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In just over two weeks time, U3A Port Phillip will welcome Members once again as we spring into action, with most of our 2021 Term 1 Courses beginning on Monday 1 February.

Dali - The Persistence of Memory

If you're anything like me, you'll already be shocked to see we're over half way through the month of January, which gives much credence to the belief that time appears to speed up as you get older.  

In fact, in 2020 it wasn't only older people who experienced this phenomenon, as many living through Covid-19 lockdowns felt the year sped by even though they were doing much less than usual, with every day the same, each new day blending into the one before.  

This is said to happen because of our perception of time; many of us measure time by how busy we are and the memories we have of our activities and achievements.  

When every day is a carbon copy of the one before it, and even weekends 
aren't distinguishable from weekdays, the days drag and can seem interminable.  But conversely, when we look back at that period, even though day to day time feels like it's all in slow motion, larger chunks of time appear to have gone by very quickly.

You can read some articles on this phenomenon, including one in which you can measure your own perception of time, by clicking on these 'clock face' buttons.


Yesterday is but today's memory and tomorrow is today's dream - Kahlil Gibran 

However you personally measure time, let's all look forward to a new year of busyness and exciting activities and make 2021 one of the longest and most enjoyable we can.


 Holiday Activity Program - Starts Soon 

 Have You Booked Your Activities Yet? 

While some of you are away right now enjoying a break out of the confines of Port Phillip, and others are at home keenly awaiting the start of Term 1, all of you can take part in our Online Holiday Activity Program which starts on Tuesday 19 January.  Bookings are now open, so click on the 'Seagull' button below to view the program and log in to reserve your place/s.

Please note:  there are no Waitlists available for any of these Activities, so if you find your chosen one already full, check back occasionally in case there have been cancellations.  

Likewise:  if you book into an Activity and find you can no longer attend, please ensure you cancel your Booking so another Member can take advantage of that place.  You can cancel by logging on to the U3APP Website and going to 'Your Courses and Events' under the header 'Membership'.


 Term 1 - Coming Soon to a Screen Near You! 

Term 1 begins on Monday 1 February, predominantly Online (apart from a few Outdoor Classes), and while many Courses are full, there are still plenty of options available to keep you busy during Term 1 and throughout the year. Click on the 'Online Course' button below to view the current Course Guide.
And, if your chosen Course is full, it's a good idea to place yourself on the Waitlist as the start of the new year sees quite a bit of movement when people find they can no longer commit to the Courses they've booked; this means we regularly manage to fill Waitlisted places in popular Courses. Waitlisting also helps us plan for the future; it tells us what the demand is for certain topics, so our Course Coordination Team can work to source new Tutors and new Courses.

 What if I can no longer commit to a Course I've Booked? 

We ask all our Members to take a moment to check their Course bookings and to cancel any they are no longer able to attend.  This means another Member can take up that place at the start of the Term and not miss any Classes.  

You can check your bookings by logging in to the Website and selecting the 'Your Courses and Events' tab under the 'Memberships' header on the black menu bar. Then, for any you can no longer attend, click on the 'Cancel' box to remove yourself from the Course.


 What's On When? 

Not sure about U3APP Term Dates and Public Holidays?  Or need to know when various events like Saturday Seminar-Webinars are happening?  You'll find an updated 'Dates for Your Diary' segment in every e-Bulletin edition - right down the bottom, so just keep scrolling.

You'll also find 'Dates for Your Diary' on our Website, over on the right hand side - scroll down until you see 'NOTE! and News'.  This is also where you'll find the latest important U3APP posts that have appeared in recent e-Bulletins. And, if you've missed any e-Bulletins lately, you'll find the last three editions a little further down under the 'U3A news: local & world' heading.

 Saturday Seminar-Webinar 20 February 2:30pm 

 The Downing of Flight MH17 

Most of you will already know that in U3APP's Membership we have a veritable treasure trove of talent and experience.  Jean Dunn is no exception; she was a former Australian Ambassador who worked in a number of countries, including as Ambassador to Turkey, Lebanon and Poland where she was also accredited to Ukraine.

On 17 July 2014 Malaysian Airlines MH17 was shot down over eastern Ukraine.  All 298 passengers were killed in the downing of the aircraft. Together with Sir Angus Houston, Jean Dunn led Australia’s on-the-ground response to the disaster.  Jean will talk about the challenges presented by this international incident.

This Seminar-Webinar is open to all U3A Port Phillip Members and Subscribers as well as to the General Public, but places must be booked; click on the 'Webinar' button to reserve your place. 



 'Reflections of Summer' Art Exhibition 

Malcolm, by Minuk Richards, watercolour, 20.5x27cm, unframed

U3APP is providing an avenue for illustrating the creative talents of its Members in our Art Exhibition, Reflections of Summer; we already have some fabulous works submitted by U3APP Members and we'd love to receive more.

You're invited to submit photographs of your own art works from now until 31 March 2021.  The artwork should be painting, on any medium, and will be displayed on the U3APP Website, with a feature picture displayed in each of our e-Bulletins.  

You can find out how to make a submission, as well as view the offerings received so far from our very talented Members, by clicking on this 'Paint Palette' button.  


 Fancy a Coffee Catch-Up with U3APP? 


For those of you on the ball, and we know there are plenty of you, you will have noticed that the date of our first in person Coffee Morning, Friday 29 January, is not in fact the fourth Friday of this month - it's the fifth.

