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E-Bulletin - 26 June 2022

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Term 2 ended on Friday 24 June.
Term break runs from Saturday 25 June to Sunday 10 July.
Term 3 runs from
Monday 11 July to Friday 16 September.

Many new Term 3 courses have been added to the Course Guide by Day of the Week. See this list of New Courses and One-off Events in Term 3. Enrolments for new courses will open at 5 pm on Monday 4 July 2022.

In addition to new courses, many continuing courses are
not FULL. So have a look at these courses too and enrol if they appeal. Finally list yourself on a course WAITLIST if the class is FULL. Many U3APP members withdraw from classes for the winter to spend their time in warmer places.

A number of continuing courses will be run with changed arrangements – day, time, location or mode of delivery – and some have classes cancelled on specific dates during term 3.  Check the course details on the website to be sure that you have up-to-date information.

From David Robinson

From U3APP President
Sheila Quairney

What a difference a year makes!

Back at the end of Term 2 last year, many of us were still anxiously awaiting our first Covid vaccination. We never left home without a mask and if we were lucky, no one we knew had ever tested positive for Coronovirus. The doors to the Mary Kehoe Centre, and to the country, were firmly closed, and overseas travel – or even travel interstate – was a distant memory.



Yvonne and her sister were raised by their father from an early age following the death of their mother. He believed in good education for girls and also provided a good diet from his garden. The family lived through the Great Depression and in later years, as their father travelled to Daylesford and Ballarat for his work, Yvonne and her sister lived with an aunt.



In April, we informed you that a new procedure has been implemented for processing some claim reimbursements. Now we have enhanced this process even further by reducing the number of forms that are used. From the publishing of this bulletin all you need is this single form for all claims for reimbursement. To access the process and make a claim just log-in to the U3APP website and go to U3APP Forms.

Form Branko Colavizza, IT Team


The City of Port Phillip "Seniors Festival Writing Awards" will take place in October 2022. To participate you need to submit your entry by Friday 29 July 2022. To see what they are looking for, read the 2021 stories and poems submitted. Many names you will recognise as U3A Port Phillip members. See full details in this application form that includes a form to accompany your entry.

From Di Gameson, U3APP Committee of Management


China and Australia: Problems and Prospects

Those who tuned into the U3APP seminar on 18 June were given a thought-provoking perspective by Professor Richard Cullen on the emergence of China as a world power and what this might mean for Australia.

Professor Cullen, renowned international scholar, acknowledged that some of the territory he would cover would be contentious.


Metaverse: The Next internet

2.30 pm to 3.30 pm
Saturday 16 July 2022

The Metaverse is the likely future of the internet, mixing the boundless information and collaboration of the world wide web with the virtual worlds of video games. You could call it ‘the internet in 3D’. Inspired by science fiction of decades past, many companies are now working to make this future a reality. Facebook have! READ MORE and register to attend. 

To help you understand what all this is about read Lois Best’s Explanation of the Metaverse. Lois is the speaker's (Cameron Brown) mother.

This full colour, A4 Flyer has been prepared by Margaret Byron should you wish to print it and give it to friends.

Non-U3APP members are welcome at Saturday Seminars.
From Pam Caven

Prospects for the Albanese Prime Ministership in a Changing Political Landscape.

2.30 pm to 3.30 pm
Saturday 20 August 2022

In this seminar, James Walter, U3APP member and Emeritus Professor and Paul Strangio Professor of Politics, both in the School of Social Sciences at Monash University will discuss the recent era of leadership instability in Australian politics, focussing on its causes and its negative consequences for governance. They will also consider the prospects for a return to stability and better governance under a different style of leadership, such as Anthony Albanese has proposed: one that is collaborative and consensual.

Their conversation will be chaired by Graeme Davison AO Emeritus Sir John Monash Distinguished Professor of History in the School of Philosophical, Historical and International Studies at Monash University.

READ MORE and register to attend. 

Non-U3APP members are welcome at Saturday Seminars.

From Pam Caven


Dr John Beaney has prepared this A4 Flyer for his forthcoming series of 5 courses on NUTRITION.

The first two courses run during Term 3.
1 - Living to a Ripe Young Age (12 Jul - 16 Aug)
2 - Healing Ourselves and the Planet (23 Aug - 13 Sep)

Enrolments open at 5pm on Monday 4 July.

Courses 3 to 5 run during Term 4.
3 - Big Bang to Big Mac (4 Oct - 11 Oct)
4 - Alzheimer's Disease (18 Oct - 8 Nov)
5 - Fixing the Leaks (15 Nov - 29 Nov)

Enrolments open at the beginning of Term 4.

All 5 classes are on ZOOM on Tuesdays at 9am to 11am. 

From David Robinson,



Saturday 25 June to Sunday 10 July
Term Break

11am Thursday 30 June
Yvonne Smith life celebration
Middle Park Bowls Club

5 pm Monday 4 July 2022
Enrolments for Term 3 classes open

5 pm Sunday 10 July 2022
E-Bulletin to be sent to members and free subscribers

TERM 3: Monday 11 July - Friday 16 September

Monday 11 July
Classes commence for Term 3

Thursday 14 July 2022
CoPP Immunisation Day at MKC

Saturday 16 July 2022
July Saturday Seminar
Metaverse: The Next Internet

5 pm Sunday 24 July 2022
E-Bulletin to be sent to members and free subscribers

5 pm Sunday 7 August 2022
E-Bulletin to be sent to members and free subscribers

Thursday 11 August 2022
CoPP Immunisation Day at MKC

Saturday 20 August 2022
August Saturday Seminar
Prospects for the Albanese Prime Ministership in a Changing Political Landscape.

TERM 4: Monday 3 October - Friday 9 December

The next E-Bulletin will be sent at 5pm on Sunday 10 July 2022.

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