'll need to ensure you are a Financial Member by 12 December.  If you don't sign up by 12 December, you won't then be able to enrol until the end of Enrolment Week - 18 December.


To Enrol in 2022 Face-2-Face Courses  
You Must Provide

of Full Vaccination to U3APP

You won't be able to enrol in 2022 Face-2-Face Courses or Events, when bookings open in the week commencing 13 December, unless proof of Full Vaccination is provided beforehand.

There are three ways you can provide your Proof of Vaccination:

  1. On-line by filling in a form on the U3APP website, attaching Proof of Vaccination, then submitting.  You can access this form by clicking  the 'Proof' button below.
  2. In person by coming to the Mary Kehoe Centre on the following days:
    • Monday 29 November 10-12.30
    • Tuesday 30 November 10-12.30
    • Wednesday 1 December  10-12.30
  3. If you are attending a Face-2-Face Class at Mary Kehoe, you can go into the Office after your Class is finished and ask the Office Volunteer to record your Proof

You can provide Proof in person by showing your Vaccination Certificate on your phone or your paper Vaccination Certificate to the Office Volunteer who will record only your date of full Vaccination against your name.

*** U3APP does not keep or store your Certificate.
It is simply sighted to check your vaccination status.


For Face-2-Face Class Attendees

As per State Government and City of Port Phillip notifications, the requirement for masks indoors and density quotients no longer apply for Community Centres from 11.59pm on Thursday 18 November; however in order to attend Face-2-Face U3APP Classes, Members are still required to:

Check in using the QR Code

Have Proof of Vaccination handy 

 Wait for the Marshal to grant entry to the Venue


Saturday 4 December 11:00 am

This year's AGM will be held Online via Zoom at 11:00 am on Saturday 4 December and attendance is available to all Members and Subscribers; however places must be reserved and Members wishing to vote will need to be Financial (see the Renewal Reminder above).  
We'll have more information in the coming weeks about new candidates, but for now you can click on this 'AGM 2021' button to be taken to the Notice of 2021 AGM, where you'll find all the relevant information you'll need to participate and to reserve your place.


Saturday 4 December 1:30 pm 

(doors open 1:00 pm)

Port Melbourne Town Hall

We're excited to provide you with all the details about our upcoming Christmas Celebration, including the link to reserve your places.

  • Where: Port Melbourne Town Hall, 333 Bay St, Port Melbourne
  • When: Saturday 4 December 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm
  • Who: All U3APP Members who are fully Vaccinated are invited to attend.
  • Numbers are needed for catering purposes by Monday 29 November - click on the 'Christmas Bauble' button below to register
  • COVID-19 Safety: You will need to check in, provide valid Proof of Vaccination and wait for the Check-In Marshal's smiley face to confirm it's OK to enter - so please be patient as you wait


It's Coffee Club Time Again

Friday 26 November - 11:00 am
at The Sandbar, 175B Beaconsfield Parade, Middle Park

If you fancy a final coffee catch-up for 2021 with fellow U3A Port Phillip Members, pop along on Friday morning to enjoy a cup of something that takes your fancy, perhaps a bite to eat - and take part in some enjoyable company and conversation.

Burnley Gardens Out & About

Thanks to the generosity & organisation of Leesa Abbington, 15 members met on Tuesday 15 November for a tour of Burnley Gardens.  Despite a little early drizzle, our first Out & About excursion for almost two years was a great success.  Leesa was assisted by three other volunteers from the Friends of Burnley Gardens who explained the history of the gardens and some of the changes that have taken place since it was established by the Horticultural Society of Victoria in 1861.  

Founded on the traditional lands of the Wurundjeri people many of the oldest trees in the garden pre-date European colonisation. These and a number of later plantings are heritage listed and, like the enormous Queensland Kauri, are truly a sight to behold. 

The gardens are now managed by the University of Melbourne and are still used for their original purpose – the research, and teaching of environmental and ornamental horticulture.  Leesa and the other guides were students here but did not have to wear the ‘boater’ hats which appear to have been the latest in men’s fashion in a class photo from the late 1890s when women were first admitted to the college. 

The Orchard Gates shown here with some of our U3A members and guide, Kirsten Binns Smith,  were donated by the Friends of Burnley Garden in 2013 to mark the 150th anniversary of the official opening of the gardens. The Friends welcome new members and will be selling plants they have propagated during the Gardens’ Open Day on 4 December.

Spotlight  On!

Showcasing U3APP's "Port Phillip Writes" Entrants

As part of the City of Port Phillip Seniors Festival, Port Phillip Writes invited members of the community to submit their stories - and many U3APP Members did just that.  