That said, we'll still hold the Coffee Morning at 11:00am on Friday 29 January, and following that, the last Friday of each month.  See what we did there?

We'd love to catch up with you, so if you're free, please join us then at The Sandbar Café, 175B Beaconsfield Parade, Middle Park - just around the corner from the Mary Kehoe Centre.


 Me and UooUoo 

 A Wild in Art Event in support of The Royal Children’s Hospital 

To mark the 150th anniversary of The Royal Children's Hospital, the RCH Foundation is bringing colour and creativity to the streets of Melbourne and Geelong with a spectacular public art trail.  Commencing on Wednesday 20 January, Me and UooUoo (pronounced you-you) will combine Victoria's renowned passion for the arts and culture with a dash of outdoor adventure, encouraging communities to reconnect with their cities, and be active by visiting one hundred unique art sculptures.

To read all about the RCH's fundraising event, including discovering just what a UooUoo is, where they came from and the artists responsible for their creation, as well as where you can find them, click on this 'UooUoo' button.

 Free Online Film Festival 

Polish Film Festival Summer 2021, running from 22-31 January, is a unique selection of Polish cinematography from the past decade, presented for the first time Online and free to audiences across Australia.  The Festival celebrates achievements of many influential Polish directors and their works over the years, as well as the films of younger and inspiring directors, screenwriters and producers.  Click on this 'Polish Film Festival' button for all the details.


 Australia Day dawns with an Indigenous ceremony 

As the sun rises on Tuesday 26 January, you can join City of Port Phillip for a special live-streamed event at Alfred Square, St Kilda to commemorate and celebrate the culture of the First People of this land.

First hosted in 2020, We-Akon Dilinja is a ‘mourning reflection’ ceremony recognising the journey and experience of the Yaluk-ut Weelam clan of the Boon Wurrung people and language group. This ceremony is part of the City of Port Phillip’s 2021 Australia Day celebrations and is presented in collaboration with the Boonwurrung Land and Sea Council.  

For more information and to register for a free ticket, click on this 'We-Akon Dilinja' logo.

 Missing our Spotlight On! Segments? - So are We 

We love sharing all the wonderful stories sent to us by Members, and we know our Members absolutely love reading them, but sadly the source has dried up.  Perhaps you are all enjoying your well earned Summer break or maybe you think your story isn't interesting enough (we're sure that's not the case).  

There are two more weeks before Classes resume for Term 1, so why not make some time, put pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard, and tell us about some of the wonderful experiences that have made up your life to date; tales of travel, stories of success, accounts of adventures,  parables of the past, epics of exploits and escapades.  

We're waiting patiently for you to email yours to


 Covid-19 Update    

Please Note:  As some Classes are now being held Outdoors, we request that you contact the U3APP Committee on if you have attended a U3APP Outdoor Class and have tested positive to a COVID-19 test.

You can view information from trusted health, media and government sources about Covid-19 developments, as well as a veritable feast of things to keep you occupied from home on our dedicated Covid-19 page.  Click on the 'Social Distancing' button below to access all this and more information. 


The current Coronavirus restrictions are very fluid, sometimes changing from one week to the next in order for Victoria to remain safe, while still managing the needs of travellers from other parts of the country.  For this reason, we suggests you stay on top of the latest developments, regarding re-entry permits and hot spots, by watching or listening to the daily updates provided by the The Victorian Government, as well as those from other States.

The Victorian Government continues to update Covid-19 restrictions, and you can keep up to date with them through the Victorian Government Roadmap to Reopening as well as the Department of Health & Human Services website by clicking on the buttons below.


Roadmap to Reopening                                             DHHS         

 Dates for your 2021 Diary 

Tuesday 19 January - Thursday 28 January - Holiday Activity Program
Tuesday 26 January 10am - Tutors Meeting

Friday 29 January 11am - Coffee Morning - Sandbar Café, 175 Beaconsfield Pde

Semester 1: Monday 1 February - Friday 25 June

Monday 1 February - Start Term 1
Saturday 20 February 2:30pm - Seminar-Webinar: The Downing of Flight MH17
Friday 26 February 11am - Coffee Morning - Sandbar Café, 175 Beaconsfield Pde
Monday 8 March - Labour Day Public Holiday - usually no Classes held this day but check with your Tutor if unsure
Saturday 20 March 2:30pm - Seminar-Webinar: New Tricks
Friday 26 March 11am - Coffee Morning - Sandbar Café, 175 Beaconsfield Pde
Thursday 1 April - End Term 1
Friday 2 April - Sunday 18 April - Easter and Term Break
Monday 19 April - Start Term 2
Friday 30 April 11am - Coffee Morning - Sandbar Café, 175 Beaconsfield Pde
Friday 28 May 11am - Coffee Morning - Sandbar Café, 175 Beaconsfield Pde
Monday 14 June - Queen's Birthday Public Holiday - usually no Classes held this day but check with your Tutor if unsure
Friday 25 June 11am - Coffee Morning - Sandbar Café, 175 Beaconsfield Pde
Friday 25 June - End Term 2

Semester 2: Monday 12 July - Friday 10 December

Monday 12 July - Start Term 3
Friday 17 September - End Term 3
Saturday 18 September - Sunday 3 October - Term Break
Monday 4 October - Start Term 4
Tuesday 2 November - Melbourne Cup Day - usually no Classes held this day but check with your Tutor if unsure
Friday 10 December - End Term 4 

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