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Welcome to a brand new U3A Port Phillip year; one in which we sincerely hope we see, if not a return to our old normality, at least a speedy move to a new Covid-Normal where we can start to return to Face-2-Face Classes and live life free of some of the restrictions we've borne throughout much of 2020.  

We do hope you've all had a safe and enjoyable Summer Break in which you've managed to catch up with loved ones, either in person or online; we trust you are now keen to resume the learning process and enjoy, once again, the social connectedness that is part of our wonderful organisation.  Our New Year of Courses begins on Monday 1 February, but for those impatient to reconnect, we have a Holiday Activity Program running from Tuesday 19 to Thursday 28 January.  

We take this opportunity to welcome all returning Members, and offer a special shout out to our new Members who are ready to experience and no doubt enjoy U3APP for the first time, or are perhaps returning after an absence.  

In our final e-Bulletin of 2020, U3APP President, Graham Gosling, explained why our return to Face-2-Face Classes will be delayed until we know we can safely and effectively operate in light of so many mitigating factors; be assured your U3APP Volunteers are as keen as you to return to Mary Kehoe Centre and our other regular venues, and are doing all in their power to enable this at the earliest possible opportunity.  To read or re-read Graham's message, click on this 'Face to Face' button.



Holiday Activity Program

The upcoming Holiday Activity Program was amended over the Christmas Break with a couple of new offerings; see below for the updated list.  Unfortunately the previously announced Merri Creek Walk has, after much consideration, been cancelled due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation.

Bookings open for these Activities at 9:00am on Monday 11 January.  You can click on each of the Activities listed below or on the 'School Holiday Programs' button below to view.

Please note:  there are no Waitlists available for any of these Activities, so if you find your chosen one already full, check back occasionally in case there have been cancellations.  

Likewise:  if you book into an Activity and find you can no longer attend, please ensure you cancel your Booking so another Member can take advantage of that place.  You can cancel by logging on to the U3APP Website and going to 'Your Courses and Events' under the header 'Membership'.

Tuesday 19 January 1:00-4:00  Russian Films of Repute 
Thursday 21 January 10:00-12:00  
Mac Creative Tools
Thursday 21 January 1:00-3:45  Russian Films of Repute  
Tuesday 26 January 1:00-4:00  
Russian Films of Repute
Wednesday 27 January 10:30-11:30  Web casting to large screen TV
Thursday 28 January 1:00-3:45  Russian Films of Repute 


For Yoga Addicts or Those Who'd Like to Try

In need a dose of Yoga to keep you going until your Classes resume - or just want to see what all the Yoga-fuss is about?  Why not check out one or even all three of Julie Smith's recorded Yoga Classes?  Simply click on any or all of the Yoga Classes listed below.

Gentle Yoga
Hatha Yoga

Yin Yoga

What's New?
Term 1 2021 Course Guide 

Our Course Coordination Team has continued to be proactive during the break, looking out for opportunities for new Courses.  At this stage we have just one extra offering for Term 1, but keep checking our Online Course Guide for any others that may eventuate before the start of, and even during, the new Term:

  • Off The Beaten Track starting on Monday 22 February.  Libby Smith will explore with you some lesser-known parts of the world in terms of their culture, history and geography, as well as the experience they offer to the traveller.  Bookings are open now, so click on the 'New Course' button for more information and to reserve your place (don't forget to log on first).

To view the full Course Guide on our Website click the 'Online Learning' button below, where you'll be able to select a day of the week view, a Category view or open up a printableversion


Our First Saturday Seminar for 2021

20 February 2:30pm - 3:30pm

The Downing of Flight MH17

Most of you will already know that in U3APP's Membership we have a veritable treasure trove of talent and experience.  Jean Dunn is no exception; she was a former Australian Ambassador who worked in a number of countries, including as Ambassador to Turkey, Lebanon and Poland where she was also accredited to Ukraine.

On 17 July 2014 Malaysian Airlines MH17 was shot down over eastern Ukraine.  All 298 passengers were killed in the downing of the aircraft. Together with Sir Angus Houston, Jean Dunn led Australia’s on-the-ground response to the disaster.  Jean will talk about the challenges presented by this international incident.

This Seminar is open to all U3A Port Phillip Members and Subscribers as well as to the General Public, but places must be booked; click on the 'Webinar' button to reserve your spot.