We are delighted to be able to bring to you some of these stories over the coming weeks as part of our Spotlight On! Series.  This week's story from Aziza Khamlichi
is a bittersweet tale of an unusual chance meeting that became so much more; a story that teaches us we shouldn't judge a book by its cover - there is often, if not always, much more lying between the pages than we expect. 

Click the 'Spotlight' button below to read Aziza's tale, and be sure to tune in over the coming weeks for more great stories from our talented Members.


Garden News at Mary Kehoe

We’re sure you will agree that the front garden at Mary Kehoe needs some TLC.  For many months past it has - of necessity - been rather neglected, but an exciting makeover will soon be happening.  Under the supervision of the CoPP arborist with input from landscape architects a plan has been developed to transform the front area with native plants.  Citywide will prepare the area, compost soil, source new plants and mulch the area.  To lend height to the garden, a couple of coastal banksias will be strategically placed.

It is envisaged that some of the Mary & Basil community gardeners, as well as interested U3APP members, will undertake the bed plantings in weeks ahead.  Citywide will continue to maintain the space but it would be great if the community groups could take additional general care of the new plants.

The aim is to make the front space attractive not only for people but also for birds, bees, insects and other wildlife.  It should complement plantings in the long corridor down the centre of Danks Street, which have matured very nicely in just a short time.

Bev Fryer will be happy to put you in touch with other gardeners if you are keen to get involved. You can leave a message for her in the Office.


Saturday Seminar Report

French Impressionism

Featuring paintings from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

On Saturday afternoon Dr Michael Adcock returned to U3APP for a fourth visit to present a lecture on the development of this popular art style in France that has eventually been enjoyed around the world for over 150 years.

With the intention of linking this talk to the French Impressionists Exhibition at the NGV, the Covid lockdowns ensured that for many of us it instead became our only chance to get an up-close involvement.  

Michael has just agreed to deliver Part 2 of his presentation in February, moving into the works of later artists and the Post Impressionists with works by Manet and Monet, the two ladies - Cassatt and Morisot plus Cezanne, Gaugin, van Gogh and Caillebotte.  Not to be missed!

You can read the rest of Mark Denniston's report on our final Saturday Seminar for this year by clicking on the 'Eiffel Tower' button below.


Missed this and other Saturday Seminars?

If you were unable to attend our final Webinar for the year, you can view the recording, along with all our earlier ones by visiting the Public Events page of our Website.  Click this 'U3A Port Phillip' button to access all the recordings - you're sure to find many topics of interest.  And remember, you don't have to be a Member to watch these Seminars - they are available for all to enjoy.

Check In at Every Venue You Visit

The Victorian Government requires all members of the community to check in at Venues you visit using the Services Victoria QR Reader app; we highly recommend all our Members are diligent in doing this during shopping trips.  

There are now requirements to show proof of vaccination for those wanting to visit venues such as restaurants, as well as for U3APP Face-2-Face Classes, so it's important to be able to access your COVID-19 Digital Certificate.  The button below will take you to the Victorian Government's "How to get your COVID-19 Digital Certificate" Web Page.

Current COVID-19 Restrictions

Victoria's Vaccination rate continues to climb, and as at midnight on Thursday 18 November there was a significant lifting of restrictions, including larger groups in various settings like U3APP Classes and a most welcome change to mask wearing which means our Classes can now operate very close to a pre-Covid normal.  

All updates on COVID-19 restrictions can be found on the Government's website and you can keep up to date with them by clicking on this 'COVID-19' button.  Alternately you can view Victoria's Roadmap by clicking the 'Victoria Map' button. 



Federal Government  

The Australian Government Department of Health provides regular updates on the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.  

Booster Vaccines are now available for those who've had their second dose six months ago.  The Booster Vaccine doesn't have to be the same type you were originally vaccinated with, so you have a choice as to which you go with.

Click on this 'Vaccine' button for more information on the Department of Health Website.  We suggest discussing any unanswered queries on this Website with your doctor.


Dates for Your Diary

Friday 26 November 11:00am - Coffee Club at The Sandbar
Friday 3 December - Renew Membership by this date to vote in the AGM
Saturday 4 December - Annual General Meeting 11:00am
Saturday 4 December - Annual Christmas Party 1:00 pm for a 1:30 pm start
Thursday 9 December - Vaccination Day Mary Kehoe Centre - no F2F Classes until 1:30pm. Check with your Tutor if you're enrolled in an afternoon Class
Friday 10 December - End Term 4    
Sunday 12 December - Renew Membership by this date to enrol in 2022 Courses
Monday 13 December - 2022 Course Enrolments begin  

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