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For those listening in to today's Victorian Government Presser, you'll already know the wonderful news about an earlier lifting of COVID-19 restrictions and we hope you're as excited as we are to hear this good news.  We've included some of the upcoming changes to restrictions in our COVID-19 update towards the bottom of this e-Bulletin; so scroll down now if you just can't wait to find out what's happening - but don't forget to scroll back up to read all the other important news we have in store for you.  

Some of this important news is our Plan in Preparation for Resumption of Face-2-Face Classes, and you may be wondering if that plan will be brought forward. After discussions today and careful consideration of the impacts this might have on our Members, the Health & Safety Officer, in consultation with Committee Members, has supplied the following update:

  • Even though the government today announced an earlier lifting of restrictions, U3APP will still proceed with our 5-Stage timeline.
  • We do this because we need to wait for City of Port Phillip confirmation about their Venues.
  • We want to carefully prepare for the resumption of Classes to ensure that it will be a safe and well-managed reopening of Face-2-Face learning.
You can update yourself on the current 5-Stage Plan and where we're up to a little further in this e-Bulletin. 
U3A Port Phillip's Annual General Meeting will be held Online at 11:00am on Saturday 4 December.  Make sure you look out for next week's e-Bulletin on 31 October for the official AGM Notice with links to the Proxy and Nomination Forms and the 2020 AGM Minutes - plus a special 'Save the Date' for a much anticipated, but of course still to be confirmed, Christmas Party 🎉

Are You Ready to Check-In
with Your Proof of Vaccination?

As promised in last week's e-Bulletin, Stage 2 of U3APP's plan in preparing for resumption of Face-2-Face Classes is how to set up and use the Vaccination Check-in app on your Mobile Phone if you haven't already done so.  

There are quite a few Online help sites, and depending on how you like your instructions some may suit you better than others.  We've had some great feedback about last week's steps provided on the Premier's Twitter account; or you may prefer the Victorian Government's official website.  We provide both below as well as this 10 stage option if you don't want to bother with any external links.
  • If you have your MyGov account linked to your Medicare account, and the updated Services Victoria app on your phone, read on:
  1. Open the updated Services Victoria app on your phone
  2. Click on Add certificate via MyGov
  3. Follow the prompts to logon to MyGov
  4. Click on Go to Medicare
  5. Click on View History
  6. Click on Share with check-in app
  7. Click on Services Victoria 
  8. Click on Accept
  9. Click on the Services Victoria icon
  10. Click on Add certificate
  • Click on Dan Andrews on Twitter for a series of easy to follow steps with pictures - this may be the easiest way to get your Vaccination Certificate linked to the Services Victoria Check-In app - and you don't have to be a Twitter follower to access it. 
  • Click on How to get your COVID-19 Digital Certificate for the Victorian Government Coronavirus Website which is perhaps the most comprehensive option and offers instructions on how to get proof of vaccination, what to do if you don't have a smartphone, how to upload your Certificate to your phone along with troubleshooting and FAQs.

U3APP's Plan in Preparation for
Resumption of Face-2-Face Classes

We continue to monitor all the State Government updates and also continue to liaise with the City of Port Phillip Council regarding decisions and details for the re-opening of Venues.

In the meantime, we remind you of U3APP's Plan and Preparations:  
  • Stage 3 will now be a Special e-Bulletin on Wednesday 3 November entitled "Everything You Need to Know" and will include our Revised Conditions of Entry for Face-2-Face Classes.  This Special e-Bulletin will detail everything you need to know about preparing for resumption of Face-2-Face Classes.
  • Stage 4, expected around 5 November, but not yet confirmed, will provide a list of Face-2-Face Classes able to resume under the City of Port Phillip Council's Venue hire conditions.
  • Stage 5 just prior to reopening at all Venues, will include briefings, appropriate signage and information packages.
Alex Mifsud, U3APP Health & Safety Officer,


The story of U3APP and its people 2003-2021
is Now Available

We are delighted to announce that The Story of U3APP and its People is now available for you to read Online.  It is a story of the growth and development of a vibrant organisation with a focus on learning and friendship. 

So many have contributed.  Since 2003 there have been six founding members, eight presidents, two hundred and twenty-five tutors and one thousand nine hundred and seventy-three people who have joined as Members.  There have also been countless numbers of Volunteers who have provided office, catering, events, marketing, communication, IT, and enrolment services.