Minor Status Change to Your U3APP

You may have noticed that, after logging on to our Website, your name and your status is displayed.  If you have been a Financial Member in the past, but have yet to renew for 2021, we have recently changed your status to “Unfinancial Member” rather than "Free Subscriber ". 

The next time you log on, you might like to check your details are correct, by clicking on "Update your details" under the
Membership Menu  (click the 'U3A Port Phillip button' below to go there).   Items to particularly check, and update if needed, include your Emergency Contact details, your Phone Number and your Current or Past Volunteer Roles.

Please note:  you will need to email to make the following changes to your Membership:

  •  If you are still showing as a Subscriber but you have been a paid up Member in the past
  • If your First or Last Name has changed
  • If your Email Address has changed

Artists Showcase - Exhibition

'Sunset' by Tim Yek - watercolour 100x24 cm

U3APP is providing an avenue for illustrating the creative talents of its Members in our Art Exhibition, Reflections of Summer; we already have some fabulous works submitted by U3APP Members and we'd love to receive more.

You're invited to submit photographs of your own art works from now until 31 March 2021.  The artwork should be painting, on any medium, and will be displayed on the U3APP Website, with a feature picture displayed in each of our e-Bulletins.  

You can find out how to make a submission, as well as view the offerings received so far from our very talented Members, by clicking on this 'Paint Palette' button.  



Coffee at the Sandbar?

Here’s a change!  For most of 2020, you met fellow U3APP members virtually through Zoom, and that, as you know, will continue with Term 1 Classes this year.  There is now an opportunity for you to meet person to person on the 4th Friday of the month at 11.00am.

If you're available, you can join U3APP members for a social gathering at The Sandbar, 175B Beaconsfield Parade, Middle Park VIC 3206 (just around the corner from the Mary Kehoe Centre).  Our first gathering will be on Friday 29January, so stay tuned for further details.


Join us for Facebook Fun

If you're a Facebook Fan you may like to join in the fun we have on the U3APP Facebook Page, where we don't take ourselves too seriously and offer a regular supply of funny memes and cartoons.  You can also find the weekly e-Bulletins here as well as relevant Covid-19 updates.  Click on this 'Facebook Thumbs Up' button to check us out and don't forget to 'like' us.  


Melbourne University Study - Volunteers Wanted

The University of Melbourne is seeking volunteers for a study which aims to learn more about physical activity for brain health in middle to older age people who experience memory concerns and mild to moderate symptoms of low mood, stress and anxiety.

To view the Excel Study flier which has further details including how to contact the organisers, click on this 'University of Melbourne' button. 


Information Update

Please Note:  As some Classes are now being held Outdoors, please contact the U3APP Committee on if you have attended a U3APP Outdoor Class and have tested positive to a COVID-19 test.

You can view information from trusted health, media and government sources about Covid-19 developments, as well as a veritable feast of things to keep you occupied from home on our dedicated Covid-19 page.  Click on the 'Social Distancing' button below to access all this and more information. 


The Victorian Government continues to update Covid-19 restrictions, and you can keep up to date with them through the Victorian Government Roadmap to Reopening as well as the Department of Health & Human Services website by clicking on the buttons below.


Roadmap to Reopening                                             DHHS         

For your 2021 Diary

Tuesday 19 January - Thursday 28 January - Holiday Activity Program
Tuesday 26 January 10am - Tutors Meeting

Semester 1: Monday 1 February - Friday 25 June

Monday 1 February - Start Term 1
Monday 8 March - Labour Day Public Holiday - usually no Classes held this day but check with your Tutor if unsure
Thursday 1 April - End Term 1
Friday 2 April - Sunday 18 April - Easter and Term Break
Monday 19 April - Start Term 2
Monday 14 June - Queen's Birthday Public Holiday - usually no Classes held this day but check with your Tutor if unsure
Friday 25 June - End Term 2

Semester 2: Monday 12 July - Friday 10 December

Monday 12 July - Start Term 3
Friday 17 September - End Term 3

Saturday 18 September - Sunday 3 October - Term Break
Monday 4 October - Start Term 4

Tuesday 2 November - Melbourne Cup Day - usually no Classes held this day but check with your Tutor if unsure
Friday 10 December - End Term 4

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