This is your story.  We hope that you enjoy it - click the 'Our Story' button below to read.  You'll also find it on our website just under the
Hot Topics heading, so you can access it any time you feel like a good read and a catch-up on The Story of U3APP and its People.

Pam Caven, U3APP Working Group, CoM


Community Batteries


You may remember a couple of months ago we shared an article from Hannah Len's newly formed Climate Champions on "The Role of Seaweed in Mitigating Climate Change".  

They are continuing their research and this month the Climate Champions group have been looking at how community batteries could help those of us who either cannot access solar panels or who cannot afford battery storage where they do have solar panels.  

Click on the 'Climate Action Now' button where you'll find out more about their topic of the month, "Community Batteries", written by Climate Champions Linda Condon and Robyn Walter.  And if you missed their earlier article "The Role of Seaweed in Mitigating Climate Change", you can read it by clicking on the 'Luna Park Flooded' button.


A Tai Chi Opportunity from Waverley U3A

Waverley U3A has very kindly offered to open up two of their Tuesday morning Online Tai Chi Classes to our Members.  These Classes will run every Tuesday from 26 October (and including Cup Day) until the end of November.  

As they are not U3APP Classes, while you will still need to reserve your place, there will be no attendance roll, and therefore no need to apologise if you can't attend a Class.  

There are limited places for Members to book and reservations for both Classes are open now.  For further information and to reserve your place, click on either of the Courses listed below.

The link to this Class can be found on the U3APP Online Course Links page, the same page where you join all your other Online Classes.  

Port Phillip Writes

Seniors Festival Writing Awards

 Once again U3APP Writers have acquitted themselves well as Award Winners in the 2021 Writing Awards.  Over 30 local entrants submitted their writing for judgement, and proudly we can claim ten U3APP representatives.

Congratulations go to Lois Best, one of the Major Award winners for her amusing but somewhat distressing dilemma as described in "In Praise of Neighbours".   As well, John Craven, Janine Mifsud, Sheila Quairney and Brenda Richards were also named as Award Winners.  

Brenda is a veteran winner in this competition as her first entry was submitted in 2004.  Within her award that year she was presented with a 2005 Membership to U3APP.  Since that time, Brenda has been a reliable member of the Writers Group and has nearly always submitted entries to the Festival Writing Awards.  Over that time, she has taken home at least ten awards.  

Kerrie Cross, Julie Butcher, Lois Daley, Aziza Khamlichi and Warwick Lloyd also submitted fascinating stories.  These will be published in Port Phillip Writes, a publication produced by The City of Port Phillip, and, with permission from the authors, in U3APP's Spotlight On Showcase in coming weeks.

Pat Ryan, Writers Group Tutor

Our final Saturday Seminar-Webinar for 2021
French Impressionism

Paul Cézanne: Zola’s House at Médan

Featuring paintings from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

20 November 2:30pm

The Impressionists and their circle have become the international superstars of Western painting.  The works of Manet, Monet, Renoir, Degas, Toulouse-Lautrec, Cezanne, Gauguin and Van Gogh appear everywhere and are well loved by the public and academics alike.
Dr Michael Adcock, a cultural historian, returns to U3APP Seminars to discuss this technical and social revolution against the backdrop of works sourced from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, which were recently on show at the National Gallery of Victoria.  

Saturday Seminars are available for all to enjoy, Members and non-Members, so click on the 'French Impressionism' button to reserve your place.  And to view Margaret Byron's wonderful new flyer for the Event, click the 'Eiffel Tower' button.



Missed our earlier Saturday Seminars?

If you'd like to catch up on some of our earlier Seminars, you can view them on the Public Events page of the U3APP Website.  Click this 'U3A Port Phillip' button to access all the recordings; you're sure to find topics of interest.


Pandemic Animalia

U3APP Seniors Festival Art & Photographic Exhibition

Diesel Dog Days-Daze - Kate Richards
So much delicious time for rest during COVID Lockdowns.

As next week's e-Bulletin will be chock full of important AGM information, this will be the  final offering we show you from the Pandemic Animalia Photographic Exhibition, and since it's Editor's Choice, she's chosen her own beautiful pandemic companion, Diesel Dog. Of course you can still view all the wonderful creatures in the Showcase on our Website where you'll see more great images - click on the 'Diesel Dog' button below to view.  


The Craft Market is back at St Kilda Esplanade

Aerial View Esplanade Market and St Kilda Beach - David Wright

Just in time for some early Christmas shopping, the St Kilda Esplanade Craft Market returns from 10:00 am on Sunday 31 October.  The stallholders have been busy during the lockdown making plenty of goods to share with those browsing and they’ll be thrilled to see you.  You can check out some of the Makers and their wares by clicking on the button below.   


Role for Volunteer Treasurer with HAAG
Housing for the Aged Action Group

Housing for the Aged Action Group is the only Australian organisation specialised in the housing needs of older people.  HAAG is committed to finding long term solutions to the housing crisis facing older Australians and have partnered with organisations such as the Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria, Council on the Ageing, the National Ageing Research Institute and the University of South Australia.  They are actively involved in the review of government legislation and their political lobbying has affected change in policy and instigated a parliamentary review of the retirement housing sector.  

There is currently a role open for a new Treasurer; if you are someone you know might be interested in taking up this position, you can read a comprehensive  job description along with a link to expressions of interest by clicking this 'View' button.



COVID-19 Update

Victorian Government

We interrupt our usual slightly boring Victorian COVID-19 Update with some exciting news, including pictures, from Premier Dan Andrews:

"Victoria, we're nearly there

Lockdown's over and we're getting back to the people and places we've missed.  With our vaccination rate racing towards 80% fully vaxxed - next weekend is going to be even better.

At 6pm on Friday, restrictions will ease further, Victoria will come together under the same rules and the regional travel restriction will go - just in time to get away for the (informal) Melbourne Cup long weekend. 

And that's not all.  When we hit 90% - which we expect to be around 24 November - all remaining major restrictions will end.  That means no gathering limits, no capacity limits, no density rules, and no masks except in high risk settings like hospitals.  Big events will be back and we'll reconnect with the rest of Australia - and the world.

One thing won't change is the requirement to be vaccinated for things like the pub, hairdresser and the gym. It's safer for you, and it's safer for the people you're sitting next to as well. Those rules are going to stick around into next year, so if you're still putting off getting vaccinated, you'll be missing out."

We now return you to our usual and slightly boring Coronavirus Update . . .

💃🏼🕺🏻 🎉🥂🎊

whoops - sorry - here it is . . .

Check Local Exposure Sites

As COVID-19 cases and new exposure sites continue to climb, we recommend you check the list of Public Exposure Sites regularly and get tested and isolate where indicated.  Click on this 'COVID-19' button for full details.

Check In at Every Venue You Visit

The Victorian Government requires all members of the community to check in at Venues you visit using the Services Victoria QR Reader app; we highly recommend all our Members are diligent in doing this during shopping trips.  

COVID-19 Digital Certificate

There will be requirements to show proof of vaccination for those wanting to visit venues such as restaurants, so it's important to be able to access your COVID-19 Digital Certificate.  The button below will take you to the Victorian Government's "How to get your COVID-19 Digital Certificate" Web Page.

Current COVID-19 Restrictions

With the Victorian vaccination rate increasingly bettering the Government's forecast, on Friday 29 October many more restrictions will be lifted, offering even more freedoms.  

All updates on COVID-19 restrictions can be found on the Government's website and you can keep up to date with them by clicking on this 'COVID-19' button.  Alternately you can view Victoria's Roadmap by clicking the 'Victoria Map' button. 


Federal Government  

The Australian Government Department of Health provides regular updates on the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.  AstraZeneca is approved for those aged over 18, with ATAGI recommending it primarily for those over 60 .  Both Pfizer and Moderna vaccine are approved for those over 12 years of age.

Click on this 'Vaccine' button for more information on the Department of Health Website.  We suggest discussing any unanswered queries on this Website with your doctor.


Dates for Your Diary

Tuesday 2 November - Melbourne Cup Day - usually no Classes held - check with your Tutor if unsure
Thursday 11 November - Vaccination Day Mary Kehoe Centre - no F2F Classes.  Check with your Tutor as your Class may run via Zoom

Saturday 20 November - Saturday Seminar French Impressionism: Featuring paintings from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Saturday 4 December - Annual General Meeting 11:00am
Thursday 9 December - Vaccination Day Mary Kehoe Centre - no F2F Classes.  Check with your Tutor as your Class may run via Zoom
Friday 10 December - End Term 4  

